Sunday, 12 April 2009

Blogging will only increase the sleaze - unless we stop it

That is the title of the article by Sunny Hundal on Liberal Conspiracy today.

Yesterday evening I gave a clear warning that this centralising and coercive Labour Party would not lie down over the Blogosphere breaking the story of McBride's and Drapers repellant and puerile black ops.

Here is the first call for controls on political blogs. No apology for the miserable state of the bankrupt politics of the Left.

It is also undeniable that Paul Staines has an anti-politics libertarian bent that is pro-Conservative party.

Hundal is limited in his political education in that he sees everything as a Right versus Left struggle, he has missed the point, the real struggle today is between Libertarianism and Authoritarianism.

We do not want to be controlled, fined,told what to think, what to drink, what to eat, we do not want a Police State.

Anti Politics ?? Labour gets less than thirty five per cent of the vote, and brings in an elective dictatorship, that eradicates politics altogether, nobody outside of Kirkaldy has ever voted for Brown.

And the more disreputable politics gets, the more his libertarianism wins out.

Bullshit- The Tories under Major were caught lying and being sleaze ridden, the Labour party have been caught lying and being sleaze ridden. We are tired and furious of being robbed blind, starting wars in our name, wrecking our economy, printing money to debase the currency, filthy hospitals, poor education standards. Enough is Enough.

If you’re pissed off by this whole episode - and everyone involved - then it’s obvious what the task ahead is. There’s no point complaining about it. If we want the left to succeed and not be killed off by the libertarians, conservatives or New Labour, then we have to do it ourselves.

Good- as a Libertarian and Libertarian Party member (and thanks Sunny for making the difference between us and the Tories, at last) I will fight you every inch of your Stalinist way

About the author: Sunny Hundal is editor of Liberal Conspiracy. He works full time as a journalist, commentator, blogger, activist and general layabout. He was voted Guardian blogger of the year in 2006. (He is proud of this, his own description of himself)


And here comes the dead tree press in the shape of Michael White- arrogantly saying that the dirty tricks expose is the fault of the ne'er do well political blogs. All best left to the professionals like White, with the nods, winks and bar room deals.


Most sensible citizens ignore it, concentrating on their own online interests (which can be just as vehement). Political bloggers such as Guido Fawkes, instigator of McBride's doom, tend to be rightwing, free market or libertarian Tories, the kind of people who want to blame governments rather than bankers for the global economic crisis.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you then they attack you- Liberty is making a fast come back.


And at the Telegraph- of whom Guido writes

There are a lot of bitter, jealous journalists at the Telegraph and you have behaved shamefully over the McBride story. You even tipped off Downing Street in advance as to exactly what I was up to. It reflects on you a lot more than it does on me.

You revealed sources, broke a confidence, breached a signed non-disclosure agreement and behaved like patsy's for McBride.

You still failed to spoil the story. Your political team is about as weak as it gets, that is why you sucked up to Downing Street.

The Telegraph was once run by gentlemen for gentlemen. This would never have happened under Deedes or Charles Moore.

Do your worst.

Looks like the Tories are not keen on this Liberty malarkey either !


Dick the Prick said...

'It is also undeniable that Paul Staines has an anti-politics libertarian bent that is pro-Conservative party.'

What a fucking twat - you can't do that with the English language. He has an up down, black white approach to libertarian conservatism - fucking tosser.

They are gonna clamp down on bloggers tho - Tories hate the cunts too. May get bullshitted thru Europe but it's definately when not how.

Anonymous said...

Seems like LIBERAL Conspiracy is a slight misnomer. Only liberal when it comes to allowing NuLabour to do things (like Brown robbing pension funds, ruining the British economy etc). Funny how NuLabour & their supporters are always full of ideas on how they'll tell other people what they should do, how they should live while they continue to stuff their faces at the trough & behave exactly how they please. NuLabour=Old Rubbish

seebag said...

From the bunker, some new decrees -all weather forecasts must cease immediately in order to ensure a sunny Summer
Sleaze will be eliminated simply by banning all mention of it
Ostriches will henceforth all have 20/20 sight by inserting their heads in the ground

Ron said...

Does this Sunny look like a smug piece of shit, or is it just my imagination?

Anonymous said...

Another angry Moslem?

Sunny said...

I like Damien and Derek

Anonymous said...

They are gonna clamp down on bloggers tho - Tories hate the cunts too. May get bullshitted thru Europe but it's definately when not how.

