Thursday, 9 April 2009

Children of the Righteous.

A model shows off the new school uniform, which gives children a taste of their future.

(Picture graduated with honours from here.)

The teaching profession, that stronghold of the Righteous and filled with the placemen of the Sinister Left, is breaking under the strain of the evil little monsters its policies have created. All that 'for the children' stuff about no corporal punishment in schools, followed by no detentions outside school hours because of their inhuman rights, then overturning any headmaster who wanted a particularly sadistic little freak thrown out of his school, has come back to bite them.

History revised, maths simplified, English taught without spelling or grammar because getting anything right is elitist. More teaching of touchy-feely emotional rubbish but with no actual touching or feeling because that's assault. Vicious undisciplined wasters encouraged to express themselves by setting fire to their books in class and smashing the windows of the fire truck when it arrives. Courses messed with until they contain no actual learning at all. Exams simplified to the point where the kids can get pass marks without ever having studied the subject. Targets on diversity and sexual activity but never, never let them learn anything useful because then they might work out how their lives are being ruined.

Children cannot be disciplined. Teachers can, and are, if they so much as raise their voice to a child or worse, fall out of step with the Politically Correct way to do things. The tribunal awaits those who have not already been lynched by mobs of rampaging parents with torches and pitchforks and the collective IQ of a starfish. The children believe themselves untouchable and behave accordingly. Nobody can stop them because anyone who tries gets a quick trip to the courtroom and an autograph session with the sex offender's register. The children aren't doing this. Children push boundaries and if there are no boundaries, they go all the way. That's why we used to have boundaries. That's why we used to have discipline. That's why policeman used to be allowed to cuff unruly little beasts and send them on their way without a single form in sight.

Now the kids stab each other daily. They beat each other to a pulp and leave their victims to die. This is the generation the Righteous created. These are the values New Labour have instilled in these children. In using the children to control their parents, Labour have created uncontrollable children. Looking for violent protest? Wait a few years. Wait until these creatures mature, leave school and demand the benefits and/or well-paid jobs to which they have been told they are Entitled. When they find there's no job and no free cash available, then Labour's own Frankenstein creation will come for them. And this lot aren't scared of the police.

It's already started and the fury-driven monsters are targeting the nearest available victims. Their teachers.

Maxine Bradshaw, a teacher from North Wales, told the conference that pupils felt they could get away with anything.

Does she wonder why they think that way? Does she consider who might have made them that way?

"We live in a time now where anything goes and young people know all their rights but have no idea of their responsibilities.

You're the teacher, Maxine. You're one of those who taught them of their rights. Didn't you mention responsibilities along with that? Perhaps it was too long a word for them. Pity about those English lessons.

“Parents and teachers feel powerless to discipline children for fear of repercussions or, worse still, prosecution,” she said.

Indeed. Didn't you implement all those Labour policies for child protection? The databases, the cameras, the fingerprinting, the prosecution of anyone who looks at a child the wrong way, the simplified lessons so they wouldn't get headaches, the no-touching rules in the playground, the removal of all risk from their lives? Oh, you did implement them? Didn't they work? Oh dear. What about those rules where any adult defending themselves against an Attack of the Labour Youth is arrested for child abuse? Didn't that work either?

It all worked, of course. As intended, it kept the adults scared to say 'boo'. What Labour forgot was that it made the children fearless, and very dangerous. Now they damaged Maxine's car, and she's not happy with the product of her labour.

Oh, but the Righteous are nothing if not consistent in their stupidity. How does Maxine propose to put a stop to all this madness? She does have a solution.

Ms Bradshaw said that schools should follow the policy of many other public buildings with display notices indicating that they will operate a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards anybody who is violent or abusive to staff working there.

Put up some signs. That'll do it. Until they get vandalised by the free-expression class. Naturally, they won't be bringing back the strap or the cane because that would be an admission that their stupid ideas have failed.

So even the teachers are starting to notice something's wrong. They have also decided, at last, that they don't like having their lessons controlled by the Balls team either.

A Righteous rebellion. What could have precipitated such a thing? They've been turning out these hideous caricatures of youth for years. Why are they suddenly complaining? There's really only one possible reason because there's really only one thing the Righteous care about.

Their budgets are being cut.

Stop the free money and the Righteous will turn on the hand that used to feed them. Charities will do the same if their free cash stops. All those quangos will turn too. All those pets of the Righteous, trained to roll over at the sight of a giro cheque, will blow up when the cheques stop. The cheques will have to stop, one way or the other, because the Gorgon has nothing left in the bank. Not even in the ones he owns.

