Thursday, 12 March 2009

What the BBC didn't show you


Anonymous said...

"There's something happening here..."

With apologies to Buffalo Springfield

Old Holborn said...

Take a good long look at the crowd. Yes a few BNP types but plenty of ordinary elderly citizens too. Quite a few "people of colour" too.

If I was an MP, I'd be very worried. But then again if I was an MP, I would have burned Parliament to the ground by now.

polaris said...

Why did the BBC not show this? It is a perfect corollary of the free speech exercised by the Islamic protesters, those who did not agree with them are entitled to express their unhappiness also. Don't quite know why the police had to intervene though, surely that's tantamount to oppression of that very 'free speech' principal they claim to defend?

A bloody conundrum - think I'll go and have a tequila for breakfast, that'll help me make sense of it...

Anonymous said...

For comparison:

The BBC report misspells "Islamists" as "anti-war protesters". Any other omissions worth pointing out?

Rightwinggit said...

Melanie Reid in the Times Online calling it a tipping point.

I feel slightly better about my country having watched that.

Oh, and next time copper, you'd better not be in the way.

Angry Frank said...

Normal people showing what the majority of this country feel towards these scumbags (not too sure about the Engerland Engerlan chants, it's not a fucking football match you twats).

I'm all for free speech but when these bastards start showing up with their shitty placards they should be taken away immediately.

It wasn't so long ago when the Chinese came over here and all signs of protest were either moved or got rid of completely. Why do these Islamic cunts get treated differently?

Roger Thornhill said...

The Chinese and Tibet events are quite disgraceful suppressions of free speech, though physical interruption of flame processions are not a "right", AFAICT, but following them around with placards and constantly calling out would have been a better protest (but then again some professional protesters and outrage-by-proxy/Righteous also conveniently forget about equality when it comes to rights of those they disagree with)

I still think that these beards should be at liberty to hold up their silly lying placards, but then others should be free to engage in robust replies in return and the al-Macaroon or whoever they are will just have to suck it up, even if it "offends" them or "insults the prophet". Tough titties, mate, for it is the other side of the same coin. No violence or physical assaults, mind.

Dave H said...

Has it got that far? Is this country about to kick off, big time? The chavs might have been making the noisiest and most ugly contribution but there were other people venting their anger.

Still, I'm glad there's a small chance the placard-wavers were at last thinking 'thank Allah for the British police' in the faint hope they might reflect on how lucky they are to be living in this country in the first place and shut, the cunting fuck, up. Before it does kick off, big time.

I wonder what the soldiers made of it all.

(Though I wasn't too happy with the fixed bayonets...)

Sue said...

Did you see this too

GMTV Cleric Anjem Choudary on Luton Demo

6000 said...

Quite ironic that the demonstrators were shepherded to safety under a No Right Turn sign.

Anonymous said...

They were just dissidents as the BBC like to call terrorists and murderers. Nothing more.


I felt quite heartened by the reaction of the good folk of Luton to the Islamist fifth columnists.
Yes, they have a right to say what they wish.
They have an even bigger right to say it in a land more to their liking.
The muslims need to know that such extremists are not wanted in Britain.
And if they cannot see it, they can go too.

defender said...

Me, I am off into Lincoln in 30 minutes to cheer the lads.
Hope my MP (Merrion) is there. She will be getting a gobfull from me.
We are not very diverse here so dont think abdulla will show but then again who knows with those fuckers.

Oldrightie said...

So it begins. More please, culminating in the destruction of Labour.

Reimer said...

Rightwinggit said...
Melanie Reid in the Times Online calling it a tipping point.

Somehow I suspect this will turn out to be just another under-nine-days-media-wonder and that most of the country will have returned to the noisy slumber that seems to be its default state by next week.


Hibbo said...

Absolutely disgusting sights. With the police just standing there, doing nothing.

There were several people taking photographs of the police, including the guy filming this, and the just stood there and didn't arrest them!


Skittler said...

Blimey, and I thought she only talked about TV reality shows.
Maybe Kate Garraway should swap with Andrew Marr and we may get some decent questions asked :)

Sue said...

I thought Ms Garraway kept her temper quite well considering he was rudely talking over her all the time. I would have lost my temper.

Anonymous said...

This cunt Cleric Anjem Choudary wants Christmas banned,the pope killed,sharia law introduced and he
welcomed the murder of people in Bombay.

That is the sort of cunt we are dealing with here.Definitely a bullet in the head job.

Damo Mackerel said...

'Why do these Islamic cunts get treated differently?'

Because the authorities are scared of them.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I thought the crowd were 'dah-dee-dahing" to the tune of 3 Cheers for the Red, White & Blue rather than chanting Enger-lund but it was a bit muffled and perhaps I'm getting hard of hearing. Also, I didn't see any "bnp-types" (what do they look like?) or "chavs". I just saw ordinary people reacting to provocation. I'm all for people waving their placards and shouting insults so long as they realise that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You can't deliberately provoke someone and not expect a response.

Shame that the young lad who hurled abuse back at them was the only one charged with a public order offence though while the protagonists were shepherded to safety by the police. One rule of law and everyone equal under it.

