Friday, 17 April 2009

Judge, Jury and Hangman

Who was the shit that threatened Damien Green with 'life imprisonment' for embarrassing the Government, and the Civil Servant concerned.

I thought that we had a system where the Police collected the 'evidence', the CPS made the decision to prosecute and a Judge and Jury made the final decision.

Not some thug, trespassing on the Parliamentary Estate, not the 'Court of Popular Opinion' as interpreted by a deranged and hysterical Nu Labour Minister.

This witchunt cost you and me £1 million, Jacqui Smith said it was neccessary, Senior Politicised Civil Servants overegged the 'seriousness' of the situation where 'National Security' was invoked, and Green was being tainted as being a traitor to the country. Make no mistake Nu Labour is not the Nation, the Nation is not the Government.

In times past, and certainly under a Socialist Stalinist Regime suspects were threatened with the Death penalty for opposing the Government of the day.

Jacqui Smith has lied, cheated us finacially, tried to get us to pay for her husbands porn, and now subverted the fundemental Laws of the Country, by presiding over a secret police that threatens elected members of Parliament.

Smith and this Government has no shred of legitimacy left, neither has this misbegotten unelected Police force. The 'Officer' concerned with making these threats should be outed and suspended pending charges of exceeding his/her powers. Smith should be thrown out on her ear, and pay back the £100 000 she owes us.

As to the Government, none of us are longer bound by this tyranny.

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.



Dungeekin said...

Surely this must be the end of Jacqboots?

In the immortal words of Ray Charles, it's time to 'Hit the Road, Jacq'.


Young Mr. Brown said...

When I read this story, the first words that came to my mind were "Police State".

The police arrest opposition politicians, on the whim of the Police minister, and the police decide what the sentence is likely to be.

This isn't the Britain I knew in my childhood.

Lancastrian Oik said...

The police have been politicised. The shafting that they got yesterday from DPP Keir Starmer exposed their utter naivety in the face of pressure by the Home Office. The poor fucking rozzers are too thick to think for themselves, they've been shoved from pillar to post by MacPherson, media pressure and dickheads like Iain Blair, so they just do the bidding of Whitehall.

Anonymous said...

The rumour is that anyone owning any airgun not fitted with ant-tamper rendering it incapable of being increased in power (most airguns and air pistols) will soon be required to get a firearms certificate or risk a criminal record and up to 5 years in prison. Airgun manufacturers are starting to fit anti-tamper on all air weapons of evil mass destruction terror.

Faux Cu said...

She is Toast, damp and smelly but pork crackling anyway.

Faux Cu said...

The real story about Jacqui Smith is not Jacqui Smith, because she is as thick as a pound of mince, but the people behind her pulling her strings.

She is a bit player dwarfed by he job who take solace in her shopping and expenses (same thing).

The chain goes all the way to Brown either by way of the Labour chain or the Civil Service one.

FireForce said...

An american saying of yester year "There ain't not problem that can't be solved with $600:00 and a thity-ought-six"
and I would add, a length of rope, piano wire would do, it is well passed the time this lot were out, well I certainly thought that on 03/05/97

Gareth said...

The cost of the investigation has been put by other papers as between £3million and £5million.

The operating procedures of the Police are simple - scare the alleged perp as best you can to secure a speedy confession. Threaten you with a serious offence and you might roll over for a lesser one even if the CPS would struggle to convict you of anything if it ever saw a Court of law. The practice works often enough for it to be routine.

It reduces the expense and intelligence needed to investigate to bugger all, reduces the cost of prosecutions to bugger all and gets a speedy 'result'. That is all they want these days. Which is why so much of their work is revenue raising through bouncing people into paying fines rather than having to go to the trouble of proving someone's guilt. Part of the problem is that many of the public are decent people who sometimes slip up, and will readily admit to something rather than risk going to court. The system is stacked against decent people and it's only the Police and crims who are cynical enough to push the system to it's fullest.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that weak as water Cameroon is really going to holler hellfire over this one & get Five Bellies out on her ear. FFS boy, stop playing by the Queensberry rules & do something to 1> justify your position as Leader of HM Loyal Opposition & 2> get rid of this govt which is a threat to the health & wellbeing of all British residents.

Chris said...

@Anon at 10:07:
Buggins Turn old boy. Cameron isn't going to risk rocking the boat for fear the water will slosh in on him and his too.

Anonymous said...

The operating procedures of the Police are simple - scare the alleged perp as best you can to secure a speedy confession. Threaten you with a serious offence and you might roll over for a lesser one even if the CPS would struggle to convict you of anything if it ever saw a Court of law. The practice works often enough for it to be routine.Absolutely true. If arrested, never ever ever make a statement.

A colleague of mine will shortly be going to jail because they arrested him and he made a statement at the end of an all-night drinking session. He could barely stand, but he could confess and that's all that mattered to them.

Chalcedon said...

Well put. This should be the final nail in Jackboots' coffin. It's an empty threat though because as you say, a jury has to convict. Looks like there was no evidence just a wildly misleading allegation. The police, so Labour, were all too eager to try to fuck up green's life and of course that of his family who had their home raided and vandalised by these thugs pretending to be real, honourable, oath-taking police officers.

That Jackbbots approved of this or authorised it shows what a nasty piece of work she is. It also shows up the speaker for what he is and the ignorance of the woman serjeant at arms. An ex-major or Colonel (male) would have kicked the copper's arse all the way to the front door.

electro-kevin said...

Re the photo.

More Chins than a Chinese telephone directory !

In the land of the feckless it's only politicians and welfare addicts that get fat.

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