12 April 2009 18:58

They will try it on of that there is no doubt. For some time now they have had Blears out flying a kite for bringing blogs under control.

What is liberal about banning free speech? How can anyone extol the virtues of liberal democracy then when it suits do their best to restrict free speech?

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

Another angry Moslem?

No he's Sikh,has been known to go the extra mile in the defence of Islam on occasion.Not sure why he would do that, if he knew history he wouldn't. Probably an ethnic minority or race card thing.He does get confused like that.

Bet he's still scratching head over Nicky Reilly,all very confusing.Some of his stuff is sort of ok on c.i.f. but he does lapse into the left wing victim hood mentality from time to time,all part of the gig at c.i.f maybe or it could be that he's no different from all the other cunts over there?

Al- Guardian ... Meh.

Anonymous said...

I'm buying a pitchfork.

Dick the Prick said...

Anon - 20.24 - quality last sentence. I love the Guardian as a paper but this cif shit they've got going is some shrill death throwes. If you've got a tv put BBC2 on - Mickleson V Tiger - unbelievable quality - and a dude called John Merrick - I shit you not.

Dick the Prick said...

Observer ran many a gushing article on the 'smear'. David de Rothschild on a mission to say us all with plastic bottles. The Telegraph have needed bitch slapping for fucking years.

tory boys never grow up said...

The sort of person who starts questioning people's ability to do their job because of their politics and then makes rude and homophobic comments at that person and encourages their fellow reptiles to post similar comments on that individuals website is hardly the person to lecture on smears. And if that is libertarianism you can go and sick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Perhaps you should look at your own behaviour before pronouncing on anyone elses.

I appreciate that there may be genuine libertarians out there - and although I may not agree with it as a philosophy, I do recognise and respect it as a genuine and serious body of political thought. But quite frankly Old Holborn is doing your cause no good whatsover.

Dick the Prick said...

Shit, is there a cause? Bagsy not being exam monitor. Carbrera would be my favourite but Perry cool and young un I guess. This has been a brilliant Masters.

electro-kevin said...

"But quite frankly Old Holborn is doing your cause no good whatsover."

At least he's managing to keep a few window lickers off Guido's back.

electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Balding Nobhead Party said...

"At least he's managing to keep a few window lickers off Guido's back."

In my case for sure

caesars wife said...

check out ian dale on westmintser hour on r4 tonight .

the problem is how do you keep bloggs from degenrating into , paparrazi , red tops, or becoming similar and boring.

draper has shown one way they can go , but agree with guidos proclimation that the daily papers for news are dead (although not papers we still need thoughtfull,intelligent journalism )

just hope that parties in future will be more carefull about spin and bullshit , i mean this labour government are totally bogus dude

Tom said...

The one thing that doesn't appear to be being said is that:

"Those who live by the sword are likely to die by it"


"M'lord me thinketh they protest too much"

The cozy , incestuous relationship between the media in the shape of excreble and conceited boobs like "Sir" Michael White that forces lies, half truths and fantasy down our throats whilst turning a blind eye to the rotten behaviour of those in positions of trust and responsibility needs to be broken - BIG TIME.

I mean - a £200,000 Press Bar subsidy at the Mother of Parliaments? wassallthatabout then?

The Penguin said...

Smug looking cunt.

The Penguin

Henry Crun said...

The Telegraph is no longer a Tory paper, it has been cheerleading for Brown for a good while now.

Anonymous said...

Sunny Hundal is a Guardianista and BBC luvvie. He is dog food... at best.

Rocket launcher ready - CHECK
UZI 9mm ready - CHECK
Combat shotgun ready - CHECK
9-folded tempered Katana ready - CHECK

His racist bile. His delusional mentality has corrupted people for too long.

Bye Bye, another liberal racist!!!

Hope this helps.

Foreign Bastards OUT! said...

Why are coons like him permitted a voice in UK politics? They have no locus standi. If he doesn't like the way we do things in this country, he should fuck off back to whichever 3rd world country he crawled over here from.

String 'em up! said...

The successful roll-out of this new globalist order demands we must not discriminate against the views of foreigners of inferior cultural backgrounds who tell us how to live our lives in England. I for one refuse to bow down to this tyranny. Fuck these cunts; they'll hang from central London's lamp posts if I get my way. And I fancy in around a year from now, I will!

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