Tuesday, 7 April 2009

How to kill an Old Man minding his own business. By the Police

The Gruaniad has the video


OH will not commit the "crime" of showing a photo of the Police, which is now illegal in the UK

So here's one of some other Police doing the same thing (pic ny Oldrightie)


Ron said...

This is police murder. Pure and simple. I think I understand now why they don't want us taking photos of them.

Gordon said...

This film will do to the police was smith's second home has done for parliament - may we finally get some change back to how we imagine it used to be.

Mitch said...

This could be the tipping point,It looks like an unprovoked attack on someone who is just walking along doing nothing then wham PC pig kills him.....bastards all.

Ron said...

And see them with their dogs! It's like a scene from Schindler's List.

Gareth said...

Rodney King didn't die. Ian Tomlinson has. The Rodney King beating sparked riots. Will this? I doubt it.

Two Constables try to set dogs on him and they don't bite. Why? Probably because Tomlinson is ambling along peacefully with his hands in his pockets - he is not behaving in an aggressive manner which the dogs are trained to respond to. The Constable with the baton hits Tomlinson on the leg then shoves him from behind. I can only assume this comes from the mentality of 'he wasn't moving along quick enough' yet he clearly presents no threat.

The article suggests some of it was captured on CCTV. Would anyone there at the same time as Tomlinson requesting the footage of themselves via the Data Protection Act get it I wonder.

Cowards and Bastards, hiding behind their uniforms.

Mummy x said...

Mummy eats a little slice humble pie.

Trust it to be The Gruaniad that comes up with the fucking goods.
Jesus their stat counter will be going crazy.
Mummy x

Bastards said...

Fucking Cunts

In the city there's a thousand men in uniforms
And I've heard they now have the right to kill a man
We wanna say, we gonna tell ya
About the young idea
And if it don't work, at least we still tried

electro-kevin said...

The 'old man' (47 ???) was being deliberately slow and, by the look of it, obstructive. From this footage I garner that some sort of altercation had taken place before hand. Like it or not, when police in riot gear tell you to move you move. This is the same the world over.

However - the cop was stupid to use such a low push and deserves to get nicked. Sadly his mates are likely to be implicated for not having arrested their colleague for assault.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no respect for the Police. Cowards, liars and bastards.

The square mile has the highest amount of CCTV Cameras on the planet. We all know that there will be no footage of use. Cowards, liars and bastards.

How the fuck can someone attack someone from behind, whoever they are?

I'm sick to the stomach with all this shit happening.

Sadly I don't see this as the tipping point. A hell of a lot worse has to happen before people switch of their TV sets and actually realise whats happening to this country.

Electro Kunt said...

"being deliberately slow"

Get that onthe statute book, punishment -death by a cunt in a mask and luminous jacket

Inspector FatGit said...

Wasn't me, gov. I was eating doughnuts all day and blogging shite.

Thud said...

EK...I hate siding with the idiots at the protest but I can't see any justification for this....the assault was just sheer bloody mindedness.

David said...

I would be "deliberately slow" and "obstructive" too, especially if there had been a "previous altercation". It is my right as a freeborn Englishman. But then, it is the latter that has now been criminalised.

microdave said...

"The 'old man' (47 ???) was being deliberately slow and, by the look of it, obstructive. From this footage I garner that some sort of altercation had taken place before hand. Like it or not, when police in riot gear tell you to move you move. This is the same the world over."

Exactly how do you deduce that an "altercation" had taken place? And whether it had or not, suppose the guy in question just happened to be deaf, or didn't understand English, or had a dodgy hip joint and was unable to "move" quickly enough. Does that still make it O.K. to hit him from behind?

W.V. "bashis" - unbelievable!!

Anonymous said...

Is being shoved to the ground a well known instigator of heart attacks?

Woman on a Raft said...

Anybody able to clean up the sound?

It sounds like the commanding officer (could be somebody else) says something like:
"Donald(?) what the hell are you doing?" and then
"tell you what 'Donald'(?)..(inaudible)"

which sounds like it was an instruction to the officers in helmets to get 'Donald' away as he has become a liability.

Stop Common Purpose said...

47 is not old.

That rozzer is banged to rights.

A Doctor speaks said...

"Is being shoved to the ground a well known instigator of heart attacks?"


electro-kevin said...


This is to remind you of what real police brutality is like.

