Monday, 2 March 2009

Oh Fuckity Fuck

I think we all knew that the Police were going to break a few heads this year because they told us in no uncertain terms that they intended to hold the line against the summer of rage. The Police then say we are going to have to lay off frontline policemen unless we get more money, there is nothing between you Mr Brown and the mob

It now appears that the Army are stock piling tear gas and asking the lads and lasses that are being underpaid, given crap equipment,no medical care in military hospitals worth the name 'would you fire on your countrymen'. Pvt Beharry VC was trotted out over the weekend, with I assume the permission of the top brass to ensure better pay and conditions, because unless we do there is nothing, Mr Brown, between you and the mob.

IF these rumours are true, and considering that ARRSE has never been particularly pro Brown, this would be a very interesting position for the military to take sides with Brown against the people of this country.

So the Army is on standby! Where are the troops coming from as at the moment we are a little bit busy?
How can the Government suddenly find troops to cover its own back but not for Afghan?
How many would prefer to be on the other side of the Police line having a go at the Government?

Comment on the ARRSE site

Recently, from a confidential source, I received information that the MoD was buying up unusually large quantities of tear gas and other riot equipment. Clearly, it has no intention of being caught out, as it was at the beginning of the Troubles, having to ration tear gas and riot shields. Maybe they might even find a use for all those Snatch Land Rovers, when they are returned from Iraq.

The implications of putting the Army on the streets, though, are horrendous. Currently, the Army is riding on the crest of a wave of public approval but, as it did in Northern Ireland, sentiment can very quickly turn. The ramifications for the campaign in Afghanistan might be significant. An Army which is sent out against its own people is not likely to attract much support for its other activities.

But there is not much prospect of the Army disobeying orders. As we saw in the 2001 Foot and Mouth epidemic, it went to work with a will, engaging in illegal activities, intimidating ordinary people and conspiring with the civil authorities to enforce false arrest. It will do so again if ordered, with the back-up this time of the Civil Contingencies Act which makes legal much of what was illegal back in 2001.


If we don't riot, Labour are likely to be obliterated in a general election.
If we do riot, there won't be one.


Or they just shoot you anyway, I was fourteen when this happened.


The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way, and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theatre.

Frank Zappa


Oldrightie said...

I fully expect Snotty to go down this road.

Chris said...

I'll be talking to a few cousins and mates this week (serving- and ex-Forces). I want to get a couple of beers in them and pose a few hypotheticals.

Sure they'll shoot rioters, but would they shoot little old ladies, yummy mummies, their 'old man', etc?

I would *love* to see Brown go down in history as the man who brought Bloody Sunday to the mainland.

Harrithebastard said...

Just to make us feel better John Reid has stated that ...

British troops might return "without a shot being fired"?


Old Holborn said...

The National Socialists came to power in January 1933. By March 1933, Dachau had been built.

Many of those who worked to see Dachau established wound up getting a very good look - from the inside.

Remind those who tell you to "calm down" and "stop exaggerating" whenever you mention a Police State in the UK

Anonymous said...

Is it strange that the link doesn't work? that the page never loads? Is this traffic, or, something more sinnister?

Dave H said...

'Would you fire on your countrymen?'

Perhaps they just meant this.

Guthrum said...

Ah so thats the logical explanation- silly me

Anonymous said...

Fuck 'em. They won't really follow orders. I trust them more than coppers any day of the week.

It's all very well their family being 'proud' when they're on leave but they have a responsibility not to tell them that they shit themselves every time they go back.

The police are just paid up fat gimps without the brains to get into the army.

Anonymous said...

Dave H - I doubt it, most of them understandably relish the idea of slotting a 'British' Jihadi.

microdave said...

"Is it strange that the link doesn't work? that the page never loads? Is this traffic, or, something more sinister?"

So it's not just me then. I've been having more and more trouble with this for at least a couple of months. I now know Tiscali was not the best choice of ISP, but had been wondering if this was just me being paranoid. It only seems to affect US hosted blog sites such as this one. When one fails to load I can't then get any others for several minutes. Then all of a sudden everything returns to normal. I simply don't believe it is purely down to traffic - I feel sure there would be lots more complaints if this were the case.
Any body else care to comment?

Seneschal said...

Brown would never risk deploying the troops, it would end in a armed coup and him locked in the tower, hang on a minute....yes Gordon, deploy the troops, DEPLOY THE TROOPS!

Stop Common Purpose said...

If you are having trouble with your computer, do a search for "rootkit", and download a program that searches for rootkits.

Old Holborn said...


I read somewhere that Google changed some stuff at the beginning of the year.

I get plenty of "link broken" pages. Just click again and it connects. Via GCHQ. Probably

Earthlet Nigel said...

This whole aspect of the regime is extremely worrying, and whilst the question is undoubtedly being placed to soldiers, I surmise that a few other questions are being asked to qualify the answer given to the very simplistic "Will you open fire on UK civilians?".

