Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Disaster Tours

What is it with Gordon Brown

I can understand why he would prefer to gad around the world looking like a Statesman rather than face up to the brutal reality that he has lost control of No 10, but other leaders continue to give him a kicking wherever he goes.

Visit to Brussels-

Visit To Brazil

Visit To Chile

Visit To Afghanistan

Visit To Pakistan

Visit To Poland

The Man is a walking embarrassment to the country, he is isolated at home, lost his authority, some Irishman has put his attackdog down, the rump of Nu Labour are attacking him to his face,Jacqui Smith backing down on the Database State, stalwart Labour activists are jumping overboard- and when he goes abroad he is attacked by his opposite number to his face.

The big event this week 'Armed Forces Day' in June, promoted by the SPVA Agency of the MOD has just been drowned out by the clamour for him to go.

Its just getting far too tawdry and pathetic to watch anymore, he has no pride or self respect left judging from the bizarre youtube clip on MP's expenses.

He has no legacy to defend, that went on Budget Day, what posesses him to keep taking this punishment day after day to absolute no end. The Labour Party are as bad, the ministers have abandoned LabourList and Bob Piper is taking a well earned rest.

What did the damage, I am told, is that those involved around Brown had been so preoccupied with handling the McBride affair that they lost any sense of perspective. Tired people can end up coming up with very stupid ideas. Emailgate was so all consuming and intense that they calculated they needed a quick game-changer to get away from it, one which emphasised Brown's claim to high moral standards.

But the second homes reform ended up doing the opposite, and has made the PM look even more tricksy.

It illustrates that Brown is lurching from crisis to quick fix and back again. And those in the machine which is supposed to support him are over-worked and over-tired. The machine which supports the PM is misfiring badly, probably because he is demanding the wrong things from it. Round and round his team goes, in ever decreasing circles. This great expenses reform programme lasted all of six days.

Iain Martin The Telegraph

It is now all going to blow up in his face in eight weeks time when MP's Expenses are belatedly published by order of the High Court. If Brown thinks he has it tough now, he has not seen anything yet. He has tried to head the Expenses issue off at the pass and failed.

Personally the only way now for Brown is down, unfortunately he is dragging the rest of us down with him.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

And drag us down he will. Hitler all over again. Britannia will be ravaged and laid bare, in hock for generations, in thrall to Europe, Imammed and immolated.

And what have we got as an opposition? Mr Fucking Potato Head who has "serious concerns".

Elby the Beserk said...

Weasel - Brown has already done far more damage to the country that Adolf ever did. And we have a year yet for him to make that even worse.

Dick the Prick said...

Don't bet on the High Court - Gurkhas made that blunder, but then again - they are honest so rules and justice don't belong to them.

Henry North London said...

If its Brown Flush it Down

Wv crops

Anonymous said...

The trouble is the general perception of him and his crew is that they are possibly well meaning,but utterly incompetent.
It's all quite deliberate,everything they do has been inspired by the Frankfurt school subversives and 1984. They have been caught out by the length and depth of the rescession. Whilst people had equity and money to spend they just didn't pay attention to the treason. He needs hanging.

bofl said...

Currently on guidos' site there are questions about whether an old photo is of david cameron.

Therefore i dug out what i think is an old photo of Gordon 'the brain' Brown......

have a look.see if you can see the likeness?

I hate Labour said...

Brown clearly has mental health 'ishoos' but the Labour ship is sinking fast and nobody else wants to be at the helm when it finally goes under.

Every day he stays at no 10 adds to the damage to the country but confirms the certainty that once the Labour ship has sunk, it will be gone for ever.

With a bit of luck he'll hang himself!

The Penguin said...

He has great comedic timing, though. On the day he goes for the Auschwitz photo-opportunity, claiming via his god-bothering father some obscure special interest, it emerges that a senior Labour Party member in Birmingham refused to support a potential councillor because she was white and Jewish.

The Penguin

Hannan - where is your integrity? said...

What I dont understand is why Hannan wates his time with the sTories when his ideology is not blue Labour and he has little effect where he is - just as the EU Tories like it.

Oh yes - the cash!

the British people said...

Gordon the Moron,
'Have you ever heard of the Ooslem Bird ...........?'

Message ends.

Anonymous said...

Labour Party embroiled in race row after candidate told she was 'too white and Jewish' to be selected

The Labour Party has become embroiled in a race row after a prospective female councillor was allegedly told she was 'too white and Jewish' to be selected.

Elaina Cohen claims that Labour councillor Mahmood Hussain said he would not support her application for an inner-city ward because 'my Muslim members don't want you because you are Jewish'.


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I might treat myself to one of these.


Anonymous said...

Watch Labour Party MP Shahid Malik reveal his true aims.


Think he has time for Jewish or indeed gays entering parliment.
I'm pretty sure he wants to "throw them off the mountain" like his lunatic manual the Quoran tells him.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Guthrum. At least he hasn't joined the BNP. Now that would really boil your piss.

Guthrum said...

Anon 18.53

Who Shahid Malik ??

Mitch said...


go tell the nob jockeys what they have done.

Prodicus said...

LabourHome have gone right off him. The hate mail there is embarrassing. No - I lie. It's excellent.

It mystifies me that he can stagger on with the pressure mounting as it currently is. What in the name of all that's holy is he made of? More importantly, when will the mother ship come for him?

Anonymous said...

Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth if a white councillor said to a muslim candidate, you can't stand here they are white and christian:-)

Tom "Prize Every Time" Bowler said...

Gad, mince, trot or limp?

Custard said...

Never in my life have I witnessed someone with such limited social skills. He makes Dilbert look like a respected after dinner speaker as opposed to his fumbling efforts. I hope he dies soon.

gronthe said...

Prodicus said: "What in the name of all that's holy is he made of?"

Not him. Brown is immaterial in this matter and saved from his own crushing failings by the astonishing self-delusion he perpetuates.(And always has) More importantly what are his Party colleagues made of? Chickenshit would seem to be the answer.

Time and again Brown has made an arse of things but time and again the joys of being in power have satisfied the oiks enough that no one had the Balls to stab Brown in the back. Look at the Leadership non-election. The bottled general election. The mendacious, spiteful and jealousy fueled lurches from one tax wheeze to another.

I've said elsewhere this man seems to be some kind of conman trying to get one over everyone. His opposition, his colleagues, the media, the public, the Army. Everyone. His Party must see that. We can all see it. The papers have known it for years (though are only reporting it regularly now). He's a prat. An idiot. A scheming bastard who has enjoyed a great deal of assistance from yesmen underlings.

The others in his Party can't have known things would turn so much to shit, which leads me to think a great many of them are simply cowards. They never put the nation's interests first and now they can't even put their Party's interest first.

caesars wife said...

that reminds me they get alot of free flights and holidays in exotic locations on us , were just not getting valur for money , iam not feeling any sense of national pride as gord spends our money on international dinner dates .

seen alan johnsons pork flue speech , and i can see what you mean OH about V , it really is a big ponzi fiddle scheme

W.W. said...

"The machine which supports the PM is misfiring badly, probably because he is demanding the wrong things from it"

Garbage in, Garbage out.


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