I am no defender of the police for their capitulation to political correctness. I left the force after five years because I lost heart in what I was doing and wasn't prepared to be a uniform carrier.

In this case why do I garner that an altercation took place ? Because I've been a cop in a similar situation. I read into this that the chap has been told to move on and he's objected but moved along reluctantly. Instead of moving away promptly he saunters off with his hands in his pockets.

It is clear to me that he is not 'old'. It is also apparent in the Daily Mail news report that he resides in a bail hostel which indicates to me that he has a criminal record.

Working in the City - as a news vendor - I find it hard to believe that he did not know the levels of demonstration that were going to happen that day.

Had I been the officer concerned I would have done it differently - a slight push between the shoulder blades. And like I said, the cop will find himself in trouble for this - deservedly so. He was a prat.

Oldrightie said...

The footage I saw on 4 news was very convincing in that it showed someone narked ay being caught up in a police (Gestapo)lockdown. Just stop and think. Snotgobbler Brown was desperate for this circus to go with all the fanfare he could muster. His mates were under strict orders, on pain of pension loss, to stamp on any merest hint of a citizen being a bit miffed at what was going on. This has Snotty's and fatbelly Jaqui's hands all over it.

Old Holborn said...

Had I been the officer concerned I would have done it differently



The cop is not a "prat", he is an instrument of the state, doing what they do best.

Ask any East German Police Officer.

You are no longer a policeman. Thank fuck for that.

Mummy X. Join me on my next protest. I DARE you. Ps (I have taken my teenage daughters before). You will see things that will change your life forever.

Anonymous said...

electro-Kevin - you're a dick trying to defend the indefensible. Never see a copper when there's any real trouble do you.

Anonymous said...

The cunts said they were "under a hail of stones and bottles" when all this was going on. Not much sign of that on the video. Lying bastards.

Anonymous said...

plus how many cops have criminal records these days. Judgemental prick

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It is not an offense to saunter along the street with your hands in your pockets, EK. Just remember that.

It is time the police realised they are there to protect us, not mete out brutality.

This was done with a sanction from on high - in other words, the word went out to be a bit nasty (unless they were muzzies), and since the police do as they are told, that was what they did.

Warsteiner said...

Murdered.Bang to rights

Will anything come of this ? Will it fuck

Anonymous said...


Ian Tomlinson is DEAD. I would suggest murder. Don't be a daft cunt by digging deeper.

Very little of this was reported in the media for two days - sufficient time for the police to get their story together. The MET seem to think and behave just like MPs in this country - they think they're above the law. I sincerely hope someone is charged for this. Because if no one is there will be more trouble than even the police can handle.

MPs are trough swilling pigs
The Police are cuntish bastards

This is not East Germany but it certainly feels like it

Anonymous said...

Does anyone believe the 'heart attack' story? The video doesn't show the impact of his head on the pavement but according to witnesses it was forceful. Falls like that kill people regularly. I bet the Home Office is praying that the family doesn't request/can't afford a second autopsy.

spark up said...


your altercation theory ties up with this witness account from the guardian:

One witness, Anna Branthwaite, a photographer, described how, in the minutes before the video was shot, she saw Tomlinson walking towards Cornhill Street.

"A riot police officer had already grabbed him and was pushing him," she said.

"It wasn't just pushing him – he'd rushed him. He went to the floor and he did actually roll. That was quite noticeable.

"It was the force of the impact. He bounced on the floor. It was a very forceful knocking down from behind. The officer hit him twice with a baton when he was lying on the floor.

"So it wasn't just that the officer had pushed him – it became an assault.

"And then the officer picked him up from the back, continued to walk or charge with him, and threw him.

"He was running and stumbling. He didn't turn and confront the officer or anything like that."

in the video mr tomlinson seems to be moving in a very obstinate and disgruntled manner - hardly surprising, if the murderer had already 'bounced' him off the paving slabs and beaten him twice with his baton. the evidence of this witness is now backed up by actual video footage and the police will not now be able to cast doubt on her account or discredit her - that's if they ever could have undermined this lady, which i doubt, since she's been confident enough to allow her full name to be published.

so we have a man walking home from his job in the city, he is murdered by a policeman who happened to be just doing his job in the city, the whole incident is filmed by a banker who works in the city, and the damning evidence is provided by a photographer working on location in the city. the demonstrators were only an incidental sideshow.

rented said...

@ electro-kevin


This is to remind you of what real police brutality is like."

