Monday, 6 April 2009

Even More Taxpayers' Money Poured Into The Trough

An Upmarket Pigsty That You Pay For Through The Nose

Anyone who goes shopping for food knows that prices are rising astronomically. Estimates range between 18% and 23% over the last 12 months.

Yet our highly regarded MPs have capped any prices rises in their subsidised restaurants in the Houses of Parliament to just 5%, requiring a further £5 MILLION in subsidies from TAXPAYERS.

Greedy shameless fucking cunts.

The Penguin


Goodnight Vienna said...

It's long been known that taxpayers subsidise MPs' food and drink in the HoC and the HoL.

Hasn't it?

apocalypse nowish said...

Speaking of:

Fresh warning over UK deficit (FT)
The public finances have deteriorated so much since November that the basic rate of income tax would need to rise by the equivalent of 8 percentage points to bring government borrowing back on track by 2015-16, the Institute for Fiscal Studies said on Monday.

Bringing its out-of-date forecasts into line with others, the independent institute said that there was a £40bn gap between the government’s hope of borrowing only for capital spending in 2015-16 and the likely outcome.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pedant, but isn't the picture the wrong way round?

Cato said...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pedant, but isn't the picture the wrong way round?

Mandy took it from the back entrance!

Stop Common Purpose said...

Should be forced to eat shitcakes.

Dick the Prick said...

Brekkie and a brew for £2.40? Can't do it yourself for that - they'll obviously have papers too and as they don't start till late, it's just fucking gravy.

hangemall said...

Scrap all salaries, benefits, expenses, pensions, compensions, remunerations, emoluments, perquisites etc etc etc for politicians now. All they get is a whip-round in their own constituencies each time they vote. And they have to be there to vote in person. Or they don't get a penny.

As for judges, they get a whip-round after each sentence or judgment. From individual members of the public.

All payments to be anonymous, to prevent bribery, on pain of being put through a slicer, foot to head, millimeter by millimeter.


(Make the bastards think instead of having machines do all the work. Next time I might put one "seed" word in to catch their attention and then use a lot of scientific eg botanical terms. Then they'll have to wade through the lot with a dictionary, and I have a big one. And my dictionary. How about it Mr Jinks? You waste my money, I might as well get a bit of amusement out of it.)

Anonymous said...

Most MP's come from a legal, accounting or sales backgroung so why is anyone surprised?

It's hardwired into their DNA.

Don't vote for them and one day you might have honest people running your country.

caesars wife said...

dont forget the wine cellar ?? and the bottled water

wonder if they have chicken nuggets and fries and mayo .

mps pay commison to be televised in july , i do hope there are additional digtal viewer functions .

press red if you want this mp carted off to the tower , press green instant summary trial on the green and firing squad.

stanislav where are you ??

Ivor Toofake said...

Stan's alter ego newspaper has also now imposed electronic fences round his gaffe. Let's hope he finds somewhere else to comment (where we can all find him!). I'm told Papua New Guinea is nice at this time of the year...

Anonymous said...

Send all the males to Belmarsh prison and the females to Holloway prison and let them be fed for £1-00 per day.

Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him????

AngryDave said...

Not only do they get £60,000 pa and claim every single 'living' expense back off of us, they also refuse to pay full price for their meals in the restaurant at work. The more i learn about these fuckers, the more i hate them. All of them!

Anonymous said...

We are under the control of a zionist occupational government. They have in their pockets, the greedy bastards we call 'our leaders'.....death to ZOG!


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Does their troughligacy know no limits ?
Thought not.
Feed them to the piggies.

Anonymous said...

my opinion would be give them a wage in line with the median not mof the country e.g if most people are on £12000 thats what they get. Then we might get somewhere.

doubt the neo-liberals would like that.

Anonymous said...

Just realised that of course Jacky Spliff, our Second Home Secretary & Minister for Pornography is now in full 'Snoop' mode. Hey Jacky, you fat knacker, pity you don't put the same effort into claiming legitimate expenses as you put into snooping.

How long before we can get this crowd of greedy troughers out?

Roger Wheatley said...

Anonymous said...

@Roger Wheatly - porn spam

spark up said...


another members only job by the looks - restricted to socrates, archimedes, galileo, aristotle, plato and confucius.

if you manage to gain entry to skymadeupnewsandfilth you will most likely encounter a portion of greasy chips.

Anonymous said...

@spark up

More keywork / porn spam

Guy Fawkes said...

ime here , just nodded off for 300 yrs , have i missed anything ??

spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spark up said...


yes, 100 years, but you clearly managed to stay awake during the state education maths period. you know you're confined, so now kindly fuck off back to your quarters you dozy old cunt.

spark up said...


well i've not been paid for this "keywork". but despite his recently much protested disagreement with the fawkesian empire, i did notice stanislav on the guido fawkes website again today - writing under various different pseudonyms. as my old gran used to say: "he must have shares in it". obviously he and his merry make-believe bunch of thespians, poets, ulterior comedians, and assorted other affiliates of the new theatre of subsidence, must still enjoy furtively licking the lower rear mouth of the man who retaliated against the zionist attacks on gazan children by bombarding the israeli defence force with pizza and coke. what people will do for money and the (vain) hope that a bit of glamour will rub off on them is no-one's business.

rustle stand said...


so what's the problem? he looks after me!

rusty strand said...


yessiree, guido invites me to his eclectic little soirees! for stimulative purposes only mind!

resurrection fluid said...

01:22, 04:01

fuck off back in your hole fawkes, you are no russell brand, but more of a jack russell, on tranquillizers. to be honest, i consider it very unlikely that russell brand would have anything to do with you because:

(a) as a member of the hoping foundation, mr brand, along with other celebrities, wrote to the independent newspaper in order to condemn Israel's atrocities in Gaza.


(b) mr brand is a very talented writer whose own blog has a higher traffic ranking than that of guido fawkes and attracts more comments.

(c) you are a cunt, fawkes.

spark up said...

01:22, 04:01, 02:58


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