Labour have encouraged the control-freakery and parasitism of the Righteous and have built them up into positions of power. Labour held sway over them because they were the fount of cash. Now there's no more cash.

The children. The Righteous. The parasite class. The evil poor. The quangos. The fake charities. All those Labour hired to do their dirty work find now that their paymasters are out of money. Labour thought these people were loyal supporters. No, never. The Righteous support themselves, individually, and nobody else. They are mercenaries and they don't like being short-changed.

If this blows, and it looks likely, the rest of us won't have to worry about storming police barricades. The Righteous will implode and the epicentre will be Westminster.

Best of all, the civil contingencies act would be worthless. It could only work with the whole Righteous stasi behind it. Without them, there's nobody to inform on us because they are the eyes and ears of the councils and the government. The Gorgon can barricade himself inside No. 10 if he likes. We'll just brick up the windows and leave him in there.

Running out of money is the best thing that could happen to this country. As long as the Gorgon pays his Righteous troops, they're happy to grind the rest of us into the dirt. They won't do it for free.

Even if the Righteous don't tear the Gorgon down, wait for those children...

OH Update: And as if by magic.....


DC said...

We should be introducing something like this:

It's worked well in the 'rougher' areas of the US.

Anonymous said...

A masterpiece, Leg-Iron, a complete masterpiece.

K. MacEgan said...

Looks like a goddam Ali G outfit!I did 2 months as a trainee in Portsmouth.Bloody awful.The head was stupid enough to try bullying moi-meme.Silly bitch.Some kids were fine,others human dreck.

Gareth said...

"Their budgets are being cut."

By only a bit more than the NHS 'mistakenly' bunged the Irish Government as well.

A timely piece. Sadly I think we have some way to go before the State implodes of it's own accord. Means will be found. We know from the Government's rhetoric that future taxpayers are fair game and going to the IMF is as well.

The sense of duty of front line public sector staff can sometimes be quite strong and is frequently exploited. I reckon the ones who will be first to crack will be the management types who likely have never been on the front line. Like Belgium found out when it had no Government for a while, when the paper pushers go AWOL no one really notices. The nurses and doctors will still treat people. The binmen will still collect the rubbish. The Police will still be eating doughnuts. The soldiers will keep soldiering and the teachers will keep teaching.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Brilliant LI. I mentioned the same subject as your 3rd and 4th paras, but not as in depth.

It was after reading about Chris Grayling's ideas

Labour have fucked all of our futures, both old and young.

caesars wife said...

this is only one angle of the story OH , dont forget you first have to take parental responsibilities away , which the nanny state has been all too good at .

as ed might say "they are our children now"

once society breaks down you then can make the case for the police state , which is what has been happening .

it is a very wonk ideaology , as has been proved in other countries.

first time i saw it was at a school on the reception desk , son and distraut mum came in , deputy head came, kid said "ime not effin seeing him" mum told him to shut up , he swore at her . receptionist telephoned for "dispute team" , large teacher appered to take kid for his suspension talk .

a few weeks later i was in the same school , and another kid was sat there who looked like he was on smack , but had nice watch, gold chain , "me dad is busy" oh well suspension will continue "makes no odds to me dont lear nuffin in this dump anyway"

it was rather frigtening that they had an onsite drugs advisor .

shouldnt have given all that pop music shit eh gordon "britains got talent??"

its also got teen clap and pregnancy , high rate of violenec and drug use .

youve mind bended the parents and the kids , for a wonk ideaology , i dont know how much more corruption it could be . i mean youve sold the poor , a load of crap , drinks , pop vids and powders sending them further away from moral behavior.

in darwinian terms you have created survival of the violent physcopath .

it will take many years to undue this mess perhaps two or three generations .

Anonymous said...

What a load of old shite!

The lack of respect shown to youngsters in this country is staggering, go on grab all you can, fuck up the country, steal everyone's future and then blame the next generation for the stored up problems you pricks helped create.

Treat yourself to a years subsciption of the Daily Mail, you deseve it.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Anonytwat, you win todays 'I'm a fucked up gimp' award.

Leg-iron said...

Ah, the ubiquitous anonymous.

You say I show lack of respect for the kids? I do. You didn't say I show lack of respect for the parents. I do.

Respec' innit? It's not respect they want. They don't know what it means. They, like our current parliamentarians - all of them - think that respect is what you get by threatening people into submission. That's not 'respect'. That's 'intimidation'.

