Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Plan

Good to see that The Plan by Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan has been flying out of the door since Daniel bent Gordon over in Brussels and shoved a red hot broken bottle dipped in sand and acid up his flanders poppy.

It is currently the 57th most popular UK book on Amazon

Grab a copy (by using the link on the right hand side, then I get to buy more porn, rather than relying on the tax payer).


Harman_Pride said...

Dan Hannan is a devalued politician who recently extolled Iceland as a shining example we should all follow!

If there's one person I wouldn't take advice from it's him!

Derek Draper humiliated him on Channel 4, exposing his rant as "typical Oxford Union Toryboy stuff" and "a demented rant from a demented party". Lol!

It is easy to forget what Britain was like in 1997 - the NHS on its knees, schools crumbling, crime doubled and millions of families still scarred by unemployment over three million and interest rates still recovering from hitting

Labour’s commitment giving real help now and real hope for the future stands in stark contrast to the Tories who would do nothing.

By opposing Labour’s fiscal stimulus, the Conservatives have set themselves against providing real help now for families and businesses. They are committed not just to spending less in a time of need but also to spend less in the future. By doing nothing, they would deepen the downturn and delay the recovery, just as they did in the recessions of the 1980s and 1990s. They would make Britain weaker not stronger for the future.

Voting Labour next May will help us to finish the task we've set ourselves, bringing Britain into the 21st Century and making it a happier place for our children.

Chris said...


I bet your hubby wanks on the taxpayer too.

Gareth said...

"a demented rant from a demented party"

If you're going to quote someone at least get it right. What Draper said was "a demented speech from a demented party" ... immediately after Snow and Hannan had been discussing the Labour origins of the 'devalued Prime Minister' remark. If it was demented now it was demented then.

Anonymous said...

Harman_Pride, 1409.

I think you may have gone too far! Sufficiently advanced satire is indistinguishable from reality.

"It is easy to forget what Britain was like in 1997." I love how your Britain of 1997 is a description of Britain today.

Anonymous said...

In what way is Mr Hannan a devalued politician? Does he fiddle his expenses? Does he have illicit sex romps in parliament? Harpic pride, sort your own dirty lot out!

K. MacEgan said...

Slightly off topic.Anyone else had their memory cache wiped?Woke up and my laptop has been remotely hacked.After writing on G20,animal rights,Free Tibet & Lashkar e taiba.Plod unhappy?

JD said...

Harman(oxymoron)Pride: Yeah, and black is white in your world. I'm sure glad I live in the real one! JD

Phoenix rising said...


That 3 minute demolition of the Great Leader by Hannan has really got under your skin hasn't it.....

The truth hurts.
Get over it.

Dave H said...

When Jacqui told Richard to spunk taxpayers' money up the wall, she had no idea he would take her literally.

curly15 said...

Any plans in The Plan for Alfie and Chantelle?

Mitch said...

"It is easy to forget what Britain was like in 1997 - the NHS on its knees, schools crumbling, crime doubled and millions of families still scarred by unemployment over three million and interest rates still recovering from hitting"

and after 12yrs of nulab we have...ditto +2 illegal wars and the biggest debt in our history.

bofl said...

harman pride is either a piss take or someone from a mental institution(labour hq)

just ignore it.......

Patrick Vessey said...

@ K.MacEgan

Probably 'our' lot, but the Chinese have been ramping up cyber activity. Here's a recent report from the University of Cambridge, looking at the compromising of OHHDL systems.

Anonymous said...

blind leading the blind said...
This is all bollocks, Gordon isn't nuts as you would define it and no more so than any of the snouters, he is doing as he is told and what he is told to do is not nuts in that it has no logic, but part of the bigger evil plan.

Look at Tony Liar, he did what he was told is now stinking rich and is being primed for first president of the EU.

It is an abuse of power for self gain, almost every politician suffers from that and it could be argued that is a natural human condition - even if it is destructive and an abuse of what democracy is meant to be.

Reprecenting the peoples wishes.

Each new basterd comes in corrupted and takes a little bit of democracy away and tyrany in, until you are stuck with the EU and the shadowy group that controls that.

Follow the money.

All this bollocks about Brown being mad may be entertaining and may undermine the freak within his party but it is not the issue, it is a distraction.

The next freak will be exactly the same, Dave, whoever.

Get used to the idea as that is when the shit really hits the fan, not with Gordon but with `Dave`.

Why, because with Gordon people have blamed the Labour party and not the EU which is where 70% of the problem lies, when Dave takes over 70% and more of the problem still remain and no longer can the public pin it on the Socialists in the Labour party.

This is when EU puppet `Dave` has to either wrap up democracy in the UK as subtle as is possible to avoid a real civil disturbance or the people will look for a `real` non EU alternative.

Either that aor the EU will have to back down and retreat until it can flood the UK and the rest of Europe with non Europeans who do not give a crap how totalitarian or lacking in democracy it is, as long as they get slightly more than a bowl of rice a day and are grateful to the EU for allowing them this opportunity.

Something that is already happening but will be ramped up, first chance they get!

Wake up.

29 March 2009 17:09

Consider this!

Anonymous said...

Dave H

Great post.

Window Licking CUNT said...

Harman Pride is a pathetic cunt.

Harmans_hate said...


Er I think you will find you have come to the wrong blog, most here despise the Tories almost as much as Labour.

How many arms legs and heads have Labour helped to blow off innocent Iraqi children now?