Still, what can you expect when these groups have money thrown at them by government and local councils? They don't recognise man-made laws anyway and they won't compromise.

The pendulum is swinging.

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn,
What exactly is a "BNP type"?
I have been a member for 4 years and have yet to meet a knuckle dragging skinhead.
Most of the members I have met are decent,honest people, mainly over 50 years old. All of them want out of the EU,recognise islam for what it is,and apart from being patriotic, believe in democracy. They just want to be part of a proud,fair, independent country,that puts the best interests of it's citizens 1st.
Its a racing certaintity that the liblabcontrick will, with EU backing,attempt to ban them,and, as they are really this country's last hope against descending into an Eurabian Orwellian nightmare,need your support. Instead you join the pack,your enemies, and snipe at them.

Elby the Beserk said...


Was it "Engerland"? I thought it was "Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio" ... the usual response to the proffering of a red card to an opposition player ... as the protestors were ushered away.

Could be wrong. Too many years spent in front of speakers at rock 'n roll shows.

More drivel from OH, one day the penny will drop! said...

Old Holborn said...
Take a good long look at the crowd. Yes a few BNP types but plenty of ordinary elderly citizens too. Quite a few "people of colour" too.

If I was an MP, I'd be very worried. But then again if I was an MP, I would have burned Parliament to the ground by now.

12 March 2009 09:13

Talking crass drivel again OH!

a few BNP types! what is a BNP type OH? war vets, doctors, policemen, elderly pentioners?

BNP London 2009

Got an extreme example or two at the ready to generalize `everyone` as a type? been to a recent BNP meeting OH?

But in this case I presume you ignorantly mean the young men who went to welcome home their brothers and sisters, wifes and fathers after many months of worry only to be faced with this treacherous and insulting mob,

Patriotic young men who you will one day depend on to protect you and your family should they be called upon, who then reacted as i presume most young men would when faced with such confusing and unpatriotic abuse to ones family after months of stress.

Now what you are actually refering to are almost exclusively military families(most men here also have a military background) So there could be more than just a `few BNP types` there, you see the services vote equally between the BNP and the Tories almost exclusively, (sorry but the Libertarian saviours of the sinking ship of this country did not feature) as a fairly recent poll showed on the armed forces most popular forum showed!

So chances are the little old granny and grandad have a military background and 50% chance that they also vote BNP.

Knowledge is a bitch eh OH!

Goodnight Vienna said...

OH, see what's happened? You can't write about "BNP-types" and get away with it any more. All the rules are out the window. There is no 'type' for the BNP. This is what this shit-bag Labour government has brought to our country in only twelve years.

I've never voted for or supported the BNP (funny how that's still a required comment) but our government is divisive and it's winning! It's no good for 'whities' like me to stand up and shout that something's gone wrong. We just get charged and ordered to appear. That's how far along the path this country has gone in the past twelve yrs.

Where's Guthrum? We need his common sense. No 'Summer of Rage' because it just plays into the hands of the politicians.

The pendulum swings.

electro-kevin said...

Why were the crowd singing "Here we go here we go here we go..." ?

Because they haven't a clue what the words to Land of Hope and Glory are.

We're just one big uneducated rabble now - in the name of 'diversity'.

Fucked economically, intellectually - totally.

Goodnight Vienna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chalcedon said...

Good old English righteous anger at those wretched scumbags insulting our brave troops. I read that one of the ordinary people incensed by these bastards chucked some bacon at them. Excellent. The BBC has stupid rules though and could spot an Islamic militant at all. These bastards even went on to call Luton a Muslim town. Judging by the vid, I don't think so. What is more concerning is that those beardies wearing dresses were born here.

K. McEgan. said...

Aw heck Luton always was a chav shit hole.

Anonymous said...

"Aw heck Luton always was a chav shit hole"

How did you manage to type that, with all that nigger cock in your mouth McEgan ?

You fucking lowlife piece of shit !

Anonymous said...

Wake up people. Its almost too late...

Muslims in Scotland Receive Lion’s Share of Scotland’s Cash for Religious Bodies

K. McEgan. said...

Anonymous,how brave!Finished Mein Kampf yet?Dreaming of setting up camps where you can wear leather boots and whip Asian girls (or perhaps yoy prefer boys)?

polaris said...

At least the protesters have a sense of humour?

Anonymous said...

If only an MP with experience of the Muslim / Hindu bloodshed during the Indian partition had the guts and foresight to say something back in the sixties...

Perhaps he'd have come from somewhere like Wolverhampton, a city with experience of large minority groups with different belief-systems.

Hang on a minute - what about that Enoch Powell bloke..

If he'd not betrayed his own arguments with his clearly racist agenda and vulgar vocabulary perhaps the political classes would have heeded his warnings of the perils of an unconstrained, irresponsible immigration policy, importing huge swathes of people with different cultures and religions into our deprived inner cities.

Perhaps then we would have recognised the danger to peace and harmony that is posed by an overly diverse, multi-cultural society with no commonly shared value-system at its core.

Hardly rivers of blood is it - but, sadly, I think it'll come pretty soon.

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