Saturday, 11 April 2009

McBride is Brown's Man

Damien McBride explains all to the Sunday Papers

Brown can react furiously to unfavourable stories, and negative coverage is rarely forgotten.

He is not the only politician to read his press cuttings through his fingertips, but, like Tony Blair before him, Brown is assembling a team of advisors tasked with ensuring coverage is as positive as possible. Blair is expected to announce the date of his retirement this week. When he leaves, his advisors - including director of communications David Hill and his official spokesman Tom Kelly - will go with him.

But although personnel will change, the strategy will not. 'They want to control the news agenda on an hour-by-hour basis,' says one Brown-watcher. 'I don't think that will change. Brown is even more obsessed with the media than Blair is and he is incredibly thin-skinned'.

Taming the media has always been central to the New Labour project, and there is nothing in Brown's track record, or his personality, to suggest he will adopt a relaxed approach.

Kelly will be replaced by Michael Ellam, a former head of communications at the Treasury who is now Brown's head of policy, according to Westminster sources.

The role has been carried out by a civil servant since Alastair Campbell left it to become Blair's director of communications and strategy, and Brown is unlikely to break with that convention. 'You want civil servants to do all the face-to-face stuff and someone spinning behind the scenes,' says a senior lobby journalist.

Despite rumours that the role could be filled by a former hack, that job will be carried out by Damien McBride, Brown's mercurial spindoctor. Nicknamed 'Damien McPoison' by lobby journalists, he is one of Whitehall's most aggressive operators. Another former communications head at the Treasury and now, technically, a special adviser, McBride adopts an old-school approach to PR, frequently enjoying long, boozy lunches with influential journalists.

'He is very good at what he does, and they know each other well. There will be no learning curve and that's important because Brown will have to hit the ground running,' says one lobby journalist. 'Some people don't rate him but that's because he does a job where he has to duff people up'.

The Guardian/Observer 6th May 2007

If you think Brown knew nothing about this you are living in cloud cuckoo land


Ed Balls, Mandy, Harman all quiet-only the sound of the beating of vultures wings



The Penguin said...

Did he resign or was he sacked?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Probably sacked as Gordo tries desperately to distance hmself from the fallout. Dear God, if you exist - please let him fail - miserably.

Dick the Prick said...

Fuck him, dirty little twat.

Ted Bundy said...

There is a perfectly simply explanation for all of this which has been given by the Prime Ministers Official spokesman. It would appear that someone believed to be a right wing blogger has broken into Damian McBride’s Downing Street office (while he was out looking after the welfare of hard working families who are suffering as a result of the recession that started in America) and sent a series of disgraceful e-mails to Dr Derek Draper. This disgusting individual then bombarded Dr Draper with endless messages containing scurrilous and libellous information in an attempt to incite him into publishing them on his political blog As everyone on here will know Dr Draper is a highly respected psychiatrist and runs a politically neutral and completely independent blog. Having read these revolting e-mails and gotten over the dreadful shock Mr Draper of course deleted them immediately. Obviously Mr McBride regrets leaving his office insecure with his terminal logged on but points out that he had no idea of the depths to which right wing internet bloggers would stoop and the lengths they would go to in an attempt to discredit and smear that great British institution which is the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

Order order just went down with a database error.

anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

Shit, Guido's site is down. (19:29pm Sat)

Anonymous said...

Has Guido gone for a walk in the woods,seems like the site is down.

Anonymous said...

It's either blown the server or the filthy cunts are blocking him.

Giolla said...

Given he's linked to from a fairly prominent BBC story my money would be on the server failing to cope. I doubt if the severs where scaled for the sort of traffic spike he's probably seeing.

Tyburn Jig said...

Guido might be under a denial of service attack or simply overwhelmed by hits.

The Refuser said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Downing St. bunker.

Agent 99 said...

cant link in from BBC either. Perhaps OH can run regular updates for us all for now?

any news post here

PS I promise to look at your blog more often OH

Agent 99 said...

funnily enough its easy to see as very few people are there no doubt.

Hemulen said...

I like this comment on Labourlist in reply to Draper's latest. Check out the last sentence:

"I find it incredible that most of the comments on Labour List are without doubt left by conservatives masquerading as outraged members of the public and even the old, "I've voted Labour since I was in short trousers but never again... boo hoo" crowd. Hearing the over egged and anguished indignation coming from Nadine Dorries on the Radio just now reminds me how truly awful the Tories are. "The PM Is in on this!" So, in addition to his duties as Prime Minister, Nadine wants him to act as moderator to anyone with a Downing Street email account. Grow up. This was an ill judged abuse of email which constitutes gross misconduct. The man responsible is now gone. Its nothing to do with Gordon Brown."

- James Wright @ 6:26 pm, Sat 11th Apr 2009"

Dick the Prick said...

Think Guido must have spunked over the keyboard - all cleaned off now tho - reckon the lad's earned a crafty wank and a bottle of chablis today tho. Bloody good shooting.

Anonymous said...

Guido back online 20:43

defender said...

Absolutely delicious.
For sure Guido will have to watch how he goes, he has made some enemies, lets watch out for him and each other.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I hope Professor Draper manages to cling on, he is just soooo much fun.

Guido working just fine now, 02:20am.

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