Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Cameron's credibility hangs on today's PMQ's

Brown is on the ropes, utterly, his own party is riven, the Blairites know that the experiment is over and three wins in a row is not going to be repeated therefore revenge is the order of the day for the humiliations intiated by the likes of McBride.

The Old Guard of the Labour Party have had enough and cannot stomach Brown a day longer

Jacqui Smith is finished and the Police are no longer fit for purpose follwing ten years of unaccountable politicisation.

Despite 'Saving the World' and abolishing 'Boom and Bust', world leaders are ridiculing Brown to his face.

PMQ's today should sound the death knell for Brown, the Government benches opposite want to give in, they are tired and exhausted by the last two years. They certainly do not want to be sitting there in two months when the Tsunami of disgust from the voters overwhelms them when the MP's expenses have to be published. Resignations will be two a penny, and the Brown Government will surpass the last Major Administration for hubris,vanity,incompetence and corruption.

So who is going to let Brown off, I am afraid it is going to be lightweight Cameron and his schoolchum Osborne. I sense that for them they believe it is their turn at playing with the levers of power.

I cannot find anybody Red,Blue, Yellow, Green supporting that has ANY confidence in Cameron, he just will not be Brown.

Cameron tries to be all things to all things to all men, that is not Leadership.

We had the failed Blue/Green experiment to court popularity (the only blue green entity I know is a toxic Algae).

He has discounted and sidelined the talent that is in the Libertarian wing of his party (Dan Hannan's popularity was a huge personal embarrassment for Call me Dave)in his speech of September 2008 conference speech- 'We are not a Libertarian Party'

But what sort of Party is the Cameroonian Party ? Buggered if I know, and I suspect that is the position of the Electorate.

The next Election is not important- The Tories will win it, with another 'landslide' with a minority of electoral vote which will usher in another Elective Dictatorship.

The election after that will be the important one.

The system is rotten to the core and needs reform and if we already have PR in the rest of Europe and Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland why not here ?

The BNP have blossomed because the public are concerned about immigration changing the face of the country- because we are not allowed to even mention the 'I' word for being called a racist. If you call people racist long enough they will start voting for a racist party like the BNP.

The Labour Party and Conservative Party are nothing more than broad coalitions that are largely dishonest and spend time fighting each other than opposing the otherside.

At the Convention on Modern Liberty earlier this year. The most powerful speakers from the floor and the panel advocated Constitutional Reform. The Engine of Democracy is clapped out- it needs a rebore and overhaul.

Let the BNP take their seats in a PR Parliament, alongside Respect, the Socialists, Communists, Libertarians etc etc. However do none of this until the Rights of the Individual are enshrined in a Constitution that neuters the power of the Government to that of the servant of the people. The Swiss have done it, so did the Americans.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we cannot allow incomptetants like Brown and lightweight clones Clegg and Cameron take from us.


Cameron did not disappoint- He was sidelined over the Mexican Plague and was weak on the Gurkhas. Cameron has just helped Brown off the ropes -Again !


JD said...

There will not be any party worth voting for until government and the economy are separate. We are in the financial mess we are because government has been interfering with the economy. None of those involved has much, or any experience of running a business successfully. Until government and the economy are separated, thus will it ever be. I cannot see it happening soon, but I hope I am wrong - many deep political changes have happened suddenly.JD.

Faux Cu said...

Caeron is a Big Girls Blouse and couldn't score in a Bordello, of either persuasion.

Spartan said...

Expect Cameron to fight hard today but he's got competition from Clegg ... but l don't think either will win.

Joanna Lumleys out of their league!

Oldrightie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oldrightie said...

All this before he even gets a go at sorting out the shit we're in. Me, give the bloke a chance then carp on. Personally Snotty's and Labours' fall is almost worth the loss of my stolen pension. As for you doomsayers, what is your solution? Lots more blogging? Not enough.
All this post and comment smacks of an underhand rubbish attitude. Coffee, smell? We need an alternative to Labour and there is only one. Wait and see.

no longer anonymous said...

PR will result in permanently higher taxation backed by a Labour-Lib Dem majority. Sod that.

Dick the Prick said...

Fuck PR. Completely agree with you about Cameron but a semblance of competence is all that's required and Tories aren't too bothered about executing the cunt and his fucking ridiculous Oik.

Guthrum said...

