Thursday, 23 April 2009

England Neither Expects or Gets

On St Georges Day the Government spent £116 on a new flag, whilst in Scotland £1m is spent on national celebrations. In Walton Liverpool the Council pulled the flags down because they are 'unsafe'.

My hometown in the West Country had the largest 'George' flying I have seen since travelling up the M5, Teachers dressed up as Henry VIII and his six wives, and the kids had a ball dressing up.

Once this Darien Government has gone, England should once again celebrate on April 23rd as a public holiday


subrosa said...

Suddenly England seems to have found some identity. Keep it up! Fortunately us Scots held onto ours because we knew it was important and not to be lost.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I just put this comment over at gigits place ------------ I find it really strange that English folk can't/won't be proud and fly the cross of St George on a day like today. Yes, I'm sure there are a few fluttering in the breeze as I type this, but I presume they are few and far between.
I think England lacks identity. It's not sure what it is these days. It certainly knows what it was in times past and that's something to be proud of. The culture has been diluted and swept under the carpet.
Up here in Jockland most of the public buildings and schools fly the St Andrews cross. A lot of people hang the flag out of their window when Scotland are getting humped at the footie. No-one blinks an eye. You certainly know you are in Scotland.
I consider myself British first and Scottish second. Most of my family is English, my Dad was born in Nottingham (though he would never admit to it).

Come on England, be proud of yourselves. Don't let the bastard do gooders make you feel anything other than proud.

Anonymous said...

I made a point of flying a St George flag & a Union flag from my upstairs window today & I did a St George Day thingy on my blog. I think that perhaps because this government have tried so hard to smash every last ounce of English patriotism & pride under the excuse of 'multiculturism' that they've now generated a backlash - at least out in the blogosphere. Next year let's prepare for a rip-roaring St George's Day.

Edwin Greenwood said...

"There was a council official, two workmen on a cherry-picker and two policemen standing guard."WTF? Expecting a riot, were they?

Anonymous said...

The Liverpool flag the local news says council were forced to go return and put it back up,as people were pissed off.

Wyrdtimes said...

The myth of Scotland the brave remains just that - a myth. As long as we keep paying for their dole, government jobs and methadone they will keep suckling at England's teats. Wise up English taxpayer.

More than ever, the best single thing the English can do - is to drop the jocks.

Freeeedom! But when we say it - we mean it.

Home rule for England.

p.s. don't mention Shetland's oil you'll only piss them off even more.

Odin's Raven said...

Cry 'God for Harry, England and St. George!'

Leg-iron said...

Rab - anyone in England with a St. George's flag has been harassed as 'racist' for quite some time. In Scotland, that doesn't happen. In Wales it doesn't happen if you have a St. David's flag but that's partly because few people recognise it (it's not the dragon one). But in England, having that Crusader cross marked you as unsavoury. It was intended that way.

Wyrdtimes, yes, the system as it stands is bollocks but it's also intended that way. It's there to make sure you have someone to hate, someone who isn't your ruler.

Clever, innit? Except the seams are splitting now. The Unravelling has begun.

Shibby said...


fuckin crackers said...

My pub, Seven Stars, Ripley flew the flag inside. Fully booked that evening.

Fuck the Govt.

Doingitproperly said...

Actually, I believe the real patron of England must surely be St Edmund, king and martyr, whose day, I believe, is 20 November. Why? 'Cause George was just someone that Edward III chose on a whim!

Edmund became the patron saint just by being a good guy who performed loads of miracles after he died (true, obviously), unlike some upstart called George for the convenience of a dictator.

Anyone from East Anglia should know this, eh?

November 20th, party-time!

Anonymous said...

The Elf and Safety hazard from these flags was absolutely minimal. They could have taken them down first thing Friday morning - not on St George’s day.

Still, it’s an ill wind as they say. I expect this action from the council will help the BNP pick up some extra votes.

Chalcedon said...

We celebrated and my Cross of St George is still proudly flying today! I am a little bit hung over.

Roger Thornhill said...

I do wonder about Liverpool. Timing. Was it a test to see if people give a stuff? Who made the decision? Were they a member of Common Purpose, a Trot, Marxist or other form of Anglophobe?

Anonymous said...

There were BNP reps in liverpool yesterday, handing out flyers and waving the flag saying "Happy st georges day" or whatever.

On my way home a little further on later in the day, there were a bunch of police, police cars and some guys being hassled further up. wondered what was going on, until i noticed a group of people to the side (not really by them), all wearing the BNP rosettas.

So were the coppers randomly giving grief to BNP people? were the two studenty looking guys a part of the BNP group?

no idea. seems funny there were police giving it some right by some BNP people though.

Old Bag said...

rab & subrosa: good for you! at least one part of the UK is proud of its heritage & history.
sadly, south of the border, we have lost our identity mainly because we have so many fucking foreigners here who may object to the sight of seeing a st. george's cross flag, and the local councils bend over and take it up the ass to please them foreigners.
in a word, we are not allowed to be english in case it offends some cunt.
in another word, fuck off back to your own cuntry if you dont like it.

Reimer said...

Not too hard to spot the flag round here in E Mcr/NW Derbyshire. Had a couple for St george myself.

England is the place in the Union where the Project is the most advanced and entrenched, hence the general lack of official support (indeed opften hostility replaces it) for the English as a nation/folk with England as their homeland, rather than a zone inhabited by competing groups of tenants.

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