Friday, 27 March 2009

Putting the boot in.

Jacqui Smith's heart must have beat a little faster this week, when news reached her of the advances in the science of Internet censorship made in Germany.

11 German detectives descended on the home of Theodor Reppe, in the name of 'discovery of evidence of distribution of pornographic material'.

Without informing Theodor of his rights, they demanded the passwords to his web site, asked that the entire domain be disabled, and then made a false claim that he had agreed for all this to take place without witnesses.

Why, you may ask, should a purveyor of child pornography be treated any better? Why indeed.

Except that Theodor is not a purveyor of child pornography, he is the registered domain owner of, the German equivalent of the well known - feared by governments across the world.

Wikileaks have recently published the list currently being used in trials of the "great Aussie firewall". To the embarrassment of the Australian government, about half the links on the published list related to material other than child porn, and included online poker sites, fetish, satanic and Christian sites.

Not only is it now prohibited to look at certain sites in Australia, it is prohibited to know which sites are prohibited.

In Australia, during the last year, a tactic of those seeking to block the Internet was to insinuate that those who questioned such a block were soft on child porn and might have a pro-paedophile agenda.

Now that that slur has been rebutted, the next step may be to extend the definition of distribution of child porn: not merely hosting it or passing it to third parties; but merely informing other people of where it is accessible.

Telling you where you might go to find out where you might go to find out where you might go to find out where you might go......may yet see a jack-booted one kicking down my door. All in the name of protecting the kiddies of course, far be it from me to insinuate that this is a cover story to protect the government from citizens seeing anything like Dan Hannan's video.


K. MacEgan said...

If the US Govt want to smear someone it is either tax evasion or kiddy porn. Roll on Operation Glencoe. Expect to take casualties prepare to take plod scalps. Bramshill delenda est.

Anonymous said...

i said to my mrs they traced it to alabama cotton pickin black history

Goodnight Vienna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Goodnight Vienna said...

Sorry Anna and pals but I'm absolutely seething - the murdered soldiers in Belfast were repatriated to England as freight for fuck's sake
and I had to post it somewhere before I burst. I don't even know if anyone reads my rubbish but I know you'll give it a good airing. Bloody labour.

Delphius1 said...

I wrote this on my blog on Thursday in response to the lack of media interest in Dan Hannans speech:

"The main point is that we are now roughly 12 months from a general election and our mainstream media are pumping out a biased viewpoint, which the majority of the population aren't aware of.

I just wonder how long free and unbiased output from blog sites will be tolerated before some sort of "anti-terror" legislation is proposed in order to control them. The new legislation aimed at social networking sites amongst others needs or any proposed amendments to it will require careful scrutiny I think."

Its a sad commentary that we expect to lose the freedom we have currently, because we expect the government to silence dissenting alternative media.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Damn, so cross I forgot THE LINK

shibby said...

Fantastic post - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Pornography is clearly the thin edge of he wedge, other types of sites will/are slowly being added to the list. Ideally they would like the web to something like radio 4. The next step could be legislating against offensive comments? It will be fairly loosely worded in order to embrace a lot of anti government politician commentary.

JD said...

It's not so hard to hide your IP address. There's plenty of stuff on Google, and there's 'Tor'. Or we could all hold our noses and change our names to Gordon Brown, Draper, or something equally disgusting when leaving comments etc.. JD.

Angry Exile said...

Anon, the presence of non-porn sites on that list already means that we're starting up the thick bit, though what the hell a Queensland dentist is doing on it is anybody's guess. Fortunately in Australia the 'clean feed' internet censorship project is starting to look a bit ropey, and we've got three lots of people to thank. iiNet, the third largest ISP, are pulling out of the trials (the biggest two didn't want to take part anyway), an unconvinced Senate seems likely to block it, and the whole business of the $5,000 fine for linking to the Wikileaks list got so much publicity that "spectacular own goal" seems tailor made for it. When journos at The (notoriously lefty) Age are critical and accuse Sen Conroy of pious conceit and inflexibility you just know the government are only carrying on from a bloody minded refusal to admit that they're wrong.

black hole sunset said...

A bit more info at theregister about an Aussie ISP pulling out of the firewall trial because:

"It became increasingly clear that the trial was not simply about restricting child pornography or other such illegal material, but a much wider range of issues including what the Government simply describes as “unwanted material” without an explanation of what that includes."

Noticed that Jacqui "it's for your own safety" Smith gave us a timely reminder of the (ever present) dirty bomb threat the day after Hannan gave The Great Leader substantially less praise that is now the legally mandated norm.

Whereas, Andrew from Huddersfield is obviously keen to get cracking on a decade long stint at his nearest PFI forced labour camp, if this dangerous counter-stability cynicism is anything to go by:

"Am I alone in thinking that these 'scares', (sorry, security announcements!), keep appearing when the government want to distract us from other issues, such as the apparent failure of the PM's attempts to persuade world leaders that he knows best.

Andrew, Huddersfield"

Let us all pray that Andrew and his kind do not hinder our own ethereal ascent into The Workers' paradise, that shining city on the hill - Gordogorsk.

Seriously though, our 'leaders' are nothing but empty-headed front-drones for a largely invisible oligarchy.

Damn, that's me screwed!

The Penguin said...

Vorsprung Durk Technic.

Seem the German Police have some egg on face!

The Penguin

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