Saturday, 14 March 2009

Old Holborn Job Seekers Spot For the Righteous

Deprivation Of Liberty Development Manager (Mental Act)

Deprivation of liberty.

My client based in London is currently looking for a Deprivation of Liberty Interim Development Manager. Deprivation of Liberty Interim Development Manager, contract, based London.
My client require a consultant to develop their Deprivation of Liberty (DOLs) function in keeping with my client's statutory duties. Mental Act/Capacity. Mental Capacity Act 2005.
You role will be to:
Establish & deliver the DOLs function within the client, including co-ordination of Best Interest Assessments and authorisation processes;
You will develop and implement all relevant policies & procedures affecting delivery of the DOLs function.
You will work with the local London Borough in co-ordinating DOLs functions where joint working would benefit the client.
You will develop a communications strategy working in partnership with the Communications department in the client.
You will arrange ongoing training support for Best Interest Assessors.
You will develop and maintain an information system for data collection and monitoring purposes.

You will have the following skills for this role:
Recent working knowledge of the Mental Health Act (1983, 2007), Mental Capacity Act 2005.
You will have recent experience of working within a health and social care setting and familiarity with the organisational structures of either Local Authorities and/or primary Care Trusts.

You will have the ability to lead and manage projects.
You will have experience of developing and implementing policies and procedures.
You will have experience of partnership working and working across organisational boundaries.
You will have the ability to focus on delivering specific outcomes.
You will have excellent IT skills, particularly Excel, Word and Outlook.
You will have the ability to work independently whilst ensuring accountability is maintained.
You will have the ability to develop and maintain a database for information storage and monitoring purposes.

Please apply immediately if you have the above skills, as interviews taking place ASAP, start ASAP as well

H/T Ian PJ

Capita Resourcing Recruiting for the Public Sector

Just imagine putting that on your ID-

Profession- Deprivation Of Liberty Development Manager


Anonymous said...

Up to £600 a day, though! Wow. And I thought guard duty at Auschwitz paid well.

Shame that you'll need "Common Purpose" on your CV to qualify. In the old days you just had to be a member of the Nazi party to get this sort of job. Now you've got to go on a "leadership" course.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I'm a lesbian disabled ethnic post op transexual. Are my chances better?

apocalypse nowish said...

Thanks for this hilarious contribution to my day, always a great pleasure to stop by. Split this employee up into a couple of departments and hire several people doing this or that part and you pretty much have today’s reality.

microdave said...

I'm suffering from mental health problems just trying to understand what the f**k that is all about. Obviously Common Purpose "leadership" training doesn't include any Plain English....

Put that on my C.V.? - No thanks.

Oldrightie said...

I don't speak this language. Could I still apply on the grounds of my minority Anglo-Saxon ethnicity! What a mouthful of Labour shitspeak.

Anna Raccoon said...

Ahem, speaking as someone who is abundantly overqualified to fill that position......£600 a day is chicken feed for what is required in the job.
This is a front line role,risking your neck hourly, never mind daily, with people who have been devastatingly let down by the 'care in the community' and who are consequently extremely angry with the service you represent as well as still having their original problems.
Still it was amusing - no, that's the wrong word, educational, to see that they are still trying to lure people into these roles without addressing the basic problems that make the role necessary.
Guthrum, did you intend the second link in your piece to lead whence it does? It added a certain je ne sais quoi to your post anyway!
Deprivation of Liberty Development Manager eh? Another fine example of NU-Labour speak.
There was a point at which the working title for my department was to be Mental Ability Department - I didn't fancy turning up on some poor blighters doorstep with an ID which announced that I was the woman from 'M.A.D.' - particularly since it was merely an exercise in trying to verbally distance themselves from the failure of the same department, same staff, under a different name.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Funny if only it weren't true. I'm also suffering mental health problems in that I have delusions which manifest in thinking I'd make a better PM than Gordon Brown.

On a serious note, it's a question of language. We hear their psycho-babble and respond in kind instead of deriding it. I think it's time to reclaim our language from these freaks.

black hole sunset said...

£600 a day is chicken feed for what is required in the job.

Assuming 20 working days a month and that a hypothetical candidate ended up with a median £450/day, that's £9000/month.

Other than domain-specific experience of the mental health legislation, all I see is a job spec for managerial competence and good IT skills.

Elby the Beserk said...

Do you think Brown has one assigned to him? If not, he certainly should. I'm up for that. I could deprive him of his liberty, and then poke him with sharp sticks all day.

K. McEgan. said...

I am Irish & therefore ineligible but may I use your good offices?MI5 want information regarding the Carroll shooting,here is some Dear PSNI FUCK YOU!

aproposofwhat said...