I agree there should be no rioting, not because I don't wish to, but simply because I don't wish to give this regime any precept upon which it can stay in power. An election will trash it.

And a given that rioting doesn't take place I suspect that an action from within the moslem community could very well give the regime the excuse they are looking for.

The insipient erosion of our freedoms in the name of terrorist prevention is not even subtle any more.

No wonder that in Germany we are known as Überwachungsstaat England.

However I perceive the use of the contingences act to be a precursor for insurrection.

With regard to ARRSE many who post there are, like myself, former servicemen.

Anonymous said...

The police in London need this? They definitely won't be firing on people.

Empress State Building
Thursday 12 March 2009
9am - 12pm
To meet the demands of modern policing we all need to take a step up, no more so than in the way we lead. At this event Michael Heppell, author of the business best seller ‘How to be Brilliant’, explores how leaders can make that step up to become brilliant leaders.

Michael Heppell is a world-class business speaker, renowned personal development trainer and international best-selling author. He has taken his message of achieving brilliance as your benchmark across the world to hundreds of thousands of people, from individuals to multi-national corporations. His advocates include major corporations from: Microsoft to HSBC, retailers from Vauxhall to Virgin as well as TV celebrities, Premiership footballers and Dragons Den entrepreneurs.

Michael is known for his business savvy and expertise in the fields of personal development, customer service and education and for his enthusiasm, energy and humour.

This event is aimed at Sergeants, Inspectors, Band D's, Band E's with staff (equivalent pay bands) and any rank or pay band above.

For more information about the event and details of how to book a place please visit the Team Met

electro-kevin said...

Who are the soldiers sworn to ?

Guthrum said...

Not the people for sure, just the Queen

Doomed said...

I just hope anyone who does riot makes it worth while and puts it right up 'em.
They don't like it up 'em.

Does any UK company do custom printed bogroll, I want to wipe my arse on the Labour cabinet every day until they are out of office.

Anonymous said...

I am a man who only reads your puffy shite and i cannot command a great deal of text but the last time i was home(council sink estate,chavland)the order is daugthers get home (from the shithouse education or not),the supermarket gets it first from the chavies and as soon as old bill gets rush of it,out come the old fellas, tooled right up HARTCLIFFE BRISTOL
ask puffies like dave & guthy.
and BTW the three shit skins & thier chums are the first?

Dick the Prick said...

The Army aren't the enemy - geez, they've been fucked more than all of us.

Buy 'em a pint or get your mum to make cakes.

Poor fuckers.

OT - this SNP thing is bollox, obviously, but the disparity in boozers shutting at a rate of 5 a day selling £3 per pint and wandering over the road and paying fuck all needs rebalancing.

I'd vastly reduce taxes on landlords and get it back from supermarkets probably. Boozers are fucking brilliant - if someone wants to drink themself to death - fair play, but it ain't boozers that allow it.

Anonymous said...

Booze goes up in England by about 10p per pint today because of Custom and excise duty. Just wait for the budget.

Greg Lance-Watkins EU Soviet Google Video said...

"would you fire on your countrymen"

Here is someone else who asked his army a very similar question:

Sir Henry Morgan said...


" ... the queen, her heirs and successors, and all her officers placed over me"

Dib dib

Been there, done it, got the tee shirt.

bofl said...

it is a numbers game.......

65 million uk citizens interred in stalag bonkers uk....
15 million are kids..

>50 million slaves...

30 % vote for the peoples party....the champagne swillers and defenders of freedom....

that leaves roughly 35million oppossed to present government of bum fuckers and commies.

police numbers 150,000 approx.
army 100,000 approx.

so really we,the sheep, are kept in line by a few faggots and expense fiddlers........

why are we so pathetic?

a stroll might be an idea? how about st.georges day?

surely supporting a foriegn worker would be a fine thing in equal and diverse Britain?

Katabasis said...


UN Anti-blasphemy resolution:


Is there any doubt now that "they" actively want riots?

jay mason said...

All us ex_squaddies should riot with medals and decorations on

I don't think that many squddies like Gordoom anyway what with being underfunded for the last few wars at least when Mrs Thatch had the Falklands we had half decent (for the day) kit (boots apart which were shit I always wore dockers)

Giolla said...

am I the only one wondering why the brummies in afghanisatan is news again? Aren't these current articles just replaying word for word the same stuff from almost exactlt a year ago?

Is there a special package deal from the midlands to Afghanisatan in February?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Last time McBroon visited the 'stan, rumour has it that all soldiers who were going to be within killing range of him had to hand in their ammo.

Anyone got anything more on that story?

social refund said...

do we qualify for new deal training allowance if we go on this riot?

spark up said...


so the racists running this country recruited a bunch more from the electorate, started a war half-way up an islamic mountain and gave their domestic victims a banging opportunity to settle scores. now with a bad away result under their belts the mod are planning to bring their team back for a soft home-leg - in a desperately malevolent bid to save face.

sir paul stephenson (chief commissioner of fat gimps) said...


