Saturday, 11 April 2009

Black Ops At No 10 Coming Unstitched

Big story building on Damien McBride inside No 10 sending smears on senior Tories to Derek Draper. Just been reported on the BBC.

Guido has the emails, stench of desperation coming from the No 10 Bunker, the Ministry of Truth maintains that nobody other than McBride and Draper knew about this leak- considering the concerted effort by Nu Lab's Prince of Darkness to 'deal' with a hostile blogoshere, this is flying pig stuff.

By the way, have the Police actually found anything in their high publicity raids against the 'terrorists' as yet ? Anything that would justify a bombing campaign ?


Thats a no then !

The U.K. government now is bracing for the possibility that it may not have enough evidence to prosecute most of the 12 people arrested, according to two people familiar with the matter. That could result in the case becoming an immigration matter focusing on whether the suspects properly entered the U.K. from Pakistan, these people said.

Wall Street Journal

So it looks like the 'fuck fairy' is hovering over No 10 again, with the carefully orchestrated crackdown on terror by uber warrior Brown, telling the Pakistani Government what for is just the usual incompetent spin to justify all of the repression of the UK population, and in passing giving the BNP some more ammunition.

They really are crap beyond the bounds of crapness

Damien McBride needs to read this


Fidothedog said...

Gordon will be erasing everything from his Etch A Sketch, expect the fuck up fairy to come land on No.10 yet again.

Mitch said...

They just aren't very good at this stuff anymore very second team, number two as it were.
I mean dolly draper how much credibility does he have.

Barnsley Bill said...

Having watched the fat, sweaty, unkempt draper bellowing like a slightly drunk mong during his recent appearances on the telly, it beggars belief that any competent government would employ him or use him as the appointed commander for their irregulars in the blogwar to come.
Brown really is division two. But at least this latest scandal makes you all stop talking about the way they are picking your pockets with their expenses for a few days.

Man in the Street said...

Ha ha, New Labour's wheels are falling off. These fucks need stamping on hard.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Downing Street have apologised for the e mails apparently. They have a fucking whole lot more to apologise for in my opinion. The last 12 years for a start.

defender said...

Ask yourself if this "terror" raid would have taken place if the G20 manslaughter was not taking up the headlines. These fuckers would start a war to regain the adgenda. Keep a very close eye on them, give them no wiggle room.
This next budget is going to be a mess, the pot is empty.
The EU elections are 4th june, the prospect of the BNP gaining a few seats will be too much for them, especially Labour, they are looking to play dirty.
the tories should be way way ahead of the game but they too are struggling.
We are going to fight this EU election with no media support, a liblabcon united against the BNP, £250,000 of personal donations and the sweat of our members leafletting.
We will not riot, we will not act against the law, we will not be cowed.
If you can, send a couple reams of copy paper to the BNP branch near you, we would be most grateful.

Anonymous said...

These Soviet style 'round ups' never come to anything and have the stench of being politically useful. Go to go now someone is knocking at the door with a jackhammer.

Roger Thornhill said...

That picture is so asking for a "insert your phrase here" widget!

If the terror cell was immature or not even formed yet, it could expose to what level people are being monitored OR the level of hype that operations are being boosted to secure funding pr'raps?

I will be watching this with interest.

The Penguin said...

Good thing Dolly can still sponge off Kate for a while until her looks go and she becomes another ex-TV old woman.

Because his books aren't selling, and I suspect his therapy practice doesn't pay the rent.

The Penguin

Chalcedon said...

It is absolutely wonderful watching the sheer incompetence of Noo Labour. The whole shebang is unravelling. Quick fucks up and fucks off. BoJo makes a statement utterly taking the wind out of Jackboot's sails; now a civil servant gets shopped creating smear e-mails and sending them to Draper re a smear campaign. McWotsit's mate on the Torygraph tries to help out by saying it's nothing special but the Sunday Awfuls are going to run the e-mails and have a go! LMAO!!! The usual suspects are trying to 'distance' McBroon from the flak. Since he is the big boss he must have sanctioned the smear campaign. Another bottling tactic I expect. This lot really are craven and pathetic bastards, one and all!

