Wednesday, 4 March 2009

You are all guilty until proven otherwise

I suggest all of you who do not believe we are
living in the Weimar Republic of 1932, should read this posting by Tom Paine.

The concept that teachers as the first slice of the salami, can have a record that includes all unfounded allegations against teachers is utterly outrageous and goes against all of the fundamental precepts of the Common Law in this country.

Imagine a Stasi state or a McCarthy state where before any of us can secure a contract or get a job, you will require a police check that contains unfounded allegations, or whispers from your neighbours or work colleagues. You only had to look at the episode on Zoe Wannamaker on 'Who do you think you are', when she opened her father's FBI file (Sam Wannamaker) from the forties and fifties, with how many friends had denounced him.

You don't have to imagine much because 'security checks' for jobs have been here for a fair few years.

Police files are great for blackmailing people, already had one case of a Policeman going to jail, and makes it easier to fit up people, 'well look at his/her file'. Let's not even mention the leverage that can be used in bitter divorce cases.

Finally we may as well close the schools, as there will be no discipline as Wayne and Waynetta 'who know their rights,innit' start making any amount of accusations.

Its all another load of Balls. Do you want the Police deciding whether you can have a living ?


Dave H said...

"Imagine a Stasi state or a McCarthy state"

Streuth, her blog is bad enough.

To comment on the posting, this is vile and sinsietr. Will the Tories repeal it?

Old Holborn said...

Of course they won't

Power is power

We ARE East Germans with none of the cheap beer

Anonymous said...

You can be as pure as driven snow, but one allegation, even if proven unfounded, even if the accuser retracts ,remains there for life?? It appears on every CRB check subsequently and you arent told that it appears as it is transmitted confidentially. You may end up wondering why you ant get a job?

Anonymous said...

Try being a foster carer! The kids have you over a barrel with this. "I'll tell 'em you beat me up" were the words of one three year old when asked to stop smashing toys. The allegations remain even if catagorically proved untrue. No wonder carers think the risks outweigh the good they do and are leaving in droves.

Henry North London said...

The police leave allegations on your CRB even if your case was dropped

I know because I tried to have mine removed and they made a total balls up of it and made it worse

It makes me want to cry when I see it

I'll never get a job

K. McEgan. said...

Plod grade "intelligence" in terms of A,B,C or D.Some wee shite can make an allegation against you.See Springfield School,Portsmouth.I do not know the criteria for assessing the veracity of what they are told.Lets ask Barry George.Or the Cardiff Three.

Chalcedon said...

If any allegation is found to be a lie, 1) it should be expunged from any record of yours and 2) the lying bastard should get fined or better still, imprisoned. This country has simply forgotten what the words fair and justice actually mean.

Rob said...

Outrageous as this is, you can't help feeling a tiny bit of schadenfreude - teachers, the foot-soldiers of the left-wing establishment, being fucked over by...the left-wing establishment!

You voted for it, fellas. I guess discipline, authority and respect weren't that bad after all? Too late now, you tore it all down.

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