Friday, 10 April 2009

Innocent Victims of Terrorism


1979 Beaten to death


1983 Survived being shot 14 times at close range and pistol whipped

Waldorf recounted that after being shot, he fell out of the open car door, at which point a police officer pressed the barrel of his revolver between his eyes and said, "Okay, cocksucker," before pulling the trigger. Finding that he had already used all his ammunition, the officer then pistol whipped Waldorf until he lost consciousness.


1985 Shot


1998 Beaten


1998 Shot


1999 Shot


2005 Shot


2009 ?



The consistant thing about these deaths and injuries is the knee jerk reaction by the Police to lie about the circumstances and the rigging of of the verdict in the Coronors Courts

Police officers sentenced for Murder or Manslaughter - zero

The Met has a Motto- ' Working for a Safer London' - safe from whom ?


Suggested New Motto- Shoot First, Arrange For No Questions To Be Asked Later.


Lancastrian Oik said...

That new motto would soon be updated to "Shoot first, and if anybody asks any questions, shoot them as well".

ranter said...

The De Menezes killing is the only one out of that list I can give you O-H. So many questions about the entire police operation and a disgrace that the command team have not suffered any sanction whatsoever. Also it has never made it to the public domain about the use and direction of armed non police personnel deployed on a police armed op.

Blair Peach - what a time to find you have a very thin skull! No, really, what can anyone say? Back then it was really hand to hand fighting. Old Bill in helmets and mackintoshes with some balsa wood truncheons - nothing like the equipment and tactics we see today. The SPG weren't equipped with anything particulalrly special - but because they got stuck in they developed a special reputation amongst street robbing scum and hairy beardy lefties and used it to their advantage. Never proved that it was anything other than the circumstances and his particularly thin skull that led to his demise but subsequent elevation to sainthood in the eyes of the left wing nutter factions. Back then the dirty tactics were the preserve of the hard left who could always fall back on the law when things didn't go their way.

Harry Stanley - a hard way to learn some basic lessons, (a) don't pretend the chair leg in your carrier bag is a shotgun to a load of pissheads in a pub and (b) when the police send some armed officers to challenge you, DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!

Steven Waldorf - again the full facts have never been disclosed to the public especialy his relationship to David Martin as well as his behaviour and actions before his near death experience.

Ian Tomlinson - too early to say but some doubt is appearing about his behaviour and actions prior to his heart attack. I wonder what 'legend' will grow up around him should the post mortem and other facts not support the anti-police 'evidence'.

Criticise away, but you also contribute to the parlous state of policing as much as ACPO and the governments we have since 1994.

Guthrum said...

So its all justified killing- fab

K. MacEgan said...

Ashley,murdered in his bed,asleep,naked.Chris Alder,enters police van 100% healthy arrives at Hull nick dying.O'Brien put into police van shouting "You win" they are his last words.Liddle Towers last words "You are a cunt hiding behind a uniform".His dead body had the imprints of police boots on his face & torso.Needless to say his hands were cuffed behind him.British police.Prouldly twinned with North Korea,Peru & Turkmenistan.

Anonymous said...

Give them a break. Only 40 people on average die a year in police custody these days.

Dave h. said...

To my mind the most shocking police killing was the five year old asleep under the duvet. The officer gave no explanation as to why he fired a shot into the bed.

I seem to remember another 'mistake' during a police raid when the suspect's wife was shot dead.

Dave h. said...

John Shorthouse was the name of the boy, happened in 1985.

I remember at the time that, tastefully as ever, Private Eye made a joke about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

And you think these were all deliberate, all planned?
Are you actually saying that you think the UK police Service sanctions judicial murder and operates death squads?
Get real or get back on your medication.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any were deliberate or planned.

However justice has not been done in any of these cases - the police seem to be above the law. Such an attitude can only encourage callousness.

They need to go back to Peel's principles.

"The police are the public and the public are the police" is the bit I'm thinking of.

Man in the Street said...

Krishnan Guru-Murthy was good. The IPCC bloke couldn’t understand basic English. He couldn’t understand the fucking questions let alone form a coherent answer. He’d get half way through a meaningless ramble and then you discover he’d completely misunderstood the question.

He is ’special needs’ and was put there deliberately by the elite. He needs a special sort of kick up the arse and just fuck off. This bloke is meant to be on our side and he is an imbecile. Words cannot sum up how useless he is.

Either that or he is pretending to be and is a nasty piece of work

Fuck off.

Chris said...

I just re-insured my two cars after a break of a month.

I had to go and collect one of them and I was so shit-scared because the Motor Insurance Database hadn't been updated - I was checking on and neither car was showing as insured, even though I'd just stumped up £750 of hard-earned.

This meant that if Plod's ANPR camera had spotted me pootling up the A6 in my Mondeo, he could have swung round, accelerated to 90, run down and kill a teenage girl just because the database was out of date.

