Wednesday, 8 April 2009

All Aboard the Gravy Train......

The Gravy train has pulled out of Westminster for the Easter Holidays.

The Bisto kids won’t be back at ‘work’ until Monday 20th April 2009.

It will be difficult for you to tell the difference; at least 60 of the 220 members on the most influential Commons committees missed more than half their meetings last year, according to an analysis of figures released this week by Parliament.

Anyone who has ever tuned into the BBC Parliament channel will have realised that with the notable exception of Prime Minister’s Question Time on a Wednesday morning, when there is a fair chance they might get their snouts on national television, they scarcely bother to enter the chamber.

Their normal hours of work are:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
    2.30 pm to 10.30 pm
  • Thursdays
    11.30 am to 7.30 pm
  • Fridays
    9.30 am to3pm

On average they take home £60,675 - their pay is increased each year by a formula linked to senior civil servants’ pay and is reviewed every five years. They have a final salary pension scheme, with contributions set at 10% of their salary and a current “accrual rate” - the proportion of salary received for each year of service - of 1/40th.

There is no limit on the amount of travel expenses MPs can claim. They can claim business class air fares and first class rail travel for Parliamentary business within the UK and up to three visits a year to European institutions, as well as up to 15 return journeys a year for spouses or children. MPs can also claim for staff travel - up to 12 return journeys a year between Westminster and their constituency. Overall MPs claimed £4.5m in travel expenses last year.

They can also claim the cost of a second home - the ACA is worth up to £23,083 a year. MPs can claim up to £250 on any “allowable” item - such as workmen’s bills - without showing a receipt, as well as up to £400 a month on food - again without a receipt. Other costs, which can be claimed back but require receipts, include mortgage interest payments, rent, hotel expenses and refurbishment.

They can claim up to £21,339 as accommodation costs, office equipment and supplies.

They can claim the cost of employing staff (such as their spouse or Nanny if she is answering the phone) up to £90,505.

Three computers, printers and scanners worth about £3,000 are provided for each MP.

In addition there is a communication allowance of up to £10,000 a year “to assist in the work of communicating with the public on parliamentary business”. It can be spent on things like regular reports, constituency newsletters, websites and contact cards.

They are allowed to claim up to £10,000 for a new kitchen, more than £6,000 for a bathroom and £750 for a television. They can also claim reimbursement from the taxpayer for stereos worth up to £750, £300 air-conditioning units and £2,000 for a furniture suite for their second homes.

Last year they clocked up an eye watering £93m in expenses.

That works out at an average (including salary) of £204,637.

One of them works for you.

Write to him.

Make an appointment at his constituency clinic.

Ask questions.

Demand answers.

Make him work for his money. You pay him.

Even if you are unemployed. You pay him. Your benefit would be higher if you didn’t have to support that idle idiot.

Get involved.

Make a nuisance of yourself.

Get your money’s worth!


Anonymous said...

And for what? For fucking what? I don't mind paying for stuff but these fuckers are utter shite.

Anonymous said...

I'm already on it. My one is a big claimer and I've already told him if the expenses are covered up his vote is gone. That does panic them when they get a few like that.

Shirking From Home said...

Lazy workshy troughing fuckers.

Henry North London said...

Even better Im off to see mine after the recess and Im going to tell her what I think and then Im going to tell her that im standing against her

She will freak

Shes the one who called out the firemen for the boiler

Old Holborn said...


Mention my name to her.

She knows who I am and is SHIT scared of me. I have something she wants.

Tell her you and I are friends.


Henry North London said...

You know Lynne? OK Just mention Old Holborn is that enough?

Old Holborn said...

Henry North London said...

Right you are....

Thank you Much appreciated This is going to be real fun in a couple of weeks time

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I was chatting to my local Conservative prospective candidate today, we agreed that the single most important issue in these cash strapped times was that the 6th Form prospects of tens of thousands of our young people face being blighted by the fuck-ups of a few useless cunts in the Learning & Skills Council to the tune of a miserly couple of hundred million quids ( ie X2 Parliaments expenses bill ).
Having failed miserably that body is already being culled, its former staff gallumping onto three successor Quangos for them to hide in.
If anything needs ring-fencing then surely the last years of education for our 'brightest and best ' needs inclusion. My Tory party candidate agreed, probably though fear of imminent assault.

Sugar Tits said...

Gosh, a career in treachery pays well!

AngryDave said...

They have easter holidays like little kids. At least it gives us plenty of time to get all the barells of gunpowder in position.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

The country seems to run just fine when Brown (Piss be Upon Him) and these thieving parliamentary hoons go on holiday.

Just what the fuck are they for?

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