The police are just paid up fat gimps without the brains to get into the army.

we're not very well paid for being fat gimps actually, but we do it willingly - it's a vocational thing you see, a deep spiritual inner calling, and this job demands a concept of honour and a level of duty with which i doubt you'd be able to identify, sir.

Anonymous said...

Would any member of the Armed Forces fire on a crowd? to bloody right they would, apart from the fact that they would be put in that situation to begin with, fall guys for the State, the amount of propaganda and brainwashing that those who will be required for 'riot duties' will endure is the same lies and misinformation the police currently receive whenever they are called upon to attend demonstrations/football matches currently.

Before the police were established and were given responsibility for public order, it was the various Army regiments/Yeomanry who were called out to 'quell' disturbances with the inevitable consequences, yes indeed we are talking about people being shot at and killed.

Whenever the State feels threatened it will lash out indiscriminately and make use of any and all hardware available, and there are always cunts who will do the States bidding for them.

paul the stainless steal tool said...


it's only me watching to see if you write something horrible about me silly

Anonymous said...

bofl at 20:54

Some of us "bum fuckers" and "faggots" hate ZanuLiebour too. Some of us are just ordinary blokes who want to get on with our lives without having CCTV watching us every minute of our lives. Some of us want to be able to walk down the street without being afraid to look a hoodie in the face without being stabbed. Some of us hate the gobshites in the government and everything they stand for.

So fuck off you stupid fucking cunt.

Humpledinks Cat said...

Oh get her!

bofl said...

'ordinary blokes'?

ok. i apologise ...which is more than you would get from gordon brown and his gang of weirdos and bum fuckers!.
i do not actually hate anyone for their sexual preferences........
but i do hate brown,mandy,blair and they just make me so angry!
perhaps i should have just called them hoons?

Adrian P said...

Dammned if you riot, damned if you don't.

This Regime has form on false Flag atrocities against British People

Mitch said...

Results 1 - 10 of about 152,000 for is gordon brown insane. (0.23 seconds)

google knows.

Reimer said...

Giolla said...
am I the only one wondering why the brummies in afghanisatan is news again? Aren't these current articles just replaying word for word the same stuff from almost exactlt a year ago?

Is there a special package deal from the midlands to Afghanisatan in February?

02 March 2009 22:01

I do seem to recall talk of identifiably-English regional accents in the wogs' chatter coming up some time ago...something seemingly unacknowledged in this recent news spate, which only heightens the unsettling quality about the entire phase we're living through.

Tianamen Square, here we come


cornyborny said...

And it's all because of party politics. What is it about our system that makes some people care more about 'beating the other lot' in an increasingly etiolated charade of government (real power having been exported abroad) than about the genuine welfare of living, breathing people? Not welfare in the Righteous, 'collect and patronise and keep our pets dependent' sense, but in the universally understood sense of not being shot.

I tried last night to engage with the dyed-in-the-wool Labour chumps on Kerry McCarthy's blog - a perfect exercise in pointlessness, as nothing sinks in. Not gonna try that again. Apparently, Labour are the party of the people, full of upstanding, caring types, and they would never do anything to hurt anyone. Such credulity; such willful myopia. And the cheeky fuckers have the nerve to call off-message commenters dense and unreasonable.


Funambulist said...

Capital Punishment in the EU is outlawed under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, but isn't there a footnote that says that in the event of 'civil disturbances' against the EU and its vassal states, dissidents may be executed on the spot?

There was quite a furore when that hidden-away clause was uncovered.

Funambulist said...

Here you go:

On 20th Feb 2008 a caucus meeting was held at the German Parliament in Munich to discuss the Lisbon Treaty.

At this meeting a previously unmentioned paragraph was bought to light by Professor Schachtschneider, Humanities Faculty -University of Nuremberg.

Professor Schachtschneider,
explained that the undisclosed paragraph means on ratification of the Lisbon Treaty the DEATH PENALTY will be reintroduced to Europe. The Death Penalty will be applicable for the crimes of RIOTING, CIVIL UPHEAVAL and DURING WAR. (When are we not at war and who will define riot and upheaval?)

Professor Schachtschneider made the point that this clause is particularly outrageous as it had been cleverly hidden in a footnote of a footnote and would not have been detected by anyone other than an exceptional expert reader.

Adrian P said...

Death Penalty for Riots

So while deliberately trying to provoke riots they are sorting our troops into units that WILL open fire on Nritish citizens.

You do realise there is only one way our children are going to get the chance to be free don't you.

Anonymous said...


Yes I am an "ordinary bloke" in the sense that I play and watch football and rugby, I drink lager and then eat curry at the weekend, and I too blanch at some of the things that go on in my name.

But, apology accepted, it was magnaminous of you.
And yes, "hoons" will do nicely.

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