Thursday, 26 March 2009

What a surprise- So Not a Medical Miracle then

The world is burning, governments are falling, industries are going under- What is the BBC running with this morning on Radio 4 this runt whose balls have not dropped is not the father of the child. So the mother is just the usual fifteen year old who has shagged around a lot, thats the Nu Labour Legacy and the Jade Goody effect.

Dumb Downed Britain- Too thick to think, just about able to rut


D. Ogilvy-Tibbs said...

You'll find there were pregnant 15 yr olds prior to Nu Labour.

The Penguin said...

Why am I not surprised? Poor Max Clifford, losing two important clients in a week.

The Penguin

Guthrum said...

You'll find there were pregnant 15 yr olds prior to Nu Labour.

But not feted in the press and offers of a shed load of cash.

D. Ogilvy-Tibbs said...

"Feted" surely not?It gives the redtops another chavscum story to mock.As for loads of cash they may pop into Ogilvy Towers for any number of salacious stories.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Little Alfie Patten goes to the doctor for a check up. Doc looks him over and says," You're going to have to stop masturbating".


Cos I'm trying to examine you.

Roger Thornhill said...

Not just cash, but housing.

Still, I do have pity for the lad and, well, what can be said for the girl who "swore blind", eh? Not a good witness in court - or plaintiff come to that.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Link has been removed, not surprising since the Court decided ages ago that Alfie is a secret and not to be named further.

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