Police brutality is police brutality. It may come in degrees but any copper capable of assaulting a member of public that is not actively engaged in doing harm at that moment is truly treacherous and deserving of the name "filth". Even if that guy had just killed someone, there could never, EVER be justification for the Police assaulting him at that moment, as he was not presenting a threat to anyone or anything.

again @ electro-kevin

"In this case why do I garner that an altercation took place ?"

Dunno. Maybe because it describes one in the report in the link?

"Witnesses said that, prior to the moment captured on video, he had already been hit with batons and thrown to the floor by police who blocked his route home."

This guy's death has been disturbing me since it happened. Since watching this video a few hours ago I've barely been able to contain myself. I saw so much utterly disgusting behaviour from the police last week, from the indiscriminate violence against people standing around just waiting to be let home, to being told numerous lies during the day straight to my face, to the medic who just stared hatefully at me while I tried to explain to him that a girl had badly sprained or broken her ankle in a rush a minute before. He just stared and then walked off back behind his mates. One guy got his eyebrow split open for stopping to help a girl who'd fallen over. He needed stitches, but would the pigs let him leave? Treacherous scum.

electro-kevin said...

OH @ 20.58

Ever heard the phrase "Move along now." You'll find said by coppers in thousands of old British films.

Sometimes it's the job, that's why. Nothing new.

Gareth said...

"In this case why do I garner that an altercation took place ? Because I've been a cop in a similar situation. I read into this that the chap has been told to move on and he's objected but moved along reluctantly. Instead of moving away promptly he saunters off with his hands in his pockets."

That does not excuse Ian Tomlinson's treatment. You will notice from footage of the riots and protests that photographers by and large get left alone. This shows ample scope for the Police to be exercising discretion as they go about their kettling. Automaton clobbering of someone sauntering without permission, well away from the pack of protesters, is the work of thugs.

"It is clear to me that he is not 'old'. It is also apparent in the Daily Mail news report that he resides in a bail hostel which indicates to me that he has a criminal record."

That does not excuse Ian Tomlinson's treatment. A lot of people have criminal records.

"Working in the City - as a news vendor - I find it hard to believe that he did not know the levels of demonstration that were going to happen that day."

That does not excuse Ian Tomlinson's treatment. His family have stated he was not there to protest. The footage does not show him as a part of the protest. Even when he is on the ground there are few protesters near and fewer seeing if he is alright.

"Had I been the officer concerned I would have done it differently - a slight push between the shoulder blades. And like I said, the cop will find himself in trouble for this - deservedly so. He was a prat."

If you shoved someone and they hit their head, as is being alleged, you ought to find yourself in trouble - deservedly so. You would be a prat in serious trouble. I would not be surprised if the fingerman saw the Millwall shirt and expected trouble. That does not excuse Ian Tomlinson's treatment either.

I wonder if Peter Hitchens is now thinking he had a close call.

Ron said...

From Joe Orton's play Loot:

McLeavy: You can't do this. I've always been a law-abiding citizen. The police are for the protection of ordinary people.

Truscott: I don't know where you pick up these slogans, sir. You must read them on hoardings.

Old Holborn said...

"Sometimes it's the job, that's why. Nothing new"

No Kevin.

Guess who was paying the wages of Officer "Early Retirement on full pension"?

The very same person he killed. Not some drugged up trustafarian, not some unemployed "anarchist" or a hard working businessman like me.

Kev, I was there. In person.

Katabasis said...

Unfucking believable that some can still condone this.

Like some people have said it IS typical police behaviour, especially at a protest, football match etc.

I can recall numerous times when I've sent someone flying at work (bouncing) and they've cracked their head. And despite the fact this person may have been trying to punch me in the head at the time, or stamp on someone's face, if *anyone* makes a complaint, no matter how spurious, the police are always very keen to chase it as far as possible. And they've done this before even when the CCTV footage clearly shows the fight from beginning to end, with the "victims" starting it.

It appears I've been doing it all wrong - I should have been pushing random people over in the street who were minding their own business. That's obviously above reproach.

Anonymous said...

What a shower of utter wankers; of course i've no doubt that nothing will happen to the offending arsehole.

Ron said...

From George Bernard Shaw's play Misalliance:

Lord Summerhays: Anarchism is a game at which the police can beat you. What have you to say to that?

Gunner: What have I to say to it! Well I call it scandalous: that's what I have to say to it.