It's not working any more. Haven't you noticed yet?

Respect is earned, not demanded.

You have earned none.

Your lunatic assertions, your hysterical ramblings, have no meaning any more. You can call me any name you like, I don't care. You can pretend I'm responsible for wrecking the economy when my only involvment has been to pay taxes into it, with no say on how they are spent. You can shriek and howl about capitalism-this and bankers-that until your brain works up sufficient energy to burst into flames.

I have lived with a total wealth of less than a pound. I worked back up from there. If necessary, I can do it again. With no help from you.

I don't need you. You are irrelevant. Your opinion of me is irrelevant. Your thoughts and actions are irrelevant. I am not interested in anything you do or say. You are of no importance whatsoever.

That's what really puts your blood pressure up, eh, Righteous?

Anonymous said...

Effing hell ME righteous! High horses and black kettles come to mind.

Demonising the next generation is sadly the stock in trade of those who have sucked the life out of this country. It's just sad they don't see it.

Leg-iron said...

Try reading it again. Look for the part where I say 'the children didn't do this'.

The schools are turning out arrogant thugs but the children didn't do it. It was done to them.

It's still being done.

The are being demonised as in 'turned into demons' by those who have sucked the life out of this country.

The Labour party.

Those who collect the tax, not those who pay it, are the ones in charge, you see. They are the ones who took this country's wealth and blew it on a spending binge, then borrowed more.

That next demonised generation, and the one after, will be paying it back.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to say a great many people were quite happy to go with the flow when all was rosey in the Labour/Tory garden. People got what they wanted, thats why they vote for those two, we overvalued ourselves, now we have to pay.

And please, please don't tar all yoof with that broad brush, the vast majority are decent human beings.

Just like the bankers.
(just kidding on that last bit)!

Leg-iron said...

Actually, all kids are the same as they've ever been. We all tried to push the limits when we were at school but we knew the teachers could do something about it. So we found the limit and stopped. Well, when there was anyone watching. We knew that if we smashed a teacher's windows there would be consequences. Now there aren't.

Most kids are still decent and will try to grow up into decent people but the education they get now is, to be polite, substandard. Disruptive kids aren't dealt with and ruin what little chance the decent ones have.

Many teachers try to change this but they, too, are stepped on by political correctness. The turnover rate for teaching is staggering.

Perhaps the idea of training sacked bankers as teachers was devised as a form of punishment. It's not something I'd do willingly!

Call me Infidel said...

Another cracking post from Leg Iron. When I think back to my school days it truly was a different world. The bell which rang at the end of break time meant everyone had to stand still and then file back into class without talking. Anyone caught breaking this rule would be dealt with by Mr Meader who played "the war drums" on the poor unfortunates arse. The overwhelming majority of kids understood the rules and played the game. The odd few who didn't regularly got a shellack. Those kids funnily enough have grown up to spend a lot of their lives inside prisons or on the dole.

The past decade has allowed the lunatic fringe of the Labour party to extract their revenge for the what they perceive to have been done to them by the Conservatives. The most insane ideas and experiments in social policy have been carried out with a generation of children. I think it will get a lot worse before it gets better (if ever) Britain is swirling the toilet bowl. Anyone who thinks Brown and Balls are going to fix this needs to see a shrink. Preferably not one who studied in not at Berkley though.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Great stuff Leg-Iron, saved for posterity. Try e-mailing it to a few teachers.

Those few children who manage to make it to the 6th form, sorry, College, arrive there to find no staff, no budget and no buildings in which to complete their education. What sort of message does that send out Mr. Balls ? Is that acceptable or to be tolerated ?
Oh fancy that, the failed Learning & Skills Council was already set for abolition, to be replaced by three new quangos for the bonus quaffing managers of the old one to hide in.

btw, I got the cane twice, it didn't do me any harm.

Anonymous said...

Poor article, good intent but sloppy conclusions.

They will always have money for the controllers and social engineers, the `rightous`.

As for social decay and schooling a far better piece can be found here -

Renegade Parent said...

I agree that rules and bureaucracy and political correctness have seriously screwed things up.

And I agree that running out of money is the best thing that can happen to start putting things right.

I don't agree that children start out somehow deficient and need the physical and mental control and coercion we adults (well some of us st least) would baulk at.

Making children unquestioningly obedient to authority (of whoever's definition) still encourages dependence and a lack of critical thought. We could probably do without that now we don't all work in factories or have a job for life.

crpple said...

