Friday, 24 April 2009

Brown You Are A Misbegotten Shit- Gurkhas

The Government have just released their policy on the automatic right to settle in this country after serving in the UK Land Forces.

The Labour Party will let any number of Somalis into the country who have no connection with the UK other than trying to steal our merchantmen, yet soldiers who have served this country, who go about their campaign legally, rather than sneak into the country and sponge off the State, are kicked in the teeth.

I am ashamed to hold a British Passport, and ashamed we allow this Darien Government one day longer in power.


Actress Joanna Lumley, who has backed the campaign, said: "The Gurkhas cannot meet these new criteria. "It makes me ashamed of our government. We will fight on. We don't stop. This has been a setback but that is all."


The Economic Voice said...

This is unforgivable. Let them stay NOW!

Anonymous said...

I will be voting BNP in June and I'm all in favour of allowing Gurkhas the right to settle here if they wish.

I realise that the above statement may cause some of your brains to spark and fuse but that's only because you've been spoon-fed your opinions of the BNP by the very same media you claim to despise...

Guthrum said...

Anon 11.09

It does not cause my brain to fuse, because it is a logical policy. The Romans did it. The Gurkhas have contributed big time.

Its just the rest of the crap from Griffin et Al, who is a frothing at the mouth hanging and flogging Left Authoritarian who is using race as his only platform.

There are far more white anglo saxon untermensch poncing off the State than immigrants. Until this Benefits Society ,that has bankrupted the country and encouraged economic migration, is ended this will go on and on

JuliaM said...

Wouldn't you have thought that there was someone, anyone in the current shower of shits that had enough PR nous to realise that screwing over the Gurkhas wasn't a good idea in the current climate of dissatisfaction...?

Someone smart enough to think 'Hang on, if we allow them what they've earned a thousand times over, we might get some GOOD pubicity for once?'

Are they really that far gone...?


Think it's about time to set up a new English homeland somewhere - following Theodor Herzl's Zionist blueprint - and leave this faecal trough for Labour to wallow in. Perhaps colonise small island in the Med. Repel all boarders. It's got to be a better idea than continuing to live here, right??

JuliaM said...

Ooops! That should have been 'publicity', of course.

Too enraged to type!

Anonymous said...

Out of curiousity I just ran a Google search for "Gurkha +arrested".

From the first three pages of search results I found one mention of a Gurkha being arrested for drunk-and-disorderly on the second page, and one two-paragraph piece from "The Sun" on the third page.

All the rest of the first 30 search results: former Gurkhas forced into crime by poverty and/or Marxists back home in Nepal, Gurkhas on the receiving end of racial abuse here in the UK, Gurkhas get stick for protesting for equal rights in India...

Sure, it's unscientific, but it seems pretty cut-and-dried to me: Gurkhas = decent folk.

The Penguin said...


That cunt Woolas deserves rather more than a custard pie!

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

I simply do not understand this. For my life I can't work out why people who are not prepared to lift one finger to prevent the scum of the earth from coming and settling here are suddenly prepared to fight to the death to prevent the Gurkhas being allowed the same privilege.

Historians are going to have a hard time working out whether this government was malevolent or merely utterly incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Sponging Somalis are more Labours cup of tea. More likely to vote for them.

Even the Pakistanis have suggested we get a grip on our borders. Then this obduracy when dealing with the Ghurkas. Maybe they are too Pro British for Nu Labour to stomach.

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

guthrum 11.18

the people at the bottom didnt make the rules!

the country is run by political lunatics and bent business.......

the politicos flood the country to steal votes and business wants cheap labour-

all short term measures-none of them give a fuck about us or the future-just short term gains.

dont fall for the govt line that they are helping people get jobs or that there are thousands available.

i know- i am unemployed at present.

i get 4 minutes each fortnight with my so called advisor-also many of the jobs are temporary or part time.

i asked about doing some temp work last year picking fruit-the money was ok ...£10 an hour- and was told that they didnt want us to do it-yet the wankers were advertising it themselves in the job centre!!!!


BigDai said...

Sitting here in my Red Friday shirt. It made me realise what we need is military coup.
The forces are the very last vestisages of all that is decent in this country.
Round up Brown and his cronies, but them in a snatch land rover and tell them you are counting to ten to given a head start.

Anonymous said...

These little men VOLUNTEER to fight for us, They hold Battle Honours going back generations with the British Army, they command the same respect as the SAS, the Royal Marine Commando and the Parachute Regiment. For loyalty and courage they have few equals, for this they are paid with contempt from the very government they served.

My Grandfather fought with the Kings Ghurka Rifles in Burma,he rarely talked about his war, but he did say this, "If there is any regiment that I would want permanantly beside me it would be the Ghurkas, they are cunning, silent lethal little Bastards, they scare the hell out of me but I would stand with no other!"


Anonymous said...