Lord Summerhays: Precisely: that's all anybody has to say to it, except the British public, which pretends not to believe it.

electro-kevin said...

Chap at 21.13 - witness statements to a previous assault.

Sounds like a sustained attack by cops who knew they were operating within the Ring of Steel. One of the most highly surveiled public areas in the world. And within camera shot of the press.

You simply don't put your job/liberty on the line like that for kicks.

The coroner has already said natural causes - so I presume there is no obvious evidence of outward trauma. Otherwise he's in the shit too.

As will be the control inspector if it turns out that unwaranted violence was used and not reported.

Old Holborn said...


"natural causes"

I couldn't agree more.

rented said...

@ electro-kevin

"As will be the control inspector if it turns out that unwaranted violence was used and not reported."

What do you mean IF? The video clearly shows violence that can never possibly be justified!!! The guy was doing no harm, yet violence was inflicted upon him. For them to even TOUCH him was unwarranted and unacceptable, let alone to attack him.

Woman on a Raft said...

Could Mummy cut me a piece of 'umble pie also. I had assumed the police were telling the truth about aid being obstructed and the press of the crowd. Apparently not.

The video shows that the crowd were in Cornhill, but Tomlinson was in an access street which was clear except for some bicycles, a phone box, a couple of bollards and pink granite memorial. The police line was moving methodically through that space at an appropriate pace, and then "Donald"(?) went off on one, endangering the integrity of the line and obliging other officers to be distracted by a possible injury.

What use is that? Even in the land of 'the way it is' you don't want sado-nutter-bastards getting their rocks off privately when you might have a riot to control.

I'm assuming "Donald" (if that is who is shouted at on the video) is a real police officer and that somebody hasn't just shoved a PCSO/agent provacateur/Stasi in riot gear for a laugh - only with lying on that scale it often turns out that many other lies have been told before it. Whoever he is, the Met wants rid of him before he kills somebody else.

electro-kevin said...

The Barbican coroners (I presume that's where he was taken) as I recall are quite frosty with coppers.

Anonymous said...

A coroner has not said natural causes, it has been reported that a Home Office pathologist has said the death was due to a heart attack.

No inquest has yet been held so no coroner has said anything on the record about the case.

The family are entitled to request an autopsy by another (independent) pathologist and if I were them I'd do so.

electro-kevin said...

Rented - we don't know that the incident wasn't reported internally.

Anonymous said...

OH your a cunt.

rented said...

Ah, I think I see your point now. Would the "control inspector" have been on the scene?

electro-kevin said...

A fair distinction Anon at 21.52. You're absolutely right. I'm taking my info from the Daily Mail link provided here which states "A police coroner declared natural causes."

Having said that I've never heard of a 'police' coroner before.

Rented - I'm presuming an overseeing inspector in the control room at CP5 (Wood Street) they may have brought in a higher ranking officer to supervise on this day (radios and cameras)

I remember when the Marchioness incident occurred (I was on scene) that the control of the incident switched straight over to MP at New Scotland Yard. I know they will do this in the event of really serious incidents but I can't see cameras being taken over by MP. I don't know enough about this equipment really.

Kill The Stasi Bastards said...

It was a Home Office Pathologist who declared the cause of death, that usual?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

"The government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures...The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one." - Hitler told the Reichstag.

BBCUNTS said...

Weird 2 minute BBC/Pravda news report about it, Police were 'under pressure' Police Medics 'cared for him' he 'did not seem too badly hurt' (after twatting his face on concrete)

Very Odd.....

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that Home Office pathologist expressed an opinion but they normally report to the coroner at the inquest.

Seems unlikely that the pathologist would break protocol, and the papers say the report came from the City of London Police. Pre-emptive leak to reduce speculation? Seems to have worked.

Wondering if that constitutes misconduct in public office?

Anonymous said...

What does the fucking BBC know about whether he was hurt or not? HE DIED MINUTES LATER!!!

My guess is that he was hurt.

microdave said...

"Does anyone believe the 'heart attack' story? The video doesn't show the impact of his head on the pavement but according to witnesses it was forceful. Falls like that kill people regularly."

