Saturday, 25 April 2009

Men Can Multitask

The Penguin


Dick the Prick said...

OH flanked by his Ushers?

Cato said...

This is totally OT for which I apologise but if you've a minute to spare please pop along here and sign the petition...150,000 plus already have and it will embarrass the slippery turds in Whitehall.

BTW best wishes OH.

The Penguin said...

Let's hope OH isn't planning a caravan honeymoon!

The Penguin

Plato said...

That is class.

Ampers said...

Hahahahahaha... Lovely... I shall show this to my wife when she comes home, she is always moaning that men can't multitask.

BTW there is a free program called httrack which will collect every bit of your blog and download it to your computer. Warning, it took over 20 hours to clean out my blog (five years of articles). Useful though.

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