Update on Tomlinson - new photo shows large head wound as he lays dying

Anonymous said...

It's quite simple. If you are likely to become a client of the state and vote accordingly,you are welcome. And, Guthrum, although I wouldn't want to personally execute proven child killers, I don't have a problem with it.

JD said...

New depths. Is there no level below which Her Majesty's Government will sink? JD.


Guthrum said...

Urban 11

You should not ask the State to do something on your behalf that you would not be prepared to do yourself.

That is why we are in this mess everybody shuffles personal responsibility for Health, Education, Kids onto the State.

Spartan said...

For the first time ever posting l shall use the insult 'cunts'.

This fucking government have no fucking morals or decency whatsoever.

They are 'cunts' ... especially Jacqui Cunt Smith.

(Got there in the end OH)

Anonymous said...

I can't put up with any more of this shit.
I've just seen that utter cunt Brown speaking about this with his usual inappropriate smirks and smiles when he speaks.

Complete and utter wankers.

Man in the Street said...

Hear hear.

Ray Nerslane said...

The way the Gurkhas are treated makes me ashamed to be British.

They are brave, loyal and reliable soldiers. We are extremely lucky to have them fighting on our side rather than for the enemy, which could well be the case in future if we continue to treat them so shamefully.

I despair. Is Brenda sitting in her palace unaware and doing nothing about all this? What do the Army think?

Something must be done, now, to rid us of this hateful government.

Captain Ranty said...

Couldn't agree more.

Time to end the slimewave that is the Labour government.

I have written my own piece on this excremental decision by those incompetent cunts here:

Joe said...

It's amazing, we ask for their help,p ay them worse than we do our lads, they give us usually 7-8+ years of service and then we take a fucking big dump on them, I'm glad I'm not one of them 'cause I'd be starting a campaign to get all the Gurkhas out of the British Army as a protest, as in, "we can't live here then find some other cunt to fight your battles, you ungreatful bastards!"


Spartan said...

The army are fuming about this
Talking about sending their medals back and turning their backs on Brown and Co on Rememberance Day at the Cenotaph. Not one backs this fucking government. One soldier had a brilliant idea >>>>> Here's a thought, the Queen awards the DCM to the Gurkhas, to the regiments as a whole and backdates it to the First World War that way each and every one of them has been awarded a medal for valour and by God they deserve it.

haddock said...

The Gurkhas all signed a contract to serve as mercenaries, settling here wasn't part of that contract....rightly or wrongly.

What would solve the problem is to let all the Gurkhas stay... as long as they manned a border control force... and carried out the odd raid across in Calais (..... and Downing Street.)

R Nosgrove said...

Something is seriously wrong here.

The door is wide open to any number of culturally-backward sponging scum who contribute nothing, hate our way of life and would even kill us given half a chance, but decent hardworking respectful and loyal Gurkha soldiers, who would lay down their lives for our Queen and country, are treated so shamefully.

Labour must be aware that many decent people will be incensed by this, yet they persist, spurred on by their own twisted agenda.

Expect the usual silence from Call Me Dave and the other useless party.

Liz - are you listening? Whitlam's govt was dissolved for far less than this...

Anonymous said...

Earthlet Nigel said...

Another less known piece about this sorry affair. The pensions they receive when back in Nepal are administered by the Indian Government who take 25% from each and every pension in admin charges.Haven't quite got over the mutiny have they!

Love to see what the police would do if they protested in London.

They should be allowed to stay and not treated as second class citizens. They have fewer rights than the imported labour voting scumbags.

I sincerely wish ill on McBroon and his ilk, the visitation may not be too far away.

mikey said...

It's an EU ruling apparently. There is nothing these tossers in government can do about. They gave away our sovereignty and this is what happens and they don't even have the balls to admit that is why the Gurkhas can't come in.

Old Bag said...

Julia: sadly, Nulabore are so far up they're own asses to realise that shafting the gurkha's (like they have the rest of us) is a bad idea.

i just cannot believe the bunch of utter cunts we have in power here. one one hand, we have a group of people who have put they're lives on the line for the uk, fought alongside our army for years and contributed to society. on the other, we have scrounging tosswipes like somali's and paki's who come to the country, get everything they want and give fuck all back.
the diffrence though is that the scrounging scrotes are allowed to stay, whilist the gurkha's have been given the big "fuck you".

really makes you proud to be british, doesnt it?

Roger Thornhill said...

Some people might have wondered why I keep using the term "self-loathing" when talking about this Government.

Now they should realise.

We have an administration chock full of the most repulsive, cowardly, spiteful scumbags.

When the Libertarian Party gets in office, this will be sorted out. Make no mistake.

I was born in the UK, lived in Singapore and Hong Kong and now back in the UK. At every stage Gurkhas played a part in keeping me safe. They are phenomenal soldiers and I honour them.

In contrast, this government appears to go out of its way to endanger, impoverish, erase and enslave me.