How about Natasha Richardson? She fell, hit her head and seemed fine - even refused hospital treatment. Hours later she was brain dead.

spark up said...


before the demo, i was quite concerned that the casualty list would be more serious than it was at the time of the "carnival against capitalism" (1999), and i was nicely and unawkwardly embarrassed when it all appeared to have gone off without great incident (bar the usual police brutality and bullying, of course). but here we have it, clear as the crystal in searles and co of cornhill, the working man worked-over by the copper. time the police got a proper trade and learnt that things are meant to be the other way 'round - that it's working men who are supposed to beat the metals and produce beautifully crafted silver- and goldware, such as the pieces to be seen on display around the royal exchange. all the police have created here is anger, unhappiness and an unimmortal statue of rotting flesh and bone. when he was alive, the little bully boys in blue wanted to own mr tomlinson, now they wouldn't touch him. working men don't mind manufacturing goods which they could never afford to buy for themselves, it's just business, but they object to being herded like cattle - bought, sold and slaughtered. let's face it, the metropolitan police considered the fragmented cctv images of the final moments of a millwall-supporting corpse to have infinitely more aesthetic integrity than the dramatic snapshot of a posh student, in full fancy-dress, being blatantly bludgeoned to death exclusively for the 10 o'clock news.

sir paul stephenson said...

unfortunately, mr tomlinson died of a heart attack shortly after he happened to be battered around the head by a police truncheon. there was absolutely no connection - it was just one of those things.

Anonymous said...

Fcuk. That was a totally unprovoked attack. The Met Commissioner should be resigning and taking Jacqui Smith with him.

Whitewash said...

Read on other blogs tonight that the BBC refused to show this mobile footage for days, as did other 'news' organisations until C4took it

Fucking Zanu Broadcasting Corporation

Cover up Police Murder

Katabasis said...

"When the Guardian offered this astonishing footage to the BBC News at 6, apparently the response was "No thanks, we're not covering this, we see it as just a London story." Great news sense down there at TV Centre."

Stephen Moss, Grauniad journo.

Anonymous said...

point of order, mr holborn, sir

After 2006/24/EC and RIPA ("..and you didn't encrypt it? ha ha". signed, The Stasi )

Why the fuck are you still using




Cordially Yours,

Jesus H Christ

Woman on a Raft said...

Just copied this over from Order-Order, posted by anon.

Interesting observations:

a) Why is the officer dressed differently from all the others
b) Trousers tucked in
c) Coat is tucked in or short of the bottom silver stripe
d) Why is she seen before 14 seconds already with stick over her shoulder
e) Why is the police badge different from all the other officers. Low down near first stripe.
f) Why would anyone push and hit legs from under a person when their hands are in their pockets. A sure way to cause head injuries.
g) She is clearly targeting him from before passing the bikes.

Watch and weep. Is this what we want on our streets?

Notice how afterwards no officer stands near her and at 1.04 she walks away in the same direction as the man walks though camera.

It would make sense that if the recorded voice is the commanding officer he is saying
"Donna, what the hell are you doing"
and later
"Tell you what Donna..."

There can't have been that many women called Donna deployed on riot control that day.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't piss on a copper if he or she was on fire, in the hope of its filthy gene pool ceasing to exist.

Exit this Roman Shell said...

A couple of comments - surely "Donald" could have put Mr. Tomlinson's arm up his back and just marched him out of the way if that had been considered necessary. It doesn't look like Donald is holding anything so that wouldn't have hindered him. If he could do a two handed shove, he could have marched him to one side, surely.

Regarding the comments about bottles being thrown as the Police attempted to help him:- we don't get to see that part of the proceedings in that video clip so I can't see that anyone is in a position to say whether that is true or not at this point, unless they've seen footage from elsewhere.

electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
electro-kevin said...

What must seem really strange to you (and at 19.50 I've already stated that the assaulting officer needs to be nicked.) is that none of the other officers go to the man's aid.

Having been a riot cop I'll tell you why. The other officers are thinking "What the fuck did you do that for !" but to go to assist would be to acknowledge that a wrong had been done. Better to pretend not to have understood what happened. Believe me I've been there - cursing under my breath the hot head oaf that went over the top and hoping to God that nothing comes of it.

As for the officer pushing. He seemed angry about something. That also adds to my impression that there was some sort of altercation before hand. Whatever loonatics there are there is usually some sort of preamble - this does not usually come out of the blue. My guess is that the cops have told the man that he couldn't go that way and he's given a bit of lip and been intransigent.

Of course he didn't deserve what happened. I'd be extremely angry if I was one of the other coppers.

aproposofwhat said...