"All this before he even gets a go at sorting out the shit we're in"

I don't need Cameron to sort anything out, I want Government off my back for good.

Belgium did not have a Government for nine months last year- the country functioned quite successfully.

We do not need to be told what to do with our lives by people who are stealing our money,jobs and savings.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change, ever, the two party state is here to stay, only a cataclymic event will change anything, the whole state needs dismantling the royals, the house of lords, the system of patronage, parliament all has to go and be replaced with something transparent and which reflects todays society.

No chance!

Lancastrian Oik said...

The most important issue facing the country is the removal of Brown (and Labour) from office. I have a hunch that this winter, things are going to get really, really bad; so much so that we might need a National Government to begin to steer us out of the mess. Once we've gone that way, we can then address the fact that the body politic is corrupt and needs fundamental reform.

Ampers said...

Well said that man!

It is sad but deap at heart Labour is a Statist party. Many decades ago, the Conservatives were, at least, Centists. Bit now, alas, they are as much Statist as Labour.

I feel that, as a Libertarian, the people I talk to are not ready for a pure Libertarian party all at once, it has to be done in stages. So now I espouse moving things like Education, Health and Policing to local government. I tell people a "one size fits all" cannot apply equally to a London Borough and the Outer Hebrides!

If we ever, and this is fairly unlikely, move to that position, with power at Local Government level, then I would talk about making business partners with local government - not corporations, but local businesses.

As for Corporations, their power would diminish if they had to deal with sixty local councils around Britain, rather than Central Government.

I really think Libertarians, and I am one, 100%, should approach the public with a softky, softly, approach. Even if we only reach the first phrase, Britain will be a better country.


Guthrum said...

National Government ! - Eeeeek

caesars wife said...

i just hope , gordon thinks very hard about his exit strategy , the public has right to decide if it wants the biggest debt hung round its neck for 10 yrs or somthing with a more free future.

i had never really thought it could be decribed as tehcno fascist government.

i will stick up for dave, in that conservatives have done quite a bit of work , but i dont think they had got the measure of the deciet that labour were pulling off .

they will leave the biggest crock of crap ever, for , who ever gets in next, without even considering what the public wants .

if gordon has any sense he will call that election , judging by comments to hains guardian article , people just any wear the bullshit any more and be told its working .

Anonymous said...

PR can fuck off. I grew up in a country that had PR and it meant the balance of power was forever going to the Greens.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of local Government for several reasons. Firstly, most local councillors etc are failed, wannabe MPs. Given the shocking quality of our MPs how bad are these people? In addition, bad decisions that are made at the national level are at least, despite the best efforts of Aljabeeba, subject to Media scrutiny. Jacqboot wants to film me wanking? Then some paper or blogger or Liberty or somesuch will pick up on it. But a Local Council wants to use anti-terrorism measures to find overfull bins, or ban smokers from parks or ban people from smoking on Public Highways or ban fatties from fostering.... you're lucky if enough media shame would be applied to make them change their policy - especially if it was happening all over the country. And as only a few hundred people ever vote in local elections they are completely unaccountable. Plus, national MPs know that some things are political suicide (although this number seems to be decreasing). Looking at some of the decisions made by local politicians they are not only retarded, jumped-up Little Hitlers they are also almost completely untouchable. No, Local Government is nice in theory but shit in practice. Unless you're talking about elected heads of Health Trusts, local Police forces etc. That might work better. But we can lose 90% of these idiots at a local and national level and still function well... if not function better as there is less time-wasting, buck-passing and bureaucracy.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Cameron is a B’Liar clone created by the Conservatives, but that war is over and he no longer has a purpose. There is no real leadership from him, just the ‘heir to Blair’ that was typified by his leading of a standing ovation at the end of B’Liar’s last PMQ’s. His proper response at the time should have been “We will see you and the rest of your traitorous cohorts hang for your crimes”.

Only when he publicly apologises for that error of judgement and commits a future government to putting the evil nuLieBore party and the collaborators in the public sector on trial will there be any hope for this country.

Guthrum said...

His proper response at the time should have been “We will see you and the rest of your traitorous cohorts hang for your crimes”.


electro-kevin said...

Of course you're perfectly right, Guthrum.

But just WHO is out there to do this exactly ?

The country has lost its national identity and its self belief. Without these there can be no one with the nationalistic arrogance which is required to make a country work.