I'm mad as fuck - I also have IT and project management skills.

Do I qualify?

Deprivation of Liberty Development Officer - nearly a good acronym to be had there, but just one letter out ;o)

black hole sunset said...

... This is a front line role,risking your neck hourly, never mind daily ...

Where does it say, or even imply, that this is a caseworker role with responsibility for meeting with users of the mental health services being provided?

The spec reads like a middle ranking position that will certainly involve managing people who might be at risk from time to time but doing so from the comfort of an office.

There do seem to be a lot of assaults on mental health staff, but this role doesn't appear to be one that puts the (hansomely paid) recipient in the firing line

What say you Anna?

Goodnight Vienna said...

"... This is a front line role,risking your neck hourly, never mind daily ... "

Perhaps they should just fuck off and get a job in the real world:

The Filthy Engineer said...

I take it he/she will need a diversity,outreach,five a day manager to assist. My phone number is........

black hole sunset said...

There is a very troubling disparity between the impression created by Anna Racoon's other posts (particularly on government waste and overspend) and her robust, if incoherent, defense of the terms and conditions described above. If £600/day is "chicken feed", what's a fair wage? £1000/day? £1500/day? £2000/day?

That advert stands as clear and unambiguous evidence of the parallel universe in which some public sector recruitment operates and the utterly bloated rewards that are being offered for (i.e. wasted on) unremarkable staff.

You've nailed your colours to the mast on this and they do not fit your chosen online persona - not by a long shot.

Care to explain?

Anonymous said...

A pair of handcuffs will only cost £100, and last the entire 6 months.

black hole sunset said...

Not getting a lot of satisfaction on this £9000/month "chicken feed" strangeness.

Is there anyone in a position to do so who would be kind enough to give Anna a tap on the shoulder and ask her to come over here to give a decent account of herself?

You know, in the interests of having even a shred of credibility invested in her (otherwise very welcome) offerings.

Anna Raccoon said...

Black hole Sunset,

I would happily have explained but had stopped watching this thread so did not see your later entries.

For a start it is you who have extrapolated the £600 a day to mean that is 20 days a month - that is not what the advertisement says - it is £600 a day.

This advertisement has caused quite a lot of comment in my old sector, because we know what the job is - and I am sorry that I am not going to be more explicit than that, for it would identify me and my old colleagues.

Part of the reason that it has caused so much comment is that it doesn't stipulate that it is a front line role - I well remember a Former Director of Social Services who was delighted to be appointed to the role several years ago, really fancied the Ruritanian title that went with it; sent us, his fellow colleagues a cheery note saying how much he was looking forward to working with us - and quit dramatically three days later when it dawned on him that there was no office, no secretaries, no tea lady...he needed the IT skills because he would be preparing all reports himself, he needed to be 'able to work independently' because at no time would he be allowed to have an accompanying colleague with him, nor CPN, nor community police support in order to maintain client confidentiality. Nor was there any guarantee of how many days per month he would be working.
Poor blighter was gob smacked coming from the cossetted surroundings of social services.
If you want to truly find out what the job entails, I suggest you apply for it, I am not prepared to say any more on line - although I guarantee that you will have plenty to say after a week or so of doing it.
Alternatively, if you like to click on my name, it will take you to my site, where you will find an e-mail address for me.

black hole sunset said...

" did not see your later entries..."

No problem, thanks for coming back to it.

"... it is you who have extrapolated the £600 a day to mean that is 20 days a month ... - it is £600 a day."

The advert doesn't say either way and it was poor form of me labour under the assumption that is was full time role. I've just got off the phone with Chris Miro at Capita, who was kind enough to answer my questions even though I did tell him why I was asking - the role is budgeted for upto 4 days a week at upto £600/day. From speaking to him it seems that, for the right candidate, the whole £600/day and 4 day week would be available but a lesser candidate who could only fullfil part of the role would certainly end up on less than £600/day and possibly fewer days per week - depending on "how things work out". I rather stupidly forgot to ask him if it was a front line role or not but, going by your experience, the answer might not be that useful anyway. In effect, it's somewhere between part time and very nearly full time and within £300..£600/day, depending on the individual candidate.

"Part of the reason that it has caused so much comment is that it doesn't stipulate that it is a front line role ... although I guarantee that you will have plenty to say after a week or so of doing"

Fair enough, all the gliters is not gold. That's still an awful lot of money and there are plenty of skilled private sector workers who are slogging their guts out for a fraction of what's being offered for the role in question.

"Alternatively, if you like to click on my name ..."

That's very sporting, thanks for the offer, you've stood up for your position and that's good enough for me =)

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