Kevin - next time I meet your type I'll be sure to carry my very own (kept in my suit pocket) extensible baton, and if you don't like it then you can fuck right off with all your little scaredy friends.

Alternatively, I'll meet you in the middle of Aldershot and I'll kick your pussy arse.


Anonymous said...

I only hope now that even the most 'law abiding' member of the citizenry will realise that the Police are NOT there for us and have in fact NEVER been for us.

All one needs to do is to pop over to 'inspector gadgets' cruddy blog and read the comments from his fellow cops about what they REALLY think of us.

'Inspector Gadget' sums up nicely the cops of today, they piss and moan about this and that, but at the end of the day they still take the Queens shilling, so as far as that goes, EVERY cop is culpable and therefore they are all complicit in this murder.

All Coppers Are Bastards, yes we know, but the tide is now turning where the new cry will be 'The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop!'

Anonymous said...

God help us all. The state is out of control and I cry for my children’s future. What can I do to change things? Where do I turn for help? I work hard, pay my own way, look after my family, love my husband and care for my country. Who will care for the millions like me against such state terror………. We are lost.

electro-kevin said...


Why would I want to go to Aldershot ?

It's a shit hole.

bofl said...

the politbureau steal our money and live in luxury in the dachas-

meanwhile they have a slavish state terrorism group called the police that are protecting us .......

by killing electricians and evening news sellers-

they also arrest kids for having fireworks....

they arrest opposition mps and duly protect the indefensible traitorous hoons that have sold us out to the e.u and started wars by nicking student 'dossiers' off the net.

evening all!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

There is something fishy about the whole thing. Is it another example of provocation by the 'authorities' to get us all 'het up'? Remember the fighting talk of a month or so ago from the cops about the expected summer of riots. Methinks we are being played for fools.

Anonymous said...

Theyre not just logging URL addresses visiting, they log ALL dns queries. https:// isnt going to stop anything.

fasching said...


i think that was in fact referring to the point when mr tomlinson had later collapsed around the corner and was being treated by police. but you're right in that the cops made hay with this 'shower of bottles' story - especially when you watch the footage and realize there was only about one container lobbed before some demo chappy warned the ignorant about what was occurring.

Gareth said...


Was that propaganda a warning to us or to get the Plods in the 'right' frame of mind?

I think it's more cock-up than conspiracy. Jumped up shit of a Constable in his battle armour pumped up for a riot whacking a lone man blatantly guilty of sauntering without due care and attention and ambling without a licence. Easy pickings really. All compounded by colleages of the cretin in crash padding who would rather save face than stoop to help a stricken man.

The Tomlinson episode was no riot operation. There was no massed rank of unwashed agitators trying to bait the Police and no advancing and unflinching thin blue line standing between civility and chaos. There were clumps of Constables shuffling along with large gaps between them, aproaching a loose crowd of bystanders, photographers and protesters, and some Constables zeroed in on a man on his own.

Anonymous said...

https:// protects the connection content, dns has no more to do with content than your postcode has to do with the contents of your house.

Stasi access to your dns log requires a uk dns server. You're free not to use your isps dns server.

You're safe-ish from routine logging with tor

It works seamlessly with firefox.


spark up said...


being tired from work, detained against his will, and not being a flouncy student, probably made ian tomlinson awkward customer number one that day. i daresay he may have given the riot police a damn good piece of his mind, but clearly committed no offence which warranted arrest. the only 'crime' of which mr tomlinson was guilty was his attempt to escape the metropolitan police force's mass detention operation - which was in any case illegal. the police would have been on shaky legal ground were they to have arrested anyone for passively breaching the cordon, hence their use of simple stick law - which does not include a right of appeal.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

BBC finally on the case 8/4/9, somewhat late.


IPCC say they have not yet 'retrieved this evidence' ie Guardian film; well we all managed to, what's wrong with them ? Wankers.

Bravo the American Fund Manager who came forward with this footage, without which this murder would surely have been covered up.

That copper, 'Donald/Donna' will be hung out to dry, despite using Training, Tactics and Techniches sanctioned by private limited company ACPO.

JD said...

He died of natural causes - he was hit by a cop and hurled to the ground, which he hit with his head - naturally he died. Bastards.........JD.

Fallen Bastions said...