I got the cane once a week (at least!) until I realised I was erring. put me on the straight and narrow, where I have learned about consequences and repurcussions to my actions.

Somthing kids don't know or uderstand these days.

electro-kevin said...

"Running out of money is the best thing that could happen to this country."

Damn right. That's why I don't want the housing market to boom again.

Besides. What have we done to deserve good times !

There's work to be done after all the baby boomers' abject failures.

Renegade Parent said...

Crpple - saying "well, it never did me any harm" is not a very good argument when the vast majority of people we are surrounded by are moron sheeple - of every age, class and political persuasion.

Perhaps you were lucky.

defender said...

Moston ward
Thursday 9th April 2009
Rita Tavernor (Labour) 1,353
Derek Adams (British National Party) 815
Timothy Hartley (Liberal-Democrat) 696
Phil Donohue (Conservative) 558
Karl Wardlaw (Green Party) 74
BNP Percentage 23.3%

Come on LPUK. get your finger out.

James Burr said...

Excellent post.

I'm waiting, just waiting, for those parasites at ASH to have their funding cut.

THAT will almost make the recession worthwhile.

Anonymous said...


1. Repeal all 6000 pieces of Marxist socialist legislation enacted since 1997;
2. Replace all BBC News Senior Executive staff, and the BBC trust placemen;
3. Cull every government quango without exception bring their duties back into Whitehall
4. Cutback all Local authority payrolls by 70% abolish local authority chief executives and their dependent structure bring back the elected Mayor and his stipend
5. Cut the NHS bureaucracy go for the French model, localise health oversight
6. Abrogate every single government IT contract particularly those designed to implement Liebour's Marxist socialist control machine.
7. Reallocate essential IT to SMALL local UK contactor firms (nothing for the out of control multinational service firms)
8. Bring back traditional 1950s school discipline with headmasters that set ferocious educational and disciplinary standards, remove parent and pupil power.
9. Restructure Jobcentres/Social welfare agencies as skills training institutes and ensure every welfare dependent attends retraining for work programmes.
10. Stop all handouts for the baby producing single mother factories.
11. End multiculti madness require migrant cultures to integrate and absorb host values as the US has done for centuries.

The Penguin said...

The Penguin

Roger Thornhill said...

An excellent piece, Leg-Iron.

Just a few points:

1. "the collective IQ of a starfish" . Surely a chocolate starfish? Otherwise it is an insult to starfish.

2. This is not a question of the current teachers not teaching the kids right. This problem was caused by the education of the parents of these kids and the education of all the teachers and their inquistors. Kids turn up at 4 or 5 already seriously screwed up and with no home life to counteract the chaos they see at school. Teachers, educationalists and the Righteous have not been educated properly themselves - i.e. they do not have a systematic understanding of the value of discipline and rigour. This is not about "suppressing creativity" - that is just wibble. My primary school was well ordered and that did not suppress my creativity!

3. I saw the "hairbrush" event too and plan to blog about it. I see this as the NSPCC drive to increase their revenue stream from the provision of children's homes. Unless this kid had a history of systematic abuse and the mother was really in a confused state, it is nothing less than State sponsored kidnapping.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps those who have done so much to ruin a generation by giving kids they whip hand could tell us when their methods are going to start working? When can we expect the pay off of reduced juvenile crime and anti social behaviour? Anytime now, do I hear you say? I dont think so. You've got it wrong again haven't you?

Joe said...

Re: the update, that's fucking tame...When I was 13-14 me and me mum were having a row, I raised my hand to her, then thinking 'oh fuck this is a bit stupid', put both hands down and she stepped into me with a right cross that'd put Tyson to shame.... it's funny now....

Anonymous said...

As ever Leg-Iron, an excellent piece. Thank you.

Tenure said...

You talk of how they are taught of Rights but not "responsibilities".
I think this essay by Ayn Rand more accurately identifies it - they destroy the very concept of rights by diluting it to mean the same thing as "entitlement":

From the essay:

Just as in the material realm the plundering of a country’s wealth is accomplished by inflating the currency—so today one may witness the process of inflation being applied to the realm of rights. The process entails such a growth of newly promulgated “rights” that people do not notice the fact that the meaning of the concept is being reversed. Just as bad money drives out good money, so these “printing-press rights” negate authentic rights.

Odin's Raven said...

There's no putting Humpty Dumpty together again.

Anonymous said...

so ORDER OF BATTLE 2010:, what are you going to do first?

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