No, It's not the BNP blowing the arms legs and heads of Muslims, the Labour party.

P.S have a quote from the lovey Harman herself -

who described high rates of separation as a 'positive development'

Never mind the children eh Hariet!

Especially the ones now missing heads legs and arms!

K. MacEgan said...

God Bless You,Mr Vessey.

The Economic Voice said...

Come and see the elephant at play and imagine what he'd do to her.

jaymason said...

I think Harman pride is also posting as Labour pride on the spectator as there is an almost identical rant there, Has Dollys rebutall unit run out of stupid names, or is it just Dolly on a solo effort, bit like Mr Timney.

Anonymous said...

Definitely satire.

Exhibit A. "Derek Draper humiliated him on Channel 4"

There's only one man who has ever been humiliated by Derek Draper. His name is Derek.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

12 months?
I and your good self with lots of willing help could improve Britain in a day.
Thing is I dont give a fuck anymore.
Have the place,the weather is shite,it has nothing to offer
Beasty has other plans.
I intend to sit in the sun and laugh as scum starve.

Tyburn Jig said...

@ Harman_Pride

What's life like at the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue) these days?

This is not goodbye, its not even au revoir. Its a big FUCK OFF then said...

"Beasty has other plans.
I intend to sit in the sun and laugh as scum starve."

Bye Beast. You will be missed. Only in your own mind though!

Ambrose Sulk said...

21:41 - Fuck you too arse hole.

Happy with your lot then?

You going too, shame. said...

Ambrose Sulk said...

'21:41 - Fuck you too arse hole.

Happy with your lot then?'


See ya.

Anonymous said...

harman-pride you birdbrained cunt,if you think the NHS is so fucking good under ZaNuLab I suggest you search Paul Steane.
The head rabbi of Warsaw would have fared better under Mengele than that poor sod.

Anonymous said...

There is no where to run to, almost every corner of the once civilised world has been overun by the marxist filth through the NWO, what was classed as right is now left - take a look at Dave!

It is the same everywhere you go!

The areas so far not as infected are running at turbo speed to catch up.

Do you think this is only UK based?
It's not called the NWO for nothing!

Jesus wept.

Tory Poppins said...

"Derek Draper humiliated him on Channel 4, exposing his rant as "typical Oxford Union Toryboy stuff" and "a demented rant from a demented party". Lol!"

It was the other way round - believe me. Draper's a dick.

JD said...

Thought I'd pass this on....

I'm enjoying Ayn Rand

I get to page 413 of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged:

Francisco d'Anconia says “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favours – when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – you may know that your society is doomed.

Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money …. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper”.

Any of that sound familiar? Heard of any businesses now needing permission from unproductive quangos just to do business? Suspect any big corporations lobby regulators for advantage or quangocrats to siphon off public funds? Brown sold off our gold, didn’t he? That pile of paper bonds he’s left us with aren’t worth much, are they?

And then I look up at the TV and I see an anti-free trade protester on the streets of London. He wants more regulation and government. He bears a banner that say "People before profit'', "Money for need not greed''.


caesars wife said...

i wish i could convice you harman pride , , and mr beast makes me wish i was his rent boy/girl slave. however caesars wife is made of stearner stuff than run off somewhere else lot , he intends to be home as the boot of destiny engages with browns fiscal deficet .

i have worked out why labour are flawed as a party , i appreciate harman pride that you wish for me and those who think similar to me , to be set free into the dazzling light of the modern era , as though i was child labour stuck in a 18 century chimney , living off the ale house scraps dummped on the banks of thames , very quaint of you.

however when i think of the centuries nay mellenia of the growing pains that this country has gone through , and its institutions that tell its story , its weird details , that make you enquire , its history that vibrates .

i come across "duds" like your self harman pride , who having been spoon fed some gruel from a red wedge convention and told it was truth , "if we all have gruel we will have a perfect society"

capitalism is spoken in terms of "radical" or "benign" it is not a destination , it is flexible, it might even be said to breath . socialism is not, it is a mould into which society must be melted down and poured into, whithout society being consulted or even asked.

the hard left should , should be defined in the lancet as a form of physcopathy with messianic tendancies.

i pose a question to you haramn pride "as with any mass production line , what will you do with defects ??"

re set , re process , re finance ??

or just as labour are doing now and have done in the past, bullshit those they have conned and leave them to burn or take the gruel . will you think so well of your new master as his political class continue to feast , whilst the finger of the iron clunking fist , continues to probe every aspect of your daily live, so that he can keep you from doing anyhting he doesnt want you to think.

i prefer living free , improving ones self, educated , working with manners and respect co operatively , with jobs that have value .

this is precisely why , i want to see , the state ownership of my life be shown up as fundamentally flawed .

you might enjoy being a state owned lackey , why not you could get breshnievs browns medal, for services to porn and drugs, let the party elevate you , for your dedication to modern freedom.

I on the other hand prefer to british and free , your flawed fad , can find the nearest idealoical drain back to the primordial soup, i am more than happy to pull the flush for you . i certainly cant lose much more money by holding back .

Anonymous said...

What about the wonderful Mr and Mrs Keen of West Londonshire. MPs both and laundering our money as if it's going out of fashion (it is). These two surely deserve the full glare of publicity don't they??

Is this Harman Pride related to all the other Prides hanging around the blogs recently? he certainly has all the quodos of a three day old wet nappy....

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