Thursday, 2 April 2009

God Help us.

The IMF is going to sell the gold that Brown sold to them to provide the funds to bail out UK because of its sale of gold at rock bottom price.


Cato said...


wv...ulost....sounds about right

North Northwester said...


It looks like OH's right:

Does Mister Brown want my daughter's college fund as well?


OK then.

Antipholus Papps said...

But of course anyone who dares to ask whether this may have been deliberate is dismissed as a 'conspiracy theorist'!

Quiz: when criminals plan their crimes it is called a...?

end game - the final stage said...

All planned,

Follow the money,

The NWO will be in place in total within 5 years, want to know what's really sad? most of you helped them.

Even when warned.

Everyone who had warned of the plan was called -

a little Englander, a Racist, a fascist, a conspiracy nut, a member of the tin foil hat brigade, a Lizard, a bigot and whatever other trash you could think of that the BBC threw down your ignornt throat, and you lapped it up like a dog eating his own vomit and spewed it back in everyones face with extra bile.

Hands up who thinks `Dave` is going to save them?

Hands up who thinks the Queen is going to save them?

Hands up who thinks the Libertarians are comming to the rescue?

Sorry to say it guys but the end game has just been set in motion, it's now entered it's final phase.

If the NWO cannot subvert and put in puppet placemen in Russia, China and the others then There will be a world war within 15 years and our children will be the ones forced to fight it as conscripts for the Imperialist EU/NWO.

Old Holborn said...

You may just be right

apocalypse nowish said...

Yes, he might be right, or I am right and we will soon have a nuclear holocaust. In either case, we are all screwed.

Odin's Raven said...

The bad news is that Brown won't be asked these questions on the rack in the Tower of London.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Couldn't we nuke Pakistan, you know, just for a test?

Bob Oppenheimer said...

Killemall - Think India's bagsied that one, Israel got Iran, guess we could do France just out of principle.

Anonymous said...

C is the correct answer. It is not possible to be that incompetent. Such incompetence is the inspiration for programmes like Some Mothers Do Have Them, Fawlty Towers etc. It is quite deliberate.
It's treason.

defender said...

The treason route can be seen easily now that the end game is in motion. the ground work has been planned, legalised and finalised.
It must be clear to all who are trying to find answers that this is the bit where the conspricy becomes the crime.
It is a crime against the people, pure and simple. You are losing your freedom, your privacy, your liberty and now you are losing your wealth.
This is becoming a nightmare, a nightmare which will not go away on its own accord.
Perhaps we deserve this, we clearly as a nation have not been keeping an eye on things, we had been lulled into thinking others were watching on our behalf, doing their duty, doing the right things, the thought that we could be so comprehensively fucked never entered our minds, after all, this is Britain, not some shoddy banana republic, we have the Queen, we have democratic governance, we have a free press. Well, that worked didnt it.
Who were the faciest on the streets of London this week? It sure as hell were not the facist your elites warn you about was it.
The question that needs urgent attention, unless you have somewhere to leg it to, has to be just what the fuck are we going to do about this. Shall we go along for the ride, shall we carry on as usual, should we put a stop to it, how far do we need to go, what are our chances by the ballot box.
One thing is for sure, we are going to have to get rid of a lot of preconcieved ideas and take a long hard look at who is for and who is against what you require as a citizen of this country. Look beyond the bull shit, the spin, the lies, the patronising, the down right diseat, the scheming, thieving, bastards who have taken your lives to a place you had no intention of going.
They have got your gold, fancy that, whats next?

defender said...

Well OT, but,

This JK Rowling had a star turn with this G20 meeting, reading to the wives of the elite I think, some may recall that she bunged the labour party a million. It seems the bung was not from the heart or a no strings attached donation.

Dirty Rotter and the Labour Bung” by JK Rowling

April 2, 2009 by BNP News
Filed under National News

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Special report by the “Green Arrow” - Oh, how the one hand washes the other in the corrupt world of those who make up the establishment.