When I got home and checked on the website I found it had since updated but just the possibility of coming into contact with the police increases your chances of death.

I was half-hoping I was stopped so I could taunt them about the cop in Newcastle who did exactly as I described above. He's awaiting sentence now - I bet they keep his job open for him.

Gareth said...

Anon 16:36,

Employing the same hyperbole in reverse - You think these were all unavoidable, all completely by chance?

No, they weren't but that does not mean they were actively planned either.

The issue of the consequences of the Police's actions is a serious matter. That they do a difficult job is not a suitable reason to escape punishment, or to fail to learn from their mistakes.

electro-kevin said...

Now name the 4000 British police officers killed in the line of duty since the service was set up.

Guthrum said...

E-K 17.30

Fine, but there was a real attempt to bring their killers to justice. Not officially sanctioned lies and coverups, finanlly ending up with a botched misdirection in the Coronors Court.

Man in the Street said...

That others kill Police is obviously bad however they chose the job and I pay them for it. I don't pay for them to behave like they did at the BoE.

Anonymous said...

Worrying isn't it? And under the current scum government we have no protection from the police. I just avoid them like the plague now. No, I'm not a criminal, just someone who prefers to stay alive.

The Penguin said...

Not apologising for plod's misdemeanours and the subsequent cover-ups, but the NHS starve 240 or so patients to death in hospital each year, and it's on the increase.

Then there's all the poor bastards who shit themselves to death thanks to catching C Diff or MRSA in hospital, and the tens of thousands who succumb to medical incompetence.

Survive that and end up in a "nuring home" drugged and abused and ripped off until you die.

Brave New World, fit for Heroes To Live In.

The Penguin

Man in the Street said...

Penguin - 18:08

"Survive that and end up in a "nuring home" drugged and abused and ripped off until you die."

Too true. My Grandmother (99) is in a nursing home situated on the same road in Salisbury that she has lived on for the past 50+ years.

She is very frail and needs the care of those employed to care for her. She fell over a few weeks ago and spent a couple of weeks in hospital. My Dad is attempting to get her moved back in to her room in the nursing home.

The home is claiming she is too frail and beyond their care abilities (cue H&S crap). They want her to bugger off as she takes up too much of their time.

My Grandmother is in a private nursing home, God only knows what other shit is going on in the care home 'industry'.

Anonymous said...

Guthrum @ 17.37. Where are your facts of a cover up you prick.

Inspector TwatGit said...

Never saw a thing, guv. I was busy stuffing my face with doughnuts and blogging for my biatches. They love me.

charcoal said...

No matter how badly the Kevlar Cowboys stuff up - I can't remember a single case of one of them having to answer for their actions in court.

Can anybody remember one?

K. MacEgan said...

IPCC my ass.Took Cuntstable J.Dempster (B-specials/RUC/PSNI) to 'em,nix.Same with 14499 Cuntstable Evans.As for plod getting iced they are well paid for it.Firefighters are burned to death.Nobody whinges when one of them dies.(They cant frame you either.They just save lives.Hey maybe thats why they are respected).

electro-kevin said...


What anon said at 19.23 but not quite so virulent - I like you.

I gave the figure for some ballance. When it comes to police Vs public the public are well up on the kill rate.

It's all very one sided really.

Woman on a Raft said...

I know it's Liberal Conspiracy, but Unity over there has put up a short, tart, list of cases for comparison. Remember, this is criticism coming from the government's own side.
Deaths: spot the difference.

Guthrum said...

Where are your facts of a cover up you prick.

Read the case reports you twat- Love you

Delphius1 said...

What gets me about the Ian Tomlinson thing is how the MSM keep saying he collapsed 5 minutes afterwards, basically you assume he walked a fair distance away from the scene of the assault. Most of the news footage shows a close shot of him against a wall, so you don't get to see where he collapsed.

But if you look at the video here, towards the end (2:28):

you can see he's being treated only feet away from where he was assaulted. Not only that, from a second camera angle that covers Royal Exchange Passage, which the Police says there wasn't.

So, he only managed to stagger a couple of yeards after the assault before collapsing but I just wonder what footage that camera might have captured.

Anonymous said...

REMEMBER! If you see a Rozzer on fire DO NOT PISS ON HIM!

Let his/her family put them out. Then hope they catch fire too ... hopefully ending their gene pool.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

We want that thugs head and if we don't get it we want that of his boss.

Chalcedon said...

That G36c assault rifle fires a much bigger round than the MP5s they usually have on display. The discription of the attempted murder was pretty vivid. Grim reading.

Mind how you go

Anonymous said...

I must be missing the point. A "newspapers sellers assistant" (who has spawned 9 kids - so who's paying for them ?) decides that to brighten his day will get pissed and go around the City of London and systematically act like a cunt when the Old Bill are having a busy day. He gets twatted round the back of his legs for his troubles and subsequently has a heart attack and croaks. I can't see what the big deal is myself. Live like a cunt - die like a cunt !

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