Roger Thornhill said...

Good points, Chalcedon

Brown will do the McAvity once too often and his loyal troops will do for him. I wonder if this is the moment - he who stitches up the stitcher risks getting stitched in return.

Guthrum said...

Yes Defender- but we need real polices other than send all the non arayans back. What we need like a hole in the head is another Authoritarian Left party

Scan said...

"Police are continuing to search 10 properties across the north-west of England in connection with an alleged planned terror bomb attack. They have found pictures of popular Manchester shopping centres and a nightclub, the BBC has learned."

Not photographs of shopping centres and nightclubs?! Tell me it ain't so! The humanity! Oh the humanity!

I think if the police burst into my house to steal news headlines away from them say...massacring a school full of children...they'd find three huge framed photographs on the wall, one of which is The Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry and one of which is of Grand Central Terminal in New York.

Yes, that's right, I am indeed a very dangerous person, yet stupid enough to hang self-incriminating evidence on the walls.

Clunking Fist said...

I've a picture of the Queen* on my wall. Would I be planning to assassinate her?

*Not really.
Although I DO have a print of the NYC skyline...

Barnsley Bill said...

I have a framed photo of Oakwell, not much point bombing there, Barnsley FC do it every couple of weeks all on their own.
Word vero: Johnniewalker... How do they know?

Katabasis said...

In the "war against terror" Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are, and always have been, the real enemies. Pakistan in particular has been the monster of our own making, with hundreds of billions of aid from the U.S. going to their nuclear proliferation network and islamist terrorists courtesy of the ISI.

And up until very recently when the govt changed to a points based system, the student visa was one of the easiest ways to get into the country. All you had to do was show a sponsor (even with the shittiest, most suspect documentation) and that you were going to study at a 'DfES approved institution'. You might think this DfES list would be pretty stringent. Nope! All the list guaranteed was that the "institution" existed and that it had sufficient fire exits. That was it. There are thousands of "educational institutions" set up in this country - and in London in particular - that exists solely to get people into the country on "degree" courses in puppeteering and worse (I shit you not).

The Home Office also has a list of 11 countries that have their applicants put through an extended security check. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are not on that list. Not that the check meant anything.

Now the new - points based - regime is extremely harsh. One of the things it requires is proof of a substantial amount of money in the applicant's account for the past few years. Now this is going to be a problem for genuine students, even those with relatively wealthy sponsors. It won't be a problem however for the U.S. funded ISI......

Gareth said...

Scan said: "Not photographs of shopping centres and nightclubs?! Tell me it ain't so! The humanity! Oh the humanity!"

It's Terry Taleban learning from the MOD. We have lots of nice pictures of Airbus A400Ms and if the Taleban don't stop being naughty we might just get around to having some real ones! We also have at our disposal pictures of the planned FRES family of lightly armoured vehicles driving out of the back of the aforementioned Airbus. It's a good job they are only pictures because the vehicles are not IED resistant. We also have doodles of the carriers we might not get, and the jump jets that might not end up being flown off the ships. Plus there are the artist's impressions of the Future Lynx pile of shite that is actually going to be made despite being too small to be a true battlefield taxi. It's a hell of a lot cheaper to wage war this way than give the lads and lasses on the front line proper kit to do a proper job.

Gareth said...

Terror Raid Teenager 'handed over'

"An 18-year-old arrested in connection with an alleged al Qaida plot has been released into the custody of the UK Borders Agency, police said.

Twelve men, including 11 Pakistani nationals, were arrested on Wednesday after police raids in Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Lancashire."

One down, 11 to go.

microdave said...

"The U.K. government now is bracing for the possibility that it may not have enough evidence to prosecute most of the 12 people arrested, according to two people familiar with the matter."

I wonder if they would, had fatso Quick not been filmed with the details, forcing them to rush the job forward?

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