Tuesday, 28 April 2009

If you see Brown wearing a blue shirt........

That means he is receiving them..........


Henry North London said...

Nice one Thanks

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Tight fisted(with his own money) Jock Hoon will probably launder them and wear them.
And then claim the cleaning bill on expenses

BlogTart said...

Do you bother to wrap them or just write the address directly onto the shirt with a marker pen? Oops sorry the stamp fell off.

wv: gowns (what to send if you went to Oxbridge)

Henry North London said...

He'd be hard pressed to fit into that shirt. If you look carefully its a 15 and a half in neck size or 39 cm

It may be a Hilditch and Key Shirt but he'll have to go on a diet to get into it

The other thing is I ironed on the writing I basically dyed it for all time

I put it in a Jiffy bag

The posting receipt is at my blog

I spent a little extra and made it recorded delivery.

Such a nice touch

wv alite

Something tells me that WV have realised that the burning is coming

He might be able to get it off in the boilwash but I figure hes not going to be able to fade those stains easily.

Fascist Labour said...

Goverment website lists all parties and contact info, But for the BNP it gives the contact info of the anti BNP group searchlight in place of the BNPs!


RM said...

I really can't be arsed to waste a shirt (however old & manky) on that c**t. However, I've found my 'Bollocks to Blair' T-shirt & will send Brown that later today - with just a little too little postage.

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