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Where to put England's Free State Project ?

In the US, Libertarians who are absolutely convinced that they are never going to persuade the rest of their fellow countrymen to stop sucking off the teat of the State have formed the Free State Project. The aim being to have as many of their fellow believers in Liberty move to New Hampshire, with a view to getting a critical mass to have a more of a Libertarian Society.

DK is off to a lecture on Sea Steading as an alternative society where personal freedom and responsibility are the founding principals.

As a founder member of the the Libertarian Party, I am committed to the idea of persuading my fellow citizens that this high tax, high dependency society is slavery and a dishonest way to live. My realistic expectations are that it will take seventy to eighty years or a bloody revolution for society to change in the direction I would like to see it go.

Could we realistically build a 'Free State' project in the UK ? Legally it is impossible, because the British State claims Sovereignty over all of the land mass in these Islands and therefore treats us all as 'subjects' to be milked for taxes, to support the righteous and their client state dependents.

However there are pockets of self governing sovereignty within the British Isles, like Jersey and the Isle of Man. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland although nominally independent are hopelessly wedded to every Statist solution because of their overwhelming dependence on the English Taxpayer to prop their society up.

Cornwall is in an unusual constitutional position, and here I have some sympathy with the Nationalists of Kernow, that somewhere along the line in the last one hundred and fifty years, Kernow has changed from a nominally independent Duchy with its own Stannary Parliament, to the same status as an English County.Unfortunately Mabyon Kernow is equally as focussed on getting better 'grants' and 'compensation' than standing on its own two feet. Since becoming a County and with Beeching and the ending of the China Clay and Tin Industries, Cornwall has become a financial and economic back water.

What if everybody of a Libertarian nature said, ok thats it,enough is enough on the undertaking from a newly independent Cornish Stannary Parliament that the only taxes that would levied would be for defence only, moved to Cornwall taking their businesses and expertise with them to what would be a free trade zone, think of the possibilities of an income tax free economy. A Bank of Kernow being set up issuing its own bank notes, run on the basis of sound money and basic banking principals- very similar to the Lewes Pound which has the face of Tom Paine on it.The current High Street Banks would have to hive off its Cornish branches into Cornish Registered ones under Cornish Banking Laws. No further taxes disappearing to the EU, as the Duchy of Kernow would not be part of the EU.

With no promise of easily available benefits the dependent, foreign and domestic, would gravitate to those parts of the UK that still offered High Taxation and easy benefits, therefore only those prepared to work, achieve high standards of education would move to or stay in Kernow. Within ten years I think you could guarantee the employment prospects and economic well being of everybody in Kernow would increase tenfold .Removing restrictive planning laws, would mean that housing would again become affordable, and the mortgage slavery would end.

You do not have to have vast natural resources to be a successful economy and society as Singapore,Hong Kong, Jersey and other city States have proved, just the right Constitution and economic model.

The Stannary Parliament would have to have a constition that guaranteed personal and economic freedom, and to ensure that economic independence would not be subborned by those that would wait until the Kernow economy had recovered, then to tax the life out of it again to support the righteous and their needy dependents.

I have just used Cornwall/Kernow as an easy example, to the horror of those who want an English Parliament, the same could be done in Mercia, Northumbria etc however most of these ancient English Kingdoms are now so dependent on the State that seventy per cent of those living there are dependent on the State, and are client states of New Labour.

The Welfare State has sucked the life, morality and culture out of British way of life, and thrown it to the dogs of the far right and far left. In the ensuing political collapse, perhaps we have to accept that to escape the possibilities of becoming a slave of the state, we may have to separate of the from the rest of British State run by alternating Darien Governments blue or red, to achieve any freedom in our lifetime.

The question is where to set up this alternative free state. This is not a flight of fancy Jersery has a population only 84 000.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Needs to be an island. The isle of Arran in the firth of Clyde? Really nice place, but can be a bit chilly.

Guthrum said...

Can you defend it easily from the HMRC ?

Old Holborn said...


They're still trying to get their heads around Ceefax.

Jersey sounds good though. I wonder how many of us would have to emigrate there to form a majority?

The Progressive Show said...

Was just thinking about this the other day too. An island would be better. But in the end what would actually hold us to the British state, why not just fuck it and declare sovereignty? As one hopes New Hampshire may eventually do in years to come (their sovereignty recently failed to pass but had a considerable base of support).

black hole sunset said...

That's fine sentiment but it's clear that when the state fails, it soon turns against anyone who's had the barefaced afront to succeed where it has not. Voters might start asking questions if provided with a rational basis for comparison.

The sad truth is that most brits of a Libertarian persuasion are destined to live out their days in a state of resigned comtempt at the systematic destruction of everything that might have lifted their spirits or else emmigrate to whatever pocket of agreeable territory still exists ahead of the poisonous tendrils of state mandated decay.

Not that I'm against wishful thinking of anything but I've always been partial to the Indian proverb "Call on God, but row away from the rocks".