Instead we'll eventually get a dictator driven by all the wrong motives.

defender said...

same old same old PMQ's
no opposition

Delphius1 said...

Well, based on today's PMQs, Cameroon has absoluteky no credibility whatsoever.

He was given several open goals today and completely missed them, instead allowing McBroon to witter on about preparedness against flu (hwre chillingly he said we were "the best prepared country").

Now, given the open goal in front of him, why did Cameron not opt to go for it? Does he think this flu think will be bigger that we currently realise?

I wonder.

Anonymous said...

PMQ's is pretty similar to the BBC's dismal Question Time where everyone broadly agrees on everything. Cameron is a waste of space as far as opposition goes, he's not kicked up much of a fuss about any of the draconian legislation passed over the years. I doubt that he'll repeal any of it.

We already have a Government of National Unity. All those cunts united against us.

denverthen said...

My brother, being the techy that he is, has mooted genuine 'direct democracy' for years. He reckons it would be the easiest thing in the world get working, in terms of communications technology. I have little idea about the nuts and bolts, but to me the theory is great.

It would mean people actually voting on every single local council proposal made, maybe fortnightly, thus genuinely directing the shape of their own community's future, rather than being treated like irrelevant milch cows, as they/we are now.

There's a downside, of course, as there is with any contract, social or otherwise. Anyone refusing to take part in political affairs (the affairs of the polis) would be regarded, in the old Athenian sense, as 'barbaroi' (outsiders) - something that would carry no active financial or legal penalty, but would alter their status within the community (for example, they would lose the right to exploit free local services until they re-engaged with the democratic process. A passive penalty, then).

Technically, it could be set-up nationwide within 12 months. Democratically, the implications for national government are immense. As people become used to taking charge of their own political affairs, having - and *expected to have as a duty* - direct influence over them, our nationally elected servants would see a serious shift in the balance of power - from them to us.

So why not!

BlogTart said...

I've long thought this would be an excellent plan, however

1. 'They' would never allow it.
2. All technology is open to being hacked and abused.
3. It would make sense to educate the masses first so they could make informed decisions, otherwise you'd end up with work abolished and free alcohol and Maccy D's all round.

Result! (?)

Anonymous said...

Broken England in broken English:

Ok, so the UK is in a load of trouble, a load of debt, we need to at least service this debt and the only realistic way to do so is to sell Government Gilts. Gilt coupons are pegged to the interest rate when they are created (I’ve read up on this now!). We have no interest rate at present so the Gilts we are putting out will have a very low coupon, no one will want long term gilts and short term Gilts will also struggle. As a country our debt is less than stable, banks have clearly still not learnt their lesson and are already back to massaging their books, hence the sudden turn to profit for every big bank, both sides of the Atlantic. So, risky debt with low rates. Not going to sell but we have to service our debt and no other methods seem obvious to cover such vast amounts (not even IMF can cover numbers being talked of). Only way to get it to sell is to increase rates, increasing underlying interest (and mortgage) rates at the same time. Any small signs of renewed interest in property (of which there are hardly any) will be wiped out. Those who currently keep the prices as high as they are now (because they are currently able to cover their variable / tracker mortgage) suddenly cannot afford to keep up with the new interest rates. They fall behind and need to sell their houses. Rush of properties onto the market. Property prices fall further. This causes vicious cycle. Government may mention interest rates were up to 18% in 80s. No mortgages were granted in excess of 2-4x income. Had to pay 30-50% deposit. No 100-125% mortgages, no 8-10 x income. No access to housing for overwhelming majority (lived at home / rented until older). As the housing market (properly) crashes, government will not be able to support all of those unable to pay their mortgages. Taxes will be increased across the board in an attempt to raise cash to support the ailing housing market. Government will point towards taxes increasing across the board in the 70s and 80s. This was before Britain gave up on manufacturing and production. That was before the EU State and Globalisation. This was before the UK placed all its eggs in two baskets – finance and North Sea Oil. The finance industry will leave London and relocate. In the same way it came here in the first place and built its name, with the city staffed by people from all nations. These people will not hesitate to move when taxes sky rocket. North Sea oil only has decades at best to go. The tax revenue will be further decimated. Benefits will be cut / abolished, public services will fall into disrepair and there will be national unrest far beyond what we have seen in recent years. The country will be destroyed as we know it and have to start again in a new format. I don’t know what the format will be but I have my theories.

