Tuesday, 21 April 2009

ام شما چيست؟ !صبح بخير (Free House and Money! Forever!)

It seems the Mayor of Calais has had enough of 2000 grinning Afghanis shitting in the parks and waiting for the free ride to the land of free milk and honey

"The asylum seeker* is given accommodation and receives £31 to £40 a week according to their case, when the annual salary of the average Eritrean is around $200 (£136)."

So. Let's see. Sit under a tree all day cuddling an AK47, get £136 a year. Sit under a British tree selling big issue all day, get £2080 plus a free house, free education, free healthcare.

No wonder the whole of the third world is headed our way.

Stop the welfare money and you'll stop the rush to be paid a fortune for sitting under a fucking tree all day, doing fuck all. Forever.

* translated from the French for "money grabbing freeloading hairy arsed bastard"


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Welcome, one and all! (NOT). In my town centre, there is not one seller of the big issue who is a native of this country. 'Beeg ishoo meester' they say. 'Fuck off' i say.

Anonymous said...

They will still be having meetings where they sit round scratching their heads wondering why the BNP are making progress. Truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Claim asylum in the first safe Country is the rule. Jolly hard luck you whinging French twats. No free money no coming UK, it really is that simple !

Fidothedog said...

I see you did that in Farsi, you could also do العرب في العودة الى ديارهم

Which is go home Arabs in Arabic. :-)

spark up said...


sadly, there are no longer enough britons with the requisite skills and qualifications to sell a pile of crap to gullible members of the public; in fact, even jobecentres are experiencing severe difficulties recruiting sufficient numbers of people with the levels of literacy, persistence and patience demanded to make successful benefit claims in modern britain - hence the need to import highly educated professionals from abroad and give them crash courses to retrain as dossers. this country no longer wants ignorant racist old buggers like you, rab - the only future i see for you is as reprocessed-meat for the marinaded haggis industry. recession is the mother of invention.

Dave H said...

"You can either have open borders or a benefit system. Not both."

I have seen that statement so many times and it is so bleedin' obvious. The Government must either have a 'hidden' plan to transform Britain demographically or are totally insane. Quite possibly they are both.

With official estimates (invariably farcically too low) of half a million arrivials each year, if nothing else, begs the question: where the hell are they going to live?

We face having to build a new Birmingham every two years, and England already has a higher population density than Japan or India.

Anonymous said...

Why are these immigrants always so bloody ugly. If they ever miscegenate to any extent, then we English are doomed to replace the Belgiums as the ugliest nation in Europe.

john in cheshire

Anonymous said...

All I can say is if these immigrants bring wealth to the country I will be a millionaire pretty soon.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...


calais said...

The one in the middle may need gas regulo 6 - he looks a bit tough.

simon green said...

OH, any chance you could write a blog post on this:-

Derek Draper could be sent to jail if he returns to the StatesSimples!

Anonymous said...

Off topic OH but how the fuck have the government worked it that we have negative inflation. Cannot work that one out. Everytime I buy something it has gone up in price.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, call me Dave will save us!

Someone from Brighton who thinks you're a cunt said...

Old Holborn, you are a right wing old tosser.

It is twat-mouthed 'libertarians' like you that ruined this country in the first place by falling for the neoliberal con in the 70s and 80s, and now the best you can manage is to hack out a fucking blog where you recommend cutting off welfare for big issue sellers. What, will that help you afford the internet for longer so that you can keep irradiating people with your thoughts?

Oh yeah, and it is 'Afghans' not 'Afghanis' you thick cunt.

Anonymous said...

My local medical centre has a computerised checkin system.
You can use either English or Portuguese or numerous other Arabic languages. No French, no Spanish.

Who decided that every Country outside of the EU can come here?

electro-kevin said...

Now THIS is what people should be marching in Whitehall about. I'd join it and I'd wager that the cops would lax of too because they're as sick of it as we are.

But instead the demos going on are all for issues that the vast majority don't care about enough to get off their arses - fox hunting, climate change, bankers even.

If you really wanted to make an impact, OH, then how about it ? Kick off a mass demo against uncontrolled immigration ... or failure to get a grip on crime for that matter.

You would get record attendances the likes of which this country has never EVER seen.

