Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Leave, not resign you were never elected as PM in the first place


Keep importing them voters said...

Check this out OH

Nigeria: Nigerians Can Vote in EU Poll - Christian Party

Bet they don't open centers for voter registration in Austrailia or Spain seing as they would lose votes.

Ever get the feeling your vote is becoming more meaningless by the day?

denverthen said...

You said, OH.

Keep saying it.

blind leading the blind said...

The `Dave` rave footage here -

Bristol Dave said...

Made a video about resigning -
Gordon's Bad Day.

denverthen said...

*You said IT, OH. I meant.

I'll get my coat.

electro-kevin said...

Off topic.

EU MEP elections.

I'm not voting. Taking part would be to concede that the EU is legitimate. I expect few skeptic candidates would resist being flipped once elected and on the gravy train.

The EU no more legitimate than Gordon Brown's Premiership. It was foisted on us by stealth. We must boycott these elections.

Nice ideals Kevin but you couldn't be anymore wrong! said...

You have a valid point E-K in principle but not in practice.

Smaller parties through PR get a RARE chance to raise cash for their party through this corrupt system, if the core principle of said party is to remove the country from the EU then such members have little choice but to play the game for equal finance as they cannot stimulate finances through their business contacts as the main parties do as they have no power, without finance it will have little to no chance to reach it's end goal to destroy the beast.

You could just rely on word of mouth and a snazzy website but -

Put it this way, outside of a few rarified blogs who has heard of the Libertarian party? Yet an MEP would give the party funding, TV appearences, quotes in the media and hence legitimacy in the eyes of the press and the people, it's sad but true.

The simple fact is parties need money for elections, advertising, leaflets, posters, staff etc to compete with the corrupt or there is little chance of ever getting that anti EU party of the ground, given the funding the pro EU groups already have, ideals may not be enough when you have massive Pro EU media machines up against you.

Vote for a non EU party if you oppose the EU as if enough do so it helps undermine the legitimacy - not reinforce it, It helps finances your party where you can damage it from within - what do you think the marxists and the EU has been doing to our democracy for the last couple of decades and look where they are now!

If anti EU parties do well it can invigorate the electorate to make more demands and to weaken the pro EU press and political stranglehold.

To not vote gives them excatly what they want - Zero resistance!

You may as well lie down and die, is that what you are about, would your children living under a fascist system thank you for that?

They dont care how few vote as long as they retain majority power.

I don't know what party you support but let's say it is the Libertarians - so far they have nothing, yet just one MEP seat would give them something, a chance to appear on Question time, finances for the party.

Sure the system stinks, but you have to use every tool in your tool kit if you want to beat the snakes in power, use their own weapons against them - that is almost always the most effective way.

Just ask the EU and the psuedo marxists!

The power of your vote said...


On giving it some more thought you are off course right that that it is corrupting and this could prove to be self destructing and trying to get a party to leave the EU when so many of it's members are on the millionaire gravy train is a major problem and it is designed to be so.

The power is with the people - just!

I believe some of these groups will turn and become groups that will later claim to want to reform the EU from within! Which off course is a joke.

However any such group would soonn find themsefs replaced and thrown out of office by the people.

So if you want out of the EU then you have little choice but to VOTE an anti EU party, as if enough do so it may show their is more political clout - money, in pulling your party out of the EU if enough of the public support you and go on to support you in a general election.

Why would the main parties continue with the EU if they are not getting to sit on the gravy train and it is costing them votes/power in the main elections?

So the power really is in your hands, you have to show these people that you will rob them of their power and snouts from the gravy train if they are a pro EU party.

What anti EU party you vote for is not that important, only that you are transfering your vote/power and money to anyone other than the Pro EU whores.

It can work, but only if you vote!

Do it while you still can!

BlogTart said...

In Ben Brogan's column in the Telegraph yesterday, he claimed that Dave is planning on holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty as soon as, whether or not it has been ratified by then.

Given that the result will almost certainly be a resounding NON! maybe this will open the way for a sensible debate on our role in Europe.

I was too young the last time the British public were asked to vote on membership of the Common Market, and given the extent to which our national autonomy has been given away to the EU since then, it's high time we were asked again.

look at my beautiful Tory horse, it is my gift to you! said...


Dave is bought and payed for, when he first became leader he was asked when there was little pressure if he would give voters a referendum, this was before Gordoom signed us away.