The Penguin said...

Oh get real - just think about it for a moment like a grown up.

Why the fuck should Cameron tip Gordon over the edge? He's the best election winner the Conservatives have got! A new team might just be given the benefit of the doubt by the sheeple, don't forget the huge "client base" Gordon has created, all dependent on public money.

Cameron is doing very well, leaving the Great Jonah to get the full benefit of the shitstorm he created. At the election, Gordon cannot claim to be the New Kid asking for a chance to show what he can do - he's the cunt who is responsible.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Just let Brown bury himself, then the Tories can save a cunt load of cash on advertising.

denverthen said...

Blogtart: Um, you might have a point (or three) there :)

Although I see nothing wrong with the third one. Very tempting.

Swiss Bob said...

Very sad for those of us who want to see some blood but I guess Mr Penguin has a point.

As a tactic it does seem a little bit cowardly and may well backfire.

Much difference it will make which of these arse cheeks is elected.

Thanks to all those who dropped by this morning.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Spot-on, Pingu!

Blind leading the blind said...

The EUSSR they are pulling the strings, not Dave and Not Gordon.

The sooner you wake up to this the sooner you can understand the rot this country and every other European and western contry is suffering from.

Dave will not make a blot of a difference, all those who think he will are insane.

The totalitarian imperialistic HUGE EUSSR gobvverment of waste and oppression will continue marching on, and Dave being new like Obama in American will start pushing through the most dramatic NWO programs you can imagine.

Forced conscription NWO Civil army anyone?

Backed by Obama, Brown and Dave!

Dave was not against a tyranical central database, he was FOR it!

Dave was not for a referendum he was AGAINST it!

There are currently only 2 opposing voices of any weight -

1. UKIP - some support but dying
2. BNP - growing support and the biggest threat to Labour.

That is the reality.

The Libertarians are unwanted, unpopular, always have been and always will be, because economically people dont want a party to the right of Thatcher.

If you are looking for a way out of the current situation I suggest you are wasting your time with the Libertarians!

BTW just out of interest how many on this blog have donated cash to the Libertarian party, or stood as a candidate?

one? two? none?

joolzg said...

whats the fucking point of PMQ

brown is a dick
cameron wants to suck it
clegg wants to suck his own

todays was a waste of my fucking time


One party state said...

Dave will push through the public funding of political parties, enabling the Pro EU Tories and Labour to dominate the political system for eternity.

The Libertarians having no political power will be cut out of the slice of the publically funded pie.

This will make it harder than ever for any party to break through into the big time and undermines democracy as a whole.

Dave can't wait to do this, he is just looking for the right opportunity when he feels he will be able to get away with it.

However in another 10 years it will not be relevant as the EU will have total control and what is left will be of no consiquence.

The EU led status quo HAS to be smashed and the only hope of smashing it currently is through the BNP.

While many may not agree with the BNP on all policy, remember that the BNP do not have to take power but just be a considerable threat to open up debate and shine a light on the crooks and traitors, smashing the EU monopoly of no choice.

This would open the system up to real scutiny and would give other parties a chance to break through as the main parties lose their grip and domination of the media.

Guthrum said...

Get your BNP, there luverly

The BNP as the only saviour of the nation- there is a thought.

BNP- want power to dump non whites out of the country reintroduce the death penalty and flogging

Libertarians- want a small State to look after Defence and Foreign affairs and want Government off our backs and out of our pockets

Guthrum you will watch this short video if you wish to have the full picture said...

Please watch this video Guthrum and tell me how long your Libertarian cause or democracy has got!

just simple facts and figures, it may just open your eyes to the real world.

demographics is politics -

wonderfulforhisage said...

Cameron could do worse than adopt Carswell's and Hannon's 'The Plan'.

Anonymous said...

What can Cameron say? You couldn't get a fag paper between his ideology and the snot gobblers'

Anonymous said...

Apparently Ricky Hatten has just had a good luck message from Gordon Brown.
Thats fucked it then, poor cunt.

Anonymous said...

Dare Cameroon express any ideas, it's guaranteed the one eyed snot munching cunt would nick them.

Best to leave the mental cunt stewing in his own juice.

He's doing Dave's job for him.

It's also a pleasure to watch this car crash in slow motion.

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