Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Truth is more oppressive than fiction.

(Picture transferred to Room 101 from here)

In Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil', the mysterious terrorists never appeared. Apart from a rogue plumber who fixed heating sytems with malice aforethought, there were only explosions to signal the presence of the ephemeral and probably spectral terrorists. Good film, but you might need to watch it more than once to work it out. There were no terrorists, it was just an excuse to keep everyone scared.

In Orwell's 1984, dismissed by such worthy minds as Paul Flynn, Tom Harris and a few others not worth mentioning, people were encouraged to report their neighbours for anything out of the ordinary that might be a sign of thought crime. They might develop into terrorists under the control of the mythical Goldstein and must be stopped at once. These proto-criminals disappeared into the system for re-education. There was no Goldstein, there was no Brotherhood, it was just an excuse to keep everyone scared.

According to the Righteous who tell us it's all tickety-boo and we're all paranoid and delusional, it could never happen here.

I hope they never take a look at my lab waste. They have a photo of it on the police website. The things I grow...

Worse, I tick every box on this list. Look on my works, ye mortals and despair, for I am Ozytrainspotter, the scourge of all around me.

...or so it seems.

Orwell had it wrong. It's far worse than he envisaged.


subrosa said...

I tick ever box on the list too but at least I know they're onto me. Makes me feel safe knowing someone's looking after me so well :-)

Anonymous said...

I was reading Speak You're Branes the other day. It's sometimes amusing, but often worrying. They had a thread about 1984 in which all of the complacency of supposed "intellectuals" is displayed. The original post is predictably moronic, but nobody is even considering that there might be anything to worry about, because there is puerile piss-taking to be done. Jack Straw and Tom Harris would be very pleased to find such a large number of "intelligent" people who will accept what they say without question. Here is my favourite comment:
It’s people like this that make me wish we DID live in a 1984-esque state.

shibby said...

Safe beneath watchful skies

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Here we go again.

Hazel 'I know where you live' Blears, May 2008

"More than 10 million people are to have their everyday disputes, their politics and their business lives checked by new 'tension monitoring' committees...
Reports on the behaviour and attitudes of local residents will be collected by community workers, neighbourhood wardens, local councillors and provided by voluntary organisations...
The monitoring committees will ask for information on those identified as troublemakers with includes "age, gender, ethnicity and faith" of those being reported on....

They never stop, do they ?
Still it's good of them to give us a freefone number to grass our neighbours up

0800 032 4539

reimer said...

IIRC 'Brazil' took place amid a ghastly hyper-urban setting of total surveillance through vast labyrinthine beauracracy of a society where the elderly refused to age with dignity, opting to pretend to be perpetually young, and where social deviance could result in serious sanction such as having your personal credit rating degraded. Hauntingly familiar.

The enemy within IS real though, eve if it does provide the state with a handy pretext for tyranny of its own.


Anonymous said...

A google of he tel. number eveals this:

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