Guess what Dave said - no referendum.

Then we have tyranical policy dictated to us by the NWO EUSSR wing, regarding a database, probably the biggest breach of our civil liberties in many a moon if not ever thanks to the EU. What did Dave do - he welcomed it!

If you seriously think the Tories will rescue us from a fascist superstate then you are clearly insane.

If we get anything at all it would be more red herrings that would not be worth the paper they are written on or it will be rigged just as the last one was, with dramatically unequal financing and sold to us by a Tory traitor -Heath, while lying through his teeth about it's real implications.

Now we have Dave the trojan horse, wheeled in by suckers like you.

Now you will tell me you also believed Tony and Gordon and the promise of a referendum.

Same people who have their hand up Gordons arse, have their hand up Daves.

You will get nothing but totalitarian slavery from the Tories.

Anonymous said...

E-K appreciate what you're saying but, realistically, if you don't vote you can't really complain about the sacks of shit that get in can you? As someone else has already said - vote while you still can.

JD said...

I see the Lisbon treaty mentioned in comments. We in Ireland are going to vote NO again - we get two votes, no-one else gets even one, even though a greater percentage of voters voted NO to Lisbon than voted yes to Hussein Obama. Give us your support:


Thanks! JD.

Guthrum said...


"I'm not voting. Taking part would be to concede that the EU is legitimate. I expect few skeptic candidates would resist being flipped once elected and on the gravy train".

Good Man- If you do not believe in something you do not give it crediblity or legitimacy just because you can get cash out of it to fund your party. That stinks

That is the LPUK stance.

Whilst the turnout was so low for EU elections, the MEP's had precious little legitimacy, with everybody slavering to get on the EU election ticket to grab 'euro-loot' whilst saying they are agin the EU is utter bollocks.

Old Holborn said...

I refuse to even register to vote.

Nothing scares them more than a low turnout. Boycott it.

I also didn't vote for Big Brother or X Factor because I want them to go away.

Ruth Kelly's plaything said...

OH 11:19: "Nothing scares them more than a low turnout. Boycott it."

Agreed - but they stay scared for about three seconds, by which time the size and scope of the gravy-train has dawned on them and they're off to see the wizard....

So while I agree with any proposal that kicks them where it hurts as yours undoubtedly would, I have to think how long the effect would last. Ask yourself - how much has NuLab's zeal been constrained by the knowledge that only nine illiterates and a dog voted for them?

To my mind, what would REALLY put the wind up them is mass voting for that party which, when mentioned on the BBC, is always accompanied by a wrinkling of the refined nose and a change of tone to indicate distaste.

I don't find that an easy route to take, personally, but it would scare the entire political establishment.

To my mind we can depend on the composition of the new Tory intake to stiffen Dave's backbone. Can't recall where, but there's a current report that their Parly candidates are - shock - proper Tories! They'll soon sort Dave out on the principle 'there go the people, I must follow them for I am their leader'.

Wishful thinking? After NuLab I'm getting desperate.

BlogTart said...

Tory Horse, you may well be right, however things have changed a bit since Dave first became leader, and perhaps he can now see some political advantage in at least pretending to support the democratic process.

Who knows what his plans are? It would be nice to have some clarification, now that there is every likelihood of him becoming PM. If he is elected without any kind of manifesto, god knows what will be inflicted on us. They can just make it up as they go along.

OH admits he is a moron! said...

Old Holborn said...
I refuse to even register to vote.

Nothing scares them more than a low turnout. Boycott it.

I also didn't vote for Big Brother or X Factor because I want them to go away.

30 April 2009 11:19

You are a moron OH, "nothing scares them more than a low turn out" of antis???



Are you freaking insane!

Nothing scares them more than having their snouts removed from the trough OH, they laugh their rich greedy tits off at anti morons who refuse to vote, as long as one person tips the balance in their favour they couldnt give a crap and if a low turnout was due to antis boycotting the system then they would consider a low turnout as something glorious, as while you did nothing they continue to destroy your life!

Unlike star shows they get the same cash if 1 person votes for them as they would if 50 million did - your logic is screwed, you are a moron.

Jesus wept OH you have just lost your last shred of credibility.

Anonymous said...

I could only stand to watch Simon once. Usually I can watch these people making cunts of themselves several times over. But on this occasion I could feel my fist heading for the screen!!

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