Saturday, 14 March 2009

Stop Being So Naughty

The Welfare State congratulates itself on dealing with these two scumbags with a two year ASBO and and order to stay away from Exeter.

They really look as if they could give a stuff.


Fidothedog said...

I bet they are just so scared. All this does is move them on to another patch.

Ray said...

WTF?? 'fantastic result' ? They will just do the same thing in another place!

If they were harassing and intimidating vulnerable people, to the point of forcing their victims out of their homes to sleep rough on the streets why weren't they arrested and prosecuted for assault?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Without trying to sound like a nazi, have you noticed that all the scum look the same? No matter where in the UK, they look the same!

Dave H said...

Couple of charmers. I'll bet that's just a fraction of their crimes. Funding a habit, I suppose.

She looks like a skull already, I can't imagine the punters pay much.

Chalcedon said...

They should have been given 2 years secure accommodation at the nearest HM Prison. The utter contemptible shites.

JPT said...

Stay away from Exeter - but they will still be SOMEWHERE!

Anonymous said...

Mr Rab C. Nesbitt, your comment re scum looking the same is a well known phenomenon and used around the world for century's by Police and security personnel.
However, it was stopped in this Country in 1997 when our beloved leaders decided that everyone must have the same opportunity when joining these organizations. Hence why we now have 4'6" Asian woman who refuse to touch 'suspects' because of potential caste issues and religious beliefs and young university grads promoted well beyond their capabilities because they have a certificate in media studies.
In a few short years all experienced officers disappeared and with it the instant character assassination profile that you mentioned died as well as now everyone is equally useless.

subversion and pie in the sky said...


Could it be in part a drug/social breakdown related problem encouraged by marxists using liberal ideology(when it is destructive) to justify and encourage the break down of the fabric of a cohesive, strong and largely uniformly structured society that would otherwise resist the unwanted global communist enslavement perversions by using subversion - liberal idealism.

Any counter agument is to be considered fascist! even though as we will see, selective liberalism is in itself fascist.

I come to this conclusion as when it comes to liberal ideolgy that has an anti marxist effect it is no longer deemed `liberal`.

Such as `employ who you want and for the reasons you want`

That is Liberal but is a big no no!

only `destructive` liberalism that has a collective breakdown effect on society as a whole is encouraged and carefully hid under the banner of being `liberal` and therefore according to them - not fascist!

This takes us to PC.

PC is in fact a betrayal of democracy, using bullying(fascist) to undermine the will of the majority, to take away the will of the majority (democracy) and lead them into totalitarian undemocratic fascist/communist rule.

If you do not brainlessly support the undermining of the majority you will be branded a fascist, a racist etc.

Eventually you will lose all your democracy, the will of the majorty and decend into tyrany - which is the tipping point we are currently at right now.

But people by and large are still too scared (conditioned to be scared)to say the king has no cloths and we are heading to a stalin like goverment, which WILL include death camps.

These people think they can see the light but in fact are still so conditioned that they may as well throw themselfs of a cliff as there is no hope for them.

They have only seen half the picture and their conditioning has been so complete that they will not see the bigger picture until it is far too late.

As the target all along was totalitarian communism using any subversive means necesary to bring it about.

The people who think they are enlightend and see the issues, still support the programs used for there demise, they think they can get better while still drinking the poison!

The communist goal from the beginning -

The destruction of a stuctured and successfull democratic society.

Are the libertarians the answer - do they truly believe in liberalsm?

The libertarians are bollocks because almost everything you do has an impact on someone somewhere/especially in a land ownership system that is not equal and what would start off as a limited goverment ideal would soon snowball to near the size goverment we currently have through the demands of the people.

I am all for more liberty but the libertarians are just pie in the sky - more of the same.

The real answer is increasing democratic accountability, not dogma - yes the libertarians, just like the cons and commies rely on dogma! they are not pragmatic.

Increased democracy -

That is the real free market - the social free market, the informed majority get the biggest say.

It's not perfect but it leads to the greatest number of people being happy.

and it's not the uncaring and ultimately exploited world of the privileged libertarian free marketeers.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Like the poor, they will always be with us. Cut off the head, slash welfare, restore education.

