Monday, 9 March 2009

The Rotten State of Britain- Dr Eammon Butler ASI

Dr Butler of the Adam Smith Institute gives a truthful account of the State of Britain after twelve years of Labour rule

The author Eammon Butler, a director of the leading think tank the Adam Smith Institute, claimed that his book had been turned down by two publishers because of the "unconventional" nature of the content.

He said: "A new form of centralised government and authoritarian government has been created that is worse than ever in Britain's recent history."

Among the claims in the book are that Britain has a quarter of the world's CCTV cameras, the largest of any country and that taxes have risen by 51 per cent since 1997.

Mr Butler also claims national debt is running at £4.6 Trillion, or £175,000 per household, not £729billion (£29,000 per household) as the Government claims.

In the audit of 10 years of the Labour Government, Dr Butler says that there are now 1,406 litter wardens and dog catchers who have been given powers to levy on the spot fines.

Dr Butler said he wrote the book because he got "so angry about the way that they have no concept of the rule of law".

Dr Butler found that in just one year - 2006/7 - half of the 722,464 DNA samples collected by the police came from children, including a seven-month old girl.

One in nine hospital patients picks up an infection during their stay on a ward, while the total cost of outstanding claims against the NHS is £9.2billion, Dr Butler claimed.

He said that 30,000 of the 200,000 people who die of cancer and strokes each year would survive "if they lived anywhere else in northern Europe".

Dr Butler also claimed in the book that the number of people receiving state benefits has risen from 17million people in 1997 to 21million people by 2007.

He found that nearly six million families receive £16billion-worth of child credit. Dr Butler said: "It's ridiculously high number of beneficiaries for something aimed to help the poorest."

The result is that some families would be better off it he parents did not live together.

He said: "Three-quarters of the poorest households would be better off splitting up. And when money is tight, that is exactly what happens."

I fail to see what is 'unconventional' about this book ??


Ampers said...

Here is one man who shouldn't go for a picnic by himself in the woods!

Oldrightie said...

This book should be sent to every household in the land.

The Economic Voice said...

Oldrightie said...
This book should be sent to every household in the land.

That's why NuLab have ensured as few people as possible can actually read.

The Penguin said...

12 minutes ahead of you!

The Penguin.

Dick the Prick said...

That photo of Rotherham is a little out of date - the hotel has since closed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is very unconventional. You see, OH and friends, while you may be able to see that the country is in a right mess, many do not see it like that.

This is not the first book of this type. Theodore Dalrymple has written several like it for a start, and many others exist. I read a very good one by James Bartholomew recently. But the mere existence of evidence is not enough to sway opinion, no matter how well the argument may be presented or how good the evidence might be.

A dividing line has been cut between right politics and wrong politics. The politics of a book like this are definitely wrong, even though the book is probably almost entirely true, because the book is an attack on sacred cows like welfareism and the NHS. These aspects of our society simply cannot be rethought, no matter how damaging the evidence might show them to be. You might as well try to convince Osama bin Laden that Mohammed made it all up.

Therefore, evidence of NHS failure and the problems caused by welfare need to be dismissed. They can't be debated: the debate might be lost. The evidence must be discredited, and the author must be personally attacked. Presumably he reads the Daily Mail, rages about immigrants and votes for the BNP. Presumably he is a total moron, a small-minded middle Englander with no understanding of the modern world. Only a lack of brain power could explain such opposition to the Establishment.

This is the response you get for attacking what you call the Righteous. And it comes not from the Government, but from a legion of brainwashed "intellectuals" who lack the honesty to question the wisdom they have received, or the capacity to even notice that they have accepted it without thinking. They are the real thought police; their weapons are not torture and imprisonment, but mockery, unthinking and braying insults against anyone who asks unapproved questions.

Uncle Remus said...

Anon 11:33

Some good points there - I like the analogy with Bin Laden in particular.

Anonymous said...

A brilliant piece, Mr Anon, 11.33.

And spot on the money.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Anon 11.33 makes an interesting argument and I don't disagree with the overall tenor of the post. Except ... a large part of it does come from the Government: it comes from the unelected, govt-appointed quangos; it comes from govt-sponsored 'summits', conferences, charities and seminars. It filters down (perhaps 'infiltrates' is a better word) to local governance and national institutions. The govt sets the final goal and interim targets and anyone who wants to accrue brownie points will make sure they toe the line by spouting the lines. There's always been those with an inflated idea of self-worth who are are only too happy to grab at the coat-tails of an authoritarian ideology in order to bring meaning to their sad little lives.

Mockery is an excellent weapon against the Righteous. I'm not sure it will take us to a different destination but it will make the journey more pleasant. And if mockery doesn't win the day, perhaps we can just riot, string 'em up and get our lives back.

Revolution Harry said...

Anon 11.33, reading through your comment reminded me of a couple of short videos I watched recently. The person being interviewed is Yuri Bezmenov. He's speaking about the Marxist/Leninist infiltration of the USA but what he's saying equally applies to this country. The second video isn't really relevant to your comment but is a fascinating follow up to the first video. It gives an insight into exactly what seems to be going on in this country.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs a new abacus!

"Mr Butler also claims national debt is running at £4.6billion, or £175,000 per household, not £729billion (£29,000 per household) as the Government claims."

Or a new proof-reader.

Anonymous said...

Well apart from things are fine and dandy then?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"six million families receive £16billion-worth of child credit."
And it would be a lot more if the gummint didn't make the forms so arse numblingly complicated.

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