Friday, 3 April 2009

All quiet on the Westminster front.

My local branch of RBS. There have been no protests here.
It always looks like that.

The protests in London passed relatively peacefully. Considering how many were there, the number of arrests and the amount of damage was less than what you'd expect from an average Saturday night in any town centre.

The police tried their best, issuing challenges before the event and then penning the crowd in for hours without access to food, water or toilets. Even so, only a few became angry enough to break windows and enter RBS, presumably looking for a coffee machine or a forgotten sandwich.

Fortunately, the protesters did not turn nasty overall and going by general police efficiency these days, of the hundred or so arrested no more than ten will be charged. They'll all be DNA recorded, naturally.

I, for one, was greatly relieved. If the Gorgon hoped to find an excuse to play with his enabling act, he didn't find it in these protests. There was nowhere near enough to justify more crazed legislation although I expect we'll soon find airport-style security at banks anyway.

As long as future protests follow this example and stay calm, we'll be shot of this bunch of mindless idiots at the next election.

Then we'll have new mindless idiots in charge. Ho hum.

At least they won't sell off the last ounce of gold. If it's still there.


subrosa said...

OH I was listening to Talksport earlier. Someone who was in one of the protests said the RBS building was empty and had a For Sale notice outside it. Did you see that?

I liked your video btw. :)

caesars wife said...

i though gordon was trying to ban google earth pictures , that showed th effecst of his ecnomic bail out , clearly this one got through.

i can only think people of buckingham shire stopping the google photo van, must have had allotments , to avoid the new "not shopping at supermarket tax"

Anonymous said...

Wise words OH. Time to unloose our anger if that jacknapes in No 10 tries to cancel the elections. Meanwhile, as the Great Diaper Fuckwit himself would say ca' canny. Let's start with the EU elections in just a couple of months & chuck out almost all of the current mob. Seeing their EU pals being kicked off the gravy train may concentrate a few minds around Westminster.

Old Holborn said...


Correct, the RBS building was empty and yes, the for sale signs were up.

electro-kevin said...

Either way we're fucked.

Why is it every way I turn I see a big sign saying 'We're fucked' ???

I really can't see a way out of it. Fucked fucked fuckety-fuck FUUUCKED !

saucepan said...

OH, I got the impression that the storming of the RBS building was stage managed judging by the ranks of well placed journos waiting to take snaps. Is that the right impression?

If so, I think we already know who would stand to benefit from the faux outrage....

Old Holborn said...


It wasn't staged for the Journo's. They just pushed their way to the front, knowing 6 "anarchists" might kick off.

Two windows broken.

We are trillions in debt, Gordon grins, bankers are laughing their heads off.

Two windows broken. In an empty building.

I have really had enough of this shit

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