Thursday, 23 April 2009

Che to get the chop in Poland

Here the image is worn by 'hip, cool, slightly trendy lefties' who have never bothered to read up on the murderous side of Che and the Socialists. Well in Poland they have.

You could never be accused of being hip and groovy wearing a t shirt with Himmler on it.


Blind leading the blind said...

No such thing as a `trendy` lefty, they only exist in the minds of the a middleclass minority who want to rebel against mummy and daddy's priviledge which has been wickedly passed on to them, rebel that is until they hit the real world, grow up and realise being poor is shit, and they better shut their mouths right now or be the biggest hypocrites in town hated and scorned by the `workers`.

Most grow up and shut up, the few unstable souls that still practise the gross hypocracy of middleclass communists either

1. write for the press and never left uni
2. become teachers and never left uni
3. become politicians and never left uni.

No one in the real world believes in communism, and certainly not the trendy!

Anonymous said...

A two year prison sentence for a reproduction of a man's face? What a fucking terrible idea.

"Poland's equality minister, Elzbieta Radziszewska, wants to expand a Polish law..."

An equality minister fucking something up? Shocker.

Shibby said...

Either way it's balls.

Yes the "cool che worshippers" who know jack shit about what a twat he was are complete morons.

But should you be sent to prison for wearing an item of clothing with someone's face on it?

Chris said...

Silly Poles! A law requiring that people in Che t-shirts be publicly pelted with rotten fruit would be better.

1. It would be more entertaining. Instant youtube material.
2. It would be a stimulus to the Polish agricultural sector.

Didn't think it through, see?

Uncle Joe said...

"You could never be accused of being hip and groovy wearing a t shirt with Himmler on it..."

In Russia maybe, plenty of neo-nazi fuckheads there...

Anonymous said...

While I have no truck with either Socialism or Fascism it seems to me that censorship is censorship - which we complain bitterly about here e.g. when ZaNuLab try to set up any form of censorship around the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Yep, like most others here I find it ironic, but can't get along with banning things.
It's the slippery slope you see.

Though it has given me an idea to try.

Himmler t-shirts...hmmmmm.
Pol pot hoodies...hmmmm.

I'm sure they'd be a hit with other numpties that have a gap where their knowledge of history should be.

Bald headed John.

Anonymous said...

Poland 'to ban' Che Guevara image
The iconic image of Che Guevara found adorning students' walls and t-shirts across the world could be banned in Poland under a government proposal to outlaw materials that incite "fascism and totalitarian systems".

I take it the Irony is lost on these totalitarians?

As Churchil said, the fascists will return as the anti fascists.

Political parties next in line for banning, EU wide, we have already seen the book burning.

Anonymous said...

A bit of education might help. Che was quite fond of gouging out the eyes of political opponents. He also used to round up the parents to witness their children's execution. However being photogenic and anti American is all that seems to count in the leftards eyes. Just shows how crap communism is if this is one of their pin-up boys.

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