Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Quiescent Cadavers......

Way back in the murky past, I did an inordinate amount of research for a paper entitled The Quiescent Cadaver.

Bless them, I was shocked to discover they have no legal rights at all.

Surprisingly, they live lives pretty much like the rest of us; they get married, they have sex, they have babies. Today we learn that some of them become Benefit Cheats in their old age.

The Government paid out £73 million in state benefits to dead people last year. The Department for Work and Pensions confirmed that it is trying to claw back some of the overpayments to almost 200,000 dead people.
But it admitted that £27 million of the money will never be recovered due to a lack of funds in the deceased's estate.

Now by virtue of all my research, I consider myself better qualified than the average person to tell you what cadavers can get up to - and I am confident that they cannot nip round to the local cash point.

If £73 million has been paid into their bank accounts, then £73 million is still sitting in their bank accounts - either that or 'someone' has helped to remove it. Whyfore then, is the Department of Dodgy Statistics telling us that £27 million can't be recovered? Is that £27 million in Scottish bank accounts? Is that the problem? Have Scottish Cadavers discovered a way to pop into Yates' Wine Lodge for a few quick Stella's on route to their next scam?

It wouldn't surprise me. We appear to have a Scottish Cadaver running the country at the moment - is there no end to their talents?

Photo courtesy of Mary Roach's Publishers.


Guthrum said...

is it just me or are the links not working ?

Kill them all said...

Your link tags are all buggered on this one - ' ' has been tacked onto the front of all the URLs.

Dead people have also been known to vote, allegedly a traditional scam in parts of the USA.

Anna Raccoon said...

Quite right folks - this is one of perils of blogging in French........I have no idea why Blogger did that, but I have re-entered them all and they are all working now - in France anyway (about the only thing that is!)
Thank-you for letting me know.

Guthrum said...

Cheers A

Oldrightie said...

Dead people have also been known to vote, allegedly a traditional scam in parts of the USA.
Also for Browbama's old head teacher in Glenrothes. He looked distictly cadaverous.

subrosa said...

And another one who's a good advert is the man who thinks he likes Scotland, Jimmy Murphy. But he's not too sure.

Anonymous said...


Chalcedon said...

Who said "You can't take it with you"?

JD said...

Stella's? The plural of Stella is usually Stellas, or is there something you're not telling? JD

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