Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Waste Energy Day


Fishpaste said...

Funny, true but it's created by The Climate Group ( who want "to put the world on track for a low carbon economy."

Old Holborn said...

I thought it was just Americans that didn't understand irony.

saucepan said...

O/T but apparently the NHS are now giving away dildos:

Now that's what I call viral volume one said...

A prime example of a big budget behind a propoganda video in desperation that it "goes viral".

Such things cannot be bought and sold, I mean this particular example tries to ride on a wave of naffness. So it's shit because it's trying to be shit and we know it, only a drooling retard or well meaning maiden aunt would be taken in by such crude propoganda.
Internet veterans can smell a fart, that's why ZanooLabia fail at Internet and seek to control.
They will most likely render the Net useless and everyone will use their guerilla wireless networks instead much like twenty years ago. Whoops another trillion wasted in IT trying to knit fog.

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