Some of you might remember that back in September of last year, multimillionaire Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, gave £1 million pounds in cash to the Labour Party.

The cash came at a fortuitous time for the Labour Party crooks, as the party was, and still is, really strapped for cash, with £7 out of every £8 received coming from the trade unions who are getting fed up with bailing them out and getting nothing back in return.

Now at the time, I just thought “stupid woman.” But it is her money so she can do what she pleases with it. At the end of the day the books and film were quite entertaining — in my opinion.

But now some information has come to my attention that makes me see this donation in a different light. By all accounts, J Rowling (who added the K for effect) is one sharp cookie and I am wondering now if it was part of an astute business loan.

If you look at page 6 of the GCE AS and A Level specification for English Language and Literature B for the exams to be held between 2009 and 2012 you will see that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has been tagged onto the end of the list of books to be studied.

This means that until the year 2012, potentially hundreds of thousands of A Level English students will be required to purchase a copy of this book.

This seems to me, at least, to be a clear case of the Government interfering in educational curriculum to ensure that one of their “in crowd friends” gets a nice little return on her investment.

We await with eagerness all the play on words that are sure to follow: Harry Potter, Dirty Rotter, Brownie Gotter, etc, etc, etc.

Revolution Harry said...

'If the NWO cannot subvert and put in puppet placemen in Russia, China and the others..'

They're already in place. The Third World War is already in the planning stage. Stage, as in theatre, being the operative word. The Zionists (Jews and Zionism are not the same thing) want to rebuild their Temple of Solomon apparently. Global control isn't enough for them.

For Zionists read Freemasons. If you're in any doubt take a look at the Israeli Supreme Court linked below. Funded by Mr International banker supreme and multi-trillionaire Rothschild himself. Brown's a Mason and so is Blair and who's their grand patroness? The signer of the Lisbon Treaty, Elizabeth Saxe Gothburg Gotha.

Sorry to burst your bubble Defender but I have strong suspicions that the BNP is just a convenient cul-de-sac in which to herd all the anti-Eu, anti-immigration natives where they can be easily dismissed as racists and fascists by a thoroughly controlled media and political establishment. Nick Griffin's father is a Mason as was his Grandfather. Once you've done the research and realised the role the higher levels of Freemasonry play in the agenda this becomes just too much of a coincidence.

We are about to manipulated into a Third World War in alliance with or in defense of Israel. The enemy (or at least one of them, China and Russia will be dragged in) is the Muslim world (they want to capture the Dome of the Rock amongst other things). Witness the deference to Islam not just in this country but across the West. The elites know all too well what Islam is all about. As soon as conflict breaks out the streets of this country will be in chaos. Can you see the BNP's pro-Israel anti-Islam role in this? Believe me I'm no fan of Islam, quite the reverse. But I'm also aware of who my true enemy is.

In most respects this country is the centre of operations for this worldwide catastrophe in the making. If we can defeat it here it will collapse elsewhere. Violence won't win the day. It's intelligence they're trying to destroy when they dumb down our schools. It's intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and understanding along with lawful rebellion and non-compliance that can and will win the day.

Leg-iron said...

I wondered what they'd promised her in return for the money.

At the time, I thought she should have said 'I pay you buggers enough in tax, don't I?' and told them to stuff a wand up it and twist.

It wasn't a donation. It was a deal.

Funnily enough, on Wednesday I passed the cafe in Edinburgh where she wrote the first book. They have a big sign in the window - the birthplace of Harry Potter.

I was surprised they didn't have a Nativity scene. But then I didn't go inside, so maybe they have.

defender said...