They are not fit to clean a Gurkha's boots.

insert-coin-here said...

@Anon 11.36

I have said it before and will say it again.The Labour party fears and despises the UK's military.

I write this as a Ex serviceman with the Libertarian principal that(believe it or not) service within the UK's military imprints.

We worship our 'old and bold' and do our best to continue to look after them,in spite of government neglect.

We are instilled with the notions of self and mutual respect.

We are instilled with a supreme sense of social and personal responsibility.

We make it a point of pride of doing more with less (has anyone here really felt the impact of government 'cutbacks' as keenly as poor old tom,fighting for his life in the name of 'democracy'?)

The notions of loyalty,courage and honour still resonate with us and are not simply catchphrases to be bandied around for political pointscoring.

We do all we do with a cheery smile and and professionalism that is not found in any other organisation on the face of the planet.

We dont ask for much (and get even less) but we always give our all,and would rather die than fail our people,and our friends.

And what have the very best of our friends been shown today?

Abject betrayal from the filth lording it up in the chambres of the 'great and good'.The same filth that has comprehensively failed our armed forces while sending them off on fools errands around the globe.

God help those grubby little men in grey suits should the Gurkhas decide to march on parliment.They will discover,first hand,how for 200 years the Gurkhas have terrified the enemies of the British.

Anonymous said...

"You should not ask the State to do something on your behalf that you would not be prepared to do yourself."

Please believe me when I tell you that I would positively relish the task.

Now, I understand how the above statement might sound but I assure you that I am no psychopath, I just believe that there is a lot of shit that needs sweeping up.

But unlike that twat Albert Pierrepoint (who knowingly hanged an innocent man for a measly fucking tenner), if I ever felt uneasy about an execution I would simply refuse to carry it out.

But of course I am talking about having the death penalty under a reformed penal system - not the corrupt bullshit system we've got right now.

James Barlow said...

There used to be a very nice Gurkha-run curry house at Blandford Camp in Dorset (home of the Royal Signals and the Queen's Gurkha Signals).

The retired QGS Officer running it was one of the few Gurkhas given leave to remain in Britain, but his years of service didn't stop the local council from trying to stop him flying the QGS colours in front of his restaurant.

Honestly, it's all ridiculous. We could lop a fraction of a percentage point off the UK's international aid budget and give every Gurkha a proper pension. Better for them and it would achieve more in developing a poor country as well given the money they'd send home to family members.

Call me Infidel said...

Mikey has pointed out the elephant in the room. The reason they have put all the obstacles in place to prevent settlement is because of our EU membership. This is the same EU that forces Britain to allow entry of layabouts and scum from Europe such as the "Dutch" Somalis but prevents decent people like the Gurkhas from doing the same.

Gigits said...

The solution is simple.

Throw an illegal immigrant scumbag out and allow an ex-Gurkha to stay.

Repeat the process for all Gurkhas who want to come here.

Anguished Soul said...

Online petition here, if you feel like adding your signature:

MurrayB said...

What an Utter UTTER absolute F*cker!

I had always expected this govenment to screw the few working people over but these poor bloody heroes have risked their life for longer then I have been alive and we dont even have the decency to let them stay.

This is disgusting, abhorrent and disgracefull.

I'll be signing the petition and leaving a pile of human faeces on his phucking doorstep !

aproposofwhat said...

I live in Aldershot, and have two Gurkha families living a few doors up from me.

They are the nicest, most polite neighbours I have ever had, and I wish the whole road was Gurkha (apart from the Indians on the corner, of course).

This government makes me feel ashamed in my own town, in front of my own neighbours. Cunts, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

I come from a military family. I love the Gurkhas for their bravery, loyalty and for fighting alongside our men. I would welcome them to Britain with open arms - they deserve to live here if they want to. This stupid government have no sense of the duty we owe them. I despair and, like Miss Lumley, am ashamed to be British.

Thortung The Terrible said...

Does anyone else remember the shameful episode of Tul Bahadur Pun VC who was initially refused leave to enter the country for medical treatment by those that weren't fit to lick his boots?

Anonymous said...

Think Defence have a write up here

Anonymous said...

They have the good people on ARSSE wound up,not a good idea to get them started as they can and will sort it out.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

What everybody else said, shamefull, sordid, short-sighted, shitty. "T"'s next.

Dick the Prick said...

I don't really do online petitions but did the gurkha justice one in a heartbeat with tears rolling. For shame.

Reimer said...

insert-coin-here said...

"I have said it before and will say it again.The Labour party fears and despises the UK's military."

They've certainly been keen to keep the forces occupied and/or a long way from home, out of the way, for the past 12 years whilst big big changes have been engineered here.

Anonymous said...

Gurkhas have given their blood for England. On the other hand, what Indians, Pakistanis and Bangaladeshi or Somali have given to England.

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