Just remember that these police are the same ones who will arrest you for assault if you strike a burglar within the confines of your own home,defending your own highly taxed property and person.In between shooting unarmed Brazilian electricians on the Underground that is.
These recent cases should not obscure the fact that they've been getting away with this manner of behaviour for years.

Dick the Prick said...


Anonymous said...

As a side note, there was a story on the radio the other day about one policeman shooting another dead whilst on some training course, I think, no charges are to be brought because of insufficient evidence.

Doesn't a dead body count anymore?

The Penguin said...

Then they complain that the public no longer support the police...

The Penguin

defender said...

Murder, that is what we see on the video, murder. This is a good case for the court of public opinion to express their verdict, the law will be using ALL their efforts to bury this as death by natural causes.
And who is the MP responsible for the police?

Dick the Prick said...


Anonymous said...

A couple of low-res previews of photos of the police medics tending to Mr Tomlinson appears to show a contusion on his forehead. Check www.gettyimages.com. The hi-res photos would be more conclusive.

PRL said...

Small point of order, it's likely to be manslaughter not murder as you will struggle to prove that the copper intended to seriously injure / kill Ian Tomlinson (take as an example the recent 'mistaken identity' case where a shopper was punched in a queue and died from impact with floor. That too was manslaughter).

As for the 'she' reference above, the first thing i thought when i watched the vid this morning was 'that looks like a girl', glad someone else thought that.

Either way, I hope whoever it was gets locked up, that will be the ultimate punishment, whether male or female, they will get torn from limb to limb in prison. Cunts.

defender said...

PRL, your point is accepted, manslaughter at least, not murder at this point.

The Penguin said...

A large bucket of whitewash is required, is Lord Hutton available?

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Lots of desktop commando's busy today.
If you don't like it join up and change it from within. Or will that get your hands dirty?
No, I'm not in it either. But someone has to do it.
He is wrong. Many thousands of others are not.

Roger Thornhill said...

I object to this act for the same reason why I object to capital punishment. Mr Tomlinson was not presenting clear and present danger to the Police when he was felled, and it is also the case that when you have someone in a cell sent down for murder they do not present clear and present danger to the population, so there is no excuse to kill them.

I don't care that they did not know about his heart condition. I would say this is not attempted murder, but Manslaughter would seem to be correct.

If it were a yob in a shopping centre, I would want to see Manslaughter too. We need to re-establish the idea of consequence. For too long the Left, the Fabians and others undermining society have pushed the idea people are not to blame and that ignorance IS a defence. No it is not when it comes to basic things like "stone floor" and "skull".

The Left may bleat, but the Copper that did this is their spawn.

Anonymous said...


The monitoring systems put in place will transparently monitor DNS / smtp / web traffic on non standard ports. If you use a non-EU dns server / smtp server / web server, your traffic is still being logged by that cunt Smith (yes Smith, youre a huge cunt and by looking at you, I can understand why your husband beats off instead of touching you)

Unless you use a vpn which encapsulates dns (careful, dns often "leaks" quite often), this nazi government knows what you look at and when you look at it.

Use anonymous vpn systems, god knows that terrorists do

Anonymous said...

The bloke who died was being an arse and dawdling along.
He should have known better on such a big protest.
Of course he doesn't deserve to die but then again the shove wasn't intended to kill.

Dick the Prick said...

Anon 11.27 - she didn't mean to kill him but the stupid bitch meant to floor the guy. Sure, he was pissed up and dawdling but the guy was walking at much the same speed as the cops and in the right direction.

She looked young and is therefore probably inexperienced - just as well really, she'll be on the dole shortly. Just a standard gobby little shit who thinks the badge affords Stasi techniques.

The old boys with the dogs were just strolling along thinking job done until fuck face got emotional. Guess you've got to wonder about training inadequacies.

Anonymous said...

And this is now, after all the police "reforms" so loved by the Government. It's after PACE, accountability, paperwork, human rights and diversity training. Reforms that were supposed to stop things like this.

What difference have those supposed reforms made? Other than crippling the effectiveness of the police in dealing with the crimes that people actually care about? After all the changes, there are still dodgy police officers who abuse their powers, as there have always been. Thirty years ago, they did something useful as well. Now, they just create more work for the backroom bureaucrats. So what was the point?

Shirking From Home said...

Fucking cunts, that not one of the suited, booted and cunted came to the aid of a bloke on the deck speaks volumes.

They can rot in hell.