Revharry, I do not entirely rule out your outline, I can see and am aware of what you have said. I know dark forces are running things, the politicians are place men.
Thanks for the heads up on N Griffin, I follow no man, especially an Oxbridge man. Its the pool of members and their hard work that I am involved with. These are not the sort of men who would let betrayal pass without notice. We have only one loyalty and that is to country. At the present time, its the only political vehicle going against the grain with any weight.
It also seems that it pisses off the elites greatly, that is some satisfaction for now.
How about this for an example

Parties unite against BNP ahead of Euro vote
Published Date: 02 April 2009
SCOTLAND'S four main political parties have agreed a united stance against the far-right British National Party at this year's European Parliament elections.
Labour, SNP, Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates will refuse to appear alongside the BNP during the campaign for the June 4 poll.

Scottish Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson said: "We learned the BNP will be running a full slate of six candidates in Scotland and we have all agreed we will not share a hustings with them. We will not share a platform with fascists and racists.

"If there is anyone who thinks they should invite a BNP candidate to a hustings or TV debate, they won't get the rest of us."

Lothians-based Labour MEP David Martin said: "Politics is about disagreement and competing visions and I'm happy to share a platform with people whom I don't agree 100 per cent with.

"But the BNP is different because they would deny other people such a platform.

"They are an anti-democratic party and a pure racist party."

Revolution Harry said...

Defender, see the link below for a picture of Edgar Griffin in his lodge (towards the bottom of the page).

See also a picture claiming to be evidence of a Masonic handshake between Le Pen and Griffin (about two thirds down). There are several other interesting characters featured in this one as well

I'm in agreement with you regarding the first part of your comment. All I'd say is be careful where you're being guided. I'd perhaps say more but it's late and I've got a bit of a cold.

As to the second part, it's just theatre. We have no democracy, it's a sham. Whoever you vote for the NWO or whatever you want to call them remain in power.

Old Holborn said...


Democracy is choosing not to REGISTER to vote.

I'm not

It scares them shitless.

They can only control tagged cattle

softly softly said...


Can you see the BNP's pro-Israel anti-Islam role in this?

(whilst being bad-eyed by the state media machine) whip up islamophobia, naturally, and also provoke extremism in an otherwise largely moderate islamic community ie. do the government's dirty work. resentment towards muslims being fuelled by an ostensibly islamo-cuddly officialdom.

Henry Crun said...

RevHarry, I think you've been reading too many Robert Ludlum novels.

Savonarola said...

Truth is stranger than fiction,which is why we neither recognise nor acknowledge reality. It is easier that way.

The Chinese who have a slightly more longer term understanding of fundamental truths happen to believe that gold's track recors as a store of value is somewhat better than fiat currencies' history. The Chine are not bothered with decade to decade or indeeed century to century fluctuations. They look at statistics covering millenia rather that the hourly numbers.

pc splitbrain said...


an ostensibly islamo-cuddly officialdom

the unreasonable demands being made of our institutionally bent race force could stretch our resources to snapping point.

Anonymous said...

If Griffin were a placeman he is doing a bloody good job, seeing as

1. his life is under constant threat

2. they tried to lock him up for seven years and Brown vowed to change the laws to get him next time!

3. Nick exposes the globalisazion and centralisation of power and the errosion of democracy and Liberties and the press will not give him a voice without demonisation.

4. If Nick lead the party too far from it's nationalist route he would be out on his ear.

If Nick is out to drive people down a dead end road i cannot see how? He has lead his party rather well considering what they are up against, so what purpose would he serve to them and what alternative is he ditracting from that would have a chance to defeat the NWO?

Your statement is backed up by what? Handshakes! - give me a break!

Anonymous said...

That should be bloody `bad` job

Revolution Harry said...

Henry, I've never read a Robert Ludlum novel in my life. Too busy researching these days. Which bit of what I said do you take issue with out of interest?

As for Nick Griffin it's a suspicion and no more. Hand shakes and the history of Freemasonry in the family.

the multicultural metagerie said...


you will be delighted to learn that we currently have in hand plans to alleviate pressures on our officers. due to the nature of the beast, we will be relocating the headquarters of the metropolitan police (from what is generally acknowledged to be the largest pigsty in europe) to the internationally recognizable premises of london zoo - a move designed to both accommmodate and reflect the diversity of our modern force.

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