Anonymous said...

Ian Tomlinson's family say's he should have worn a Burka (opposite). He'd have got thru no probs


Anonymous said...

sorry q not k

Anonymous said...

It's not all bad ...they're learning to queue!!


The Penguin said...

I do wish you'd stop being so fucking diplomatic, Old Holborn, it's not like you're a FCO spokes-weasel, tell it like it fucking well is.

Oh, and don't worry about the twat from Brighton, he's probably HIV positive.

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

Kev, I'm not against uncontrolled immigration.

Personally, I would welcome qualified engineers and scientists from anywhere by the ship load.

What I am against is handing my money to any one legged illiterate toothless tramp from Kabul or Somalia who can get his flea bitten, TB infested arse across the world to Calais.

As for the bloke from Brighton, at least we know he'll never breed.

K. McEgan said...

Basic economics.Cost of meal in Somalia 5p (if you can get one) cost of meal here? I was in the Soup Kitchen today (the Curtis St one) and a gyppo arrives. "What is your name?" They are trying to be friendly. No answer. Free bread, soup, stew, sarnies & coffee Suddenly the Cunt speeky English!

Funambulist said...

we English are doomed to replace the Belgiums as the ugliest nation in Europe.The Belgians have already been replaced - by Moroccans and Algerians, and it's not an improvement. I was standing at a bus stop outside a secondary school in Brussels recently when about 350 teenagers came steaming out. Exactly one was a white Belgian kid, all the rest were Arabs, half of them girls in burquas or hijabs. The New Europeans.

Anonymous said...

Why is a group of unwashed hairy savages in another country MY problem? Oh sorry, I hadn't got to a mob of "assylum tourists" I was still referring to the Bloody French. Easy, get the CRF in, form a cordon, collar the lot. Claimed asylum here? Non? Back to sandpitland you go. Would you like to walk onto the plane or do you wish to argue?
Easy, but instead the Frogs are looking for somebody else to damn well surrender to again. But why in the name of Odin's bike are Assylum seekers in ANOTHER country MY problem?

Anonymous said...

the faggot from Brighton will probably adopt. Get fastracked,no doubt.

electro-kevin said...

OH - uncontrolled immigration not a bad thing ... I agree except for:

- convicted criminals
- potential terrorists
- those that refuse to learn the language or integrate
- those who are illiterate/uneducated
- those who are diseased
- those whose religion is opposed to Christianity or in competition with it
- those who do not share the same values
- those who refuse to drop their prejudices or traditions which are at odds with our own.
- those for whom there is no housing

Appart from that I think uncontrolled immigration is a really good idea.

Thud said...

I'm pleasantly surprised even more don't turn up, mind you if I wait long enough I'm sure they will.

spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spark up said...

my my, this Natacha Bouchart woman's really pissed that immigrants prefer cold rainy old britain to the sunny chic delights of club-med france, isn't she? i mean it's an awful indictment of french hospitality that these poor sods would rather hang under lorries to get into to this unfriendly racist old dump than stay in her evil stuck-up republique de prétentions. now really madame, the french have got one of the most generous welfare systems in europe - especially for the bourgeois professionals who really milk it when they get laid-off; unlike our basic safety net, the french have a benefit system which maintains you in the manner to which you are accustomed - and they've a first-class health system to boot. so why do immigrants risk life and limb to get here, the uk? because the french are a bunch of dirty greasy smelly tight humourless perverts. oui, c'est ça mon frère. all that dosh you're handing out and none for asylum seekers. abolish your welfare state and we'll give you an audience, but don't diss us when, in truth, you're just not prepared to fork out some liberté, égalité, et fraternité. compensation? come on darling, stick your nasty grasping gallic hands in your own pockets and find the funds yourself. what a damn fucking frog cheek. oh ok...i'll tell you what ma cherie, we'll make things simple for you and annex calais again. remember agincourt? that should sort it. no more arguments.

who does she think she is? joan d'arc? looks more like jacqui smith's rustic twin sister - i wonder if they do lesbian sister porn romps? served with a leek and a pair of onions, en sauce béchamel? oh stop whinging you silly old french moo - you'll just get this lot of old women at it too.

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