I await the whitewash, and the riot. I will be there giving to our paid servants what they gave to that man.

I have never hit anther person, ever. I am prepared to break with this. Scum.

Evil cunts.

Shirking From Home said...

Where is the cctv footage? The cctv system was paid for with my money to protect me, allegedly.

Publish or get the fuck out of my country.

Anonymous said...


All true.


Note the link I gave above. It points to a special type of vpn called tor. Usually vpns req a "vpn server" at the far end of the encrypted connection. This doesn't, and is therefore useful to bods who just have their own pc and not a fuckin server farm.

It also protects against dsn leakage & is used by fully legit organisations like the USnavy. I doubt even a wannabe gauleiter like smiff can make the association "USnavy"="terrrst" stick.

The critical step in protecting yourself against 2006/24/EC and RIPA logging is to ENCRYPT YOUR TRAFFIC AS IT MOVES THROUGH YOUR ISP. They still log you of course but its all completely unreadable encrypted junk from the viewpoint of the little nazi snooping your traffic sometime in the future.

The more you encrypt the better. Just using https:// and a non-isp dns server makes the gestapos job a fuck sight harder.

You think they are going to spend manweeks piecing discrete dns packets together at a packet level from the ellacoya and then associating it with a TLS1.1 stream? Maybe for TargetCriminal#1 but just to find that I sometimes use rude words on Guido? I don't think so. You blend in with all the average joes logging on to https://sainos-bank.co.uk.



Anonymous said...

I didn't see this guy 'being battered around the head' as one person claims. I did see him get a couple of nudges to move on, and he didn't (at least not quickly enough).

Looked to me like he was being awkward and got a shove. It's a bit reactionary to be screaming out 'murder' and claiming it's police brutality. Our police are pussies compared to most forces i've ever encountered.

People will see what they want to see I guess, but all this crap being thrown around about beatings and head injuries looks a bit premature to me...

caesars wife said...

where did you get this picture of the 1933 labour party conference.

i believe the man on the ground had just said "do you think postal voting may allow for electoral fraud"

Anonymous said...

....and since when was 47 'old', FFS.

It's my birthday tomorrow, a whole grown up 44.

All this talk of him being an old man is thoroughly depressing!

calais said...

mong 1426 & 1519

Good to see "Central" sparing time to visit us.

oldrighties piccy bring back memories of the good old days ?

the court of public opinion said...


we will of course be duly bringing in a verdict after giving due and careful consideration to this digusting murder by a police officer, but unfortunately the jury is still incapacitated due to jack straw's ridiculous attempt to get mr brand to cough up £150k for the ofcom fine. doctors assure us that the jury members affected are expected to make a full recovery by the weekend - however, mr brand may now face serious charges of nobbling them.

Chris said...


At least this murdering bastard's life is in ruins - no pension, facing prison and no future.

He should do the decent thing and top himself.

sir paul stephenson, chief commissioner of police said...

a statement on behalf of the metropolitan police

the metropolitan police force are extremely concerned by the death of mr tomlinson, but wish to point out that due and proper procedure was followed in the event of discovering a millwall fan north of the river. officers were understandably seriously concerned about allowing the deceased to stray too near to the adjacent area (in which west ham football ground is located) and, without any regard to their own security and at the risk of grave personal injury, they acted swiftly and courageously in accordance with the interests of both mr tomlinson's safety and the safety of the public. as a direct consequence of the brave conduct of these men and women in uniform, the threat of dangerous civic disorder was narrowly and skilfully averted - and i must therefore commend in the highest available terms the work of all police officers involved in this operation. thank you.

Anonymous said...

ITV Teletext is reporting that the officer who hit Mr Tomlinson has identified HIMSELF to investigators, according to the IPCC.

mother smith made me do it said...


so was it a tranny cop that killed that guy?

Anonymous said...

Some more interesting pictures of consensual policing here.

Anonymous said...

Electro Kevin you are a cunt fuck off and die, you deserve it

mikey said...

An officer of the Metropolitan Police looks to me to be murdering scum. Fuck him. Fuck them all to hell. We all really need to get moving on this. A fund to help the family get the autopsy we need and get that murderer plod banged up for life. This is our country not snot gobblers and his military wing.

mikey said...

Anonymous said...
OH your a cunt.

07 April 2009 21:56

hahahaha...points and laughs at the ill educated retard. The word you are looking for, anonymous cunt, is "you're"

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