Saturday, 18 April 2009

GO Guido GO

Link to Guido

I'm hearing rumours that ALL of it started with our best friend, Ed Balls


Shades said...

Teddy Tickle is going to be reamed by the Times tomorrow.

Shades said...

Sorry, should have embedded it.

Some big boys did it and ran away...

Lancastrian Oik said...

They're fighting like rabid rats in a sack. This just gets better & better.

Tyburn Jig said...

Brilliant! Best free show in town.

This is hideous:

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Quality stuff!

Gareth said...

The picture is apt. The gross enlargement of trivial and personal matters in politics has been at the expense of good ideas and proper graft, and this country has gone to pot because of it.

While the student politicians have sat in Westminster merrily playing with themselves there has been a gross dereliction of duty by them. The civil service has bloated and grabbed substantial territory it ought not to have under it's control.

The media has been craven to the Government. The Government has been craven to the civil service. We have all paid the price for their collective mendacity and incompetence.

Man in the Street said...

All the pointless and relentless media driven celeb-obsessed crap that has been shoved down our throats for the last decade or more has filled a back pocket or two.

The media and government are dragging the population down to a sub-Jade Goody level. Supine as it waits for the next instalment of what to think about, spend it's money on and how grateful to feel about the whole deal.

They have created a monster. A compliant massaged state buying in to, and positively yearning for an Eastenders lifestyle, a Cillit Bang existence all financed by Ocean Finance.

The government and media complicit in puffing the lie that everything is fine and everyone has choices. The choices on offer are 'crap' or 'very crap'. They fail to say that with choice comes responsibility so the place is full of nasty, greedy grasping shits who think everyone else owes them a living.


What democracy? said...

I want you to vote Tory - by Labour Minister Phil Woolas–Labour-Minister-Phil-Woolas.html

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that *names removed on legal advice* take the lead from their spiritual ancestors, Joseph and Magda.

The "Original" Ford Transit said...

Has anyone else heard the rumour that Jacqui is a cunt?

the man who fell back to bed said...

'had enough, nazis...or do you want some more??'

Dazed and Confused said...

Why should Gordon Brown decide when HE will call a general election?
Hasn't he now lost that right, and isn't he supposed to serve us?

Or do unelected leaders only serve themselves?

Fuck calling Jacqui Smith a cunt. although she undoubtedly is.

We should demand a General election! - And now!

Faux Cu said...

Darling is leaking like a sieve.

Red Alert

NuLab Submarine Experiment crash diving with no buoyancy tanks perforated and no compressed air.

Mitch said...

I had heard that rumour about her extreme cuntishness .

Those poor email readers eh?

bomb IED fatwa uranium kryton switch implosion du pont dont you feel a cunt too?

Swiss Bob said...


I know we're all excited about today's revelations but if you have a moment please visit and read my guest author Mme WoaR:

Can't sleep. I work my fingers to the bone for these people, and what do I get? Stabbed in the back. Tony is going to be Emperor of Rome, Gordon is going to be, or at least thinks he is, Saviour of The World - due to me managing the G20 summit. And what do I get? A miserable lordship, a few bob from the EU and I can't even have a Maserati as Ed Miliband is wittering on about green this and carbon footprint that. A paltry £2,500 off the list price, that's all I'm asking for the scrappage scheme, but Gordon is dithering. . .MANDY’S DIARY, Woman on a Raft

Anonymous said...

Anybody else having trouble getting into Guido's site?

Throbber said...

Yep, haven't been able to get in since about 6.30 this morning. Has the Stasi got to guido?

defender said...

Hey, it looks like the BNP have them surrounded lads.

Labour Minister PHIL WOLLAS: I want you to vote Tory

Phil Woolas

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas urges you to vote Labour at the European elections on June 4

You wouldn't normally expect a Labour Minister to ask you to vote Conservative or Liberal Democrat or even Green. But this year I am doing just that. Don't worry, I have told the Chief Whip about my intentions and I am not going mad. I am very serious.

At the European elections on June 4, I would prefer you vote Labour. Indeed, I will be tramping the streets getting our supporters out to vote and trying to persuade others to follow suit.

But if you are not supporting Labour then please, please go out and vote for one of the other main parties. If you don't, the UK will have Euro-MPs from the far-Right BNP and they will be joining forces with the likes of the Italian Forza Nuova, the French National Front and Hungary's Jobbik Party.

Having BNP Euro-MPs would be disastrous. For a start, they would be entitled to £1million of taxpayers' money to form a political grouping in Brussels.

common you fuckers, the BNP are more than a match for the liblabcon.

Gareth said...

Pity Woolas believes he had to run it past the Chief Whip first. He was elected to represent his constituents not his party.

Is this a good time to bury bad news? Government apologises for torture cover-up.

Guthrum said...

"common you fuckers" Huh ?

Ah I see vote for Authoritarian Racist Left, to keep Authoritarian Left out

Does not compute

Tory Poppins said...

"Why should Gordon Brown decide when HE will call a general election?
Hasn't he now lost that right, and isn't he supposed to serve us?

Or do unelected leaders only serve themselves?

Fuck calling Jacqui Smith a cunt. although she undoubtedly is.

We should demand a General election! - And now!"

Bravo! Couldnt agree more!

Blackthorn said...

You can access Guido's site through a proxy

Looks like we are being blocked deliberately.

defender said...

Guthrum, it dosent seem to matter what you think, without you we are doing jolly well.
Its our party and we seem to have support, you may not like it but there you are.
Have you got anybody standing in the EU's, is that a no.

Reimer said...

Any guesses as to which Black Ops dept is blocking access to Guido?

James Burr said...

Someone posted this link on Guido.

Thought you might like it.

Anonymous said...

"You can access Guido's site through a proxy"

It's a DNS problem. DNS matches a name ("") to an IP address (in this case, Guido's site is still working, but Guido's DNS is down. Whether you can get to the site or not depends on whether your local DNS has the address cached.
If you added, say:
to your hosts file, then you would find the site was working as per usual. The DNS might have been deliberately sabotaged but these things do break down occasionally. The breakdown seems to affect other sites hosted by "" - Guido's web host?

This isn't a Cleanfeed case anyway, Guido's not been marked as "hate speech" or "child pornography". Not yet anyway.. but the mere existence of Cleanfeed means that sort of nonsense is not far off.

IUnknown said...

Balls is being named as the culprit.

He's just McFuckwit's ultimate sacrificial lamb.

Anonymous said...

I'll have you know that when I was a lad, I looked up to Kevin Turvey and aspired to be as good a journalist/ investigator as he was....well....nearly was

Tory Bear said...

this ones got some info guido doesnt have yet

The Penguin said...

Belatedly gets the popcorn out and reaches for the Chardonnay....

The Penguin

Shades said...

Must have been an extented picnic.

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