Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spot The Difference!

A couple who cheated £40,000 on benefits are sent to prison.

A Government Minister who has cheated in the region of £232,000 in tax free additional allowances by claiming that her sister's spare bedroom is her main residence is still incompetently in charge of the Home Office.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Add another wanker to that list, TONY MCNULTY.The cheating wanker has TWO homes in LONDON one is THREE miles from his place of work the other is eleven miles and the wanker claimed from his parents house. His was claiming, TAX FREE, £24.000 each year.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's what you get with a population of spineless surrender monkeys. Modern brits are a walkover and got the "leadership" they deserve.
I read and see it everywhere: "Oh but the law says XYZ, you might get arrested!"
I hope this depression is nice and deep and all the spoilt whiners get a good dose of living in poverty instead of driving around in 4x4 people carrier SUVs (loads out today). Fuck 'em, I've got a fantastic place abroad now and can leave the wankers here to it any time.

Fidothedog said...

Just done a post on this one, gave ya a hat tip.

JD said...

If I ever saw a neck crying out for a piano-wire necklace.....

Tom said...

Well - I do think that the clueless moo is setting herself (and ZanuLabour )up for a kicking insh'allah with this new paranoia mullarkey - turning local council workers into honed and possibly armed anti-terrorism operatives - the Ver.1 SL80 rifle gag about civil servants springs to mind as in "doesn't work and can't be fired"

Am I the only one that can see that Stafford Hospital NHS alone has prematurely ended more British lives than 7/7 in London and the adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan put together?

In terms of "clear and present danger" to the lives and wellbeing of the British population this government makes Usama Bin Laden look rather lame.


Anonymous said...

It's always one rule for them, another for us. Second Home Secretary Spliff is a much a benefit cheat as the people sent to jail - she just gets away with it.

Telly Tax Rebel said...

If this were any other country a vile and bloody civil war would have errupted by now, but no not us brits, we are shafted time after time after time and what happens? the nation is more concerned with the health of a pug ugly tv chav ffs

Warsteiner said...

Who are these 60,000 people ?

To protect us from terrorists ? More like tp protect Brown and co from us methinks

Tom said...

Can't add to his analysis really apart from go get yourself a copy of Terry Gilliams Brazil to figure out what happens next.

bofl said...

ah but she didnt break the law did she ? whereas the poorest are vile scum that need kicking!

the stench from our 'leaders'is appalling-fucking hypocrites all!

the right dishonourable talk about role models,fairness and equality yet twist and turn and deceive at every opportunity.....

the terrorism they refer to is a direct consequence of our soldiers being in iraq and afghanistan.....

the threat to you and i( although i really fucking doubt a major bombing campaign in the co-op.leigh on sea essex)is DIRECTLY A RESULT OF THE DECISIONS AND LIES MADE BY.....the fucking labour party!!!!!!

as usual-putting people first!

as usual-they cause all the misery and suffering-and joe public pay the price!!!!

Balding Nobhead Party said...

telly tax rebel said

"If this were any other country a vile and bloody civil war would have errupted by now, but no not us brits, we are shafted time after time after time and what happens?"

It takes two to make a shafting, a shafter and shaftee. Stop choosing the path of shafteeism. First step; stop expecting any polititian to be anything but an amoral careerist traitor with bottomless pockets. Second step; go self employed and have fun spending your Gordontax on cool new tools. The third step is whatever you want it to be although try to avoid civil war if you can. Fighting is fun but trying to protect and feed your womenfolk and kids every day is not.

caesars wife said...

its all so very nu labour isnt it .

tough on the dodgers , tough on the causes of dodging , totally in denial when minister gets caught .

it was nae us , it was nae us

nigel griffthis not sueing?? must be not made up news then .however was it tax payer expensed seems a far more interesting question??

ide like you to take down my brief ms whiplash VERY SLOWLY

it's either banned or compulsory said...

To the spunkmonkey whose job it is to track my internet useage.

Tell your mistress Jaqui SSmith that she will have a great deal of explaining to do when the nulabour edifice crumbles into its own orifice.
If she survives, she might be allowed to live out her life in a potato sack on Wandsworth Common.

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