On the other hand, just put up these pics in bus shelters across the country as a deterrent to others.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Can I have some of what subversion was drinking?

But not the stuff he was injecting.

Anonymous said...

Rab C Nesbitt. They all look the same as they fuck each other day and night. No work to get in the way. By the way would you want to fuck one? No, that is another reason for them all looking the same.

another useful idiot arrives said...

Conan the Librarian™ said...
Can I have some of what subversion was drinking?

But not the stuff he was injecting.

14 March 2009 15:49

I don't care if you disagree with me, i welcome it, but at least make a decent point dummy!

In the meantime check out the `frankfurt school of communist subversion` and get an eductaion in communist - useful idiot - tactics.

The Penguin said...

Oooh, another poster who can't seem to work out how to use a capital "I", just like Dolly Dripper...I wonder if they could be related?

The Penguin

K. McEgan. said...

Is Devon a hotbed of Muslim extremism?Can you blame this on Islam?That geezer looks a bit like my pal Ali.

frankfurt school - educate yourself said...

The Penguin said...
Oooh, another poster who can't seem to work out how to use a capital "I", just like Dolly Dripper...I wonder if they could be related?

The Penguin

Very good - I am most impressed by your inane anal obsessions!

Please come again to highlight just how pathetic you are!

frankfurt school of subversion - PC

money as debt

Usefull idiots and subversion

The Banking system explained

Woman on a Raft said...

There is much in Anon 15:57's neo-evolutionary biology comment.

They all look the same because they fuck each other. Good grief, those two look like siblings. Look at the nose.

watch the video -then comment! said...

P.S Penguin, don't bether to reply until you have watched the video on the Frankfurt school.

Then and only then will i believe you to be remotely qualified to reply on the subject -

frankfurt school of subversion - PC

Goodnight Vienna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Goodnight Vienna said...

Don't preach to the converted.

Why do people think that the Fabians and Frankfurt Subversives are new?

Fuck off and learn your history so that you can know your future.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that you can recognise scum on sight. These two are good examples. The only exceptions are the cunning sociopaths who go to some lengths to look non scum like. It would make a suitable topic for a study.

Woman on a Raft said...

A dreadful idea for a justice/lifestyle cross-over show.

Trinny and Trannie go in to a prison and work with soon-to-be released prisoners to see if they can improve their life-chances with a make-over.

OK, Slasher, what I'm thinking is a stylish hat to disguise the knobbly head and the tattoos you had done by that dyslexic mate. "Oh Phuket!" probably looked very gap-year and middle-class aspirant when you were pissed, but right now the hip destination is Padstow. Now if you just put this striped scarf on and loop the ends through like this, it will cover the typos and you'll look just like Jeremy Vine.

"It makes me look gay. I ain't wearin' nuffink wot makes me look gay."

Come along, we don't discriminate these days.

"Not where you come from, darlin, but where I come from a bloke wiv a coat is dodgy, let alone one wiv a two-tone lavendar pashmina-style muffler."

OK, let me explain it, Slasher. If you say you are gay, you can get a job as a body guard for supermodels. You know; for when they are take all their clothes off at fashion shows.

"I've always said lavendar was my muvver's favourite colour and it matches my bruises."

Sadly the gels have missed Lord Ahmed, who has already had Lady Justice Hallett and MJ Wilkie doing his make-over so that you can barely see where his Lordship ran some negligent fool over shilst he was fiddling with his phone. It only counts when chavs do it, and Vera is doing her best to air-brush out any cracks, flaws or blemishes on his character. As you can see, she's done a fantastic job.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Woman on a raft, I think the coke might be responible for the noses.

"over a period of several years" So WTF were Social Services and the Police doing all that time ? Let me hazard a guess, these two "vulnerable " scumbags were housed alongside genuinly vulnerable 'learning impaired' Service Users and thus enabled to rob and abuse them?

Great an ASBO to fuck off out of Exeter and off to Torquay ( it's sunnier there).

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