Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Phil Woolas - Cunt

Phil Woolas smuggling pygmies into 10 Drowning Street

I notice with some mirth that Phil Woolas, immigrant minister, an uebercunt and weapons grade cocktrumpet, tried to suppress the publication of immigration statistics by the Office of National Statistics (who work for us, not him) and has accused them of naivety and sinister intentions.

Nice one Phil.

(Now as you know, I don’t care where you come from. If you are prepared to pitch in and compete against our Stella belching oiks for a job, not take a penny from us and not tell me to change my life in anyway, feel free to try.)

I’m growing tired of being told I cannot read things. I’m growing tired of being told. Full stop. I notice you were active in the Anti Nazi League. How ironic is it that you now demand book burnings ad the suppression of information?

Fuck off and die Phil. Quickly. Preferably from a Lamp post. Sinister enough for you?


bofl said...

i find it odd that the so called labour party demonize everyone else yet killed 1 million people in iraq + afghanistan and now condone torture.

added to that they often quote Mao as being a hero........

hopefully they will all get cancer and we can watch them die on tv!


Funambulist said...

That photo makes him look like the kind of smug know-nowt who joins the Labour Party at age 16 and aspires to become president of the National Union of Spotty Students.

And a Michael Foot lookalike to boot!

Ray Nerslane said...

Is the woman in the background Harridan Hagperson, by any chance?

The Penguin said...

He's my Hoon Of The Day, little Custard Pie.

The Penguin

Roger Thornhill said...

Woolarse makes Stephen Timms appear like Harrison Ford.

A nasty, weasel of a male (not a man by any means).

Oldrightie said...

According to the polling firm of colossal Labour lickspittle, Kellner, 28% of people polled think Labour a joyous regime!

Mr T said...

'Weapons grade cocktrumpet' - one if the finest, and most apt, epithets I've ever seen. I doff my hat to you OH.

silas said...

It amused me that he said the immigration figures and the number of British citizens born outside the UK was "not a black & white area"

Screech said...

Mr T..I second that, that little phrase is going to be used a bit around my place of work in the near future. Cheers OH

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