(Still waiting for Anna Racoon to explain her statist tendencies - how's that for wishful thinking).

Guthrum said...

Jersey only has the Queen as Head of State, nothing more nothing less, mainly because it is all that is left of the Dukedom of Normandy.

States come and go all the time, I was watching the programme about East Germany last night, the people rose against it in the sixties, as they did in Prague- the only legitimacy those States had was in the form of Russian Tanks.

This Government has about 35% of the vote, and a Prime Minister nobody voted for- hardly legimate government or enjoys consent by the majority does it ?

Anonymous said...

I will entertain the idea of Jersey as long as John Nettles has fucked off permanently.

Anonymous said...

blas said...

Went to Jersey last week, there again this week. Great place, full of decent people quietly going about their business, rather than swaggering imbeciles attempting to project menace on their way to pick up the social.

Most of the 90'000 odd live in St Helier, you could very easily have a free existence outside it. Plus most UK airports are little more than an hour away.

Very little dependency culture-low taxation. Simple really. 3C warmer than UK on average to boot.

Tim Carpenter said...

For me the mix would need a few thou Sqkm set aside as a freeport where the world's entrepreneurial could come and do business.

The sound money - well, you know I would be in favour of that as long as we had the Troika of monetary policy.

The problem would be energy. For all the wave power available, I think it might be hard. Needs Fusion Power to be resolved, I suspect.

Jersey is quite a difficult place to move to under current regs, last time I heard, but tempting for the nice climate and blend of England and France.

David Davis said...

Sorry, no. We will have to keep buggering on here to get this one. It's the only hope. Big enough to hide on, big enough to grow (a reasonable amount of) stuff, in the right place to defend properly, and in a meaningful place, and with reasonable coal resources when we are throttled. I will sya more later, have to cook supper for the children first.

subrosa said...

Don't have anything to do with the Isle of Man. That place has given the savings of 10,000 UK tax payers to the UK branch of Kaupthing, Singer and Friedlander.

They've done nothing at all, compared with other countries who had branches of KSF in Europe, to attempt to return the money.

Thieves they are and I wouldn't have them the privilege of my presence even for a night's B & B.

Fearless Frank said...

The Lewes Pound? This doesn't auger well for your scheme.
In Lewes it's regarded as toy money, and those who get any lewes banknotes auction them off on ebay as curios.

Wyrdtimes said...

The whole of England should be a free state project.

An English Parliament would be a start but independence is where we should be aiming.

The UK is shafting the people of England left, right and centre, 24/7.

Anonymous said...

The currency could be any currency. Traders could keep track of exchange rates and accept or decline whatever they wanted, be it dollars, sterling, gold, zlottis or cammels in exchange for goods, services or other currencies. Imagine the benefits of no relience on or emotional attatchment to a particular currency, especially a fiat one controlled by cunts.

George Donnelly said...

I'm a member of the US FSP and am moving to New Hampshire later this year.

Just checking in to wish you guys the best of luck with your endeavor. :)

Anonymous said...

Can we keep Her Majesty as Head of State? It's just that I can't stomach the thought of living under a President or Supreme Leader, even if it's as part of a libertarian Jersey or other place.

I'd like to be able to continue toasting the Queen, is all.

Rosebury said...

I live in New Hampshire and absolutely love it.

Have you heard of

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I think that you have to be very rich or very employable to move to Jersey.
It does have a wonderful social security system though.
A Parish committee says to one old woman " You are a worthwhile person who has worked hard all your life but fallen upon hard times, here is quite a lot of money to tide you over"
But says to the next person " You are a lazy worthles scumbag, get a job or fuck off the Island, meanwhile you'll get not a penny from us "

cornubian said...

Oh just what we need! More English blow-ins from up the line full of ideas on how the world should be run. If it's not white flight BNP hugging white trash from up north it's wired hippies and libertarian "radicals".

How about creating a free state in your own country?

If you want more info on the Duchy then try: or the Cornish Stannary Parliament:

Other than that bog off!

Westerlyman said...

There is web site for European Free State project. Its been around for years and has about 30 members.

They have spent years discussing where to have their new utopia. Unfortunately 'Its either banned or compulsory' has hit the crucial point. Wherever is chosen has to be a place where the emigrees are able to earn a living.

For my own part it needs to be somewhere a lot warmer than a Scottish island. In the UK one the channel islands would be nice but becoming a resident is difficult.

The point about fuel is irrelevent as Hong Kong has proved. You do not need natural resources if you are earning squillions from financial services and private banking. On the other hand Zimbabwe is one of the most rich in natural resources and and is one of the poorest places on Earth.

Own_Revo said...

Another load of BOLLOCKS... I can just see it, everyone living on a small island... then one morning the STATE arrives and takes all the children off, then arrests those it deems as cult leaders, and so on and so forth.

Happens all the time.

Best plan ~ fuck off somewhere with your own family, and leave other utopians to their own devices.

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