Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Oh Dear, The Poor Chavs Are Being Harrassed

Where's Lawrence Llewellyn-Wanker when you need him?

Some charming family have had their 62-inch plasma TV and a stereo system confiscated by their local council for repeatedly ignoring requests from neighbours to turn down the volume.

As they are now completely reliant on benefits, it may take them some time to pay the fees to get it back. When and if they do, it seems it'll happen all over again as the thick ginger benefit breeder is so deaf she needs to have it turned up loud.

Loved the names of the kids.

The Penguin


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

62 inch! That's double the size of my old crt telly! Fucking hell!

Doctor Cat said...

When I first read about this in the DM this morning, I sneered at the family but now I have re-read it I feel sorry for them.OK, they are typical white Rochdalians - none too smart but these folks are married, they have a work history and they have a mortgage.

Who hasn't lost a job recently? I had to sign on the dole for a couple of months recently - I didn't feel ashamed of this - I signed off as soon as I got a contract and I would hate to be tagged as a benefit scrounger because of this.

The sanctions available to the PTB are truly monstrous and but for the benefit system as is they would never have been needed.

Back to the Cregans. Breach of the Peace?? They would have to evacuate the entire block if they tried a stunt like that with me - same goes for any bailiff scum trying to enforce the inevitable ticket I am bound to pick up sooner or later.

Mieow for now.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

So why didn't they just turn the telly down then Doc?

polaris said...

Headphones? If they want to waste thousands on a home entertainment centre - fair do's, but they should show some consideration.

Mind you I would say some sitting room, silly screen size and wouldn't you smarten yourself up a little if the press were coming to take pics?

Self respect confiscated too?

Doctor Cat said...

Like I said, not the smartest of folks. Headphones would have solved this.

Don't get me wrong - I'd hate to live next door to that - I would have probably come to blows with them.

Look at their house - shitty and snide with paper thin walls. If they lived in a 1930s semi this would never have happened.


Dick the Prick said...

Doc - you're being too kind. They're fucking chavvy cunts. It really is all about the volume. Anyone can get bloody angry with their neighbours - parking being very popular, but it's bloody common sense, courtesey, respect etc to be polite to them - rather than the 3 years of shite excuses these selfish twats have engaged in.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't you smarten yourself up a little if the press were coming to take pics?

They did.

Fucking chav scum.

If they lived in a 1930s semi this would never have happened.

Precisely. The are poor and cannot afford bricks. They're not rock stars with their own studios.

And just look at the lack of contrition they have! Spiteful, greedy, brain-dead welfare fodder.The core Labour vote.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Give it back! They need it to hide that hideous wall!

Dick the Prick said...

Hide the hideous wife. The Billy Connelly gag about burying her in the garden with her arse sticking out to use as a bike rack seems apt.

Doctor Cat said...

Fair dos - I can see my views are out of step here.

Maybe I'm just a big fat pussycat.

I still find the powers very troubling - what chance RIPA was used here?

Anonymous said...

Christ, the "stereo system"... The speakers are 1 metre in height and made entirely from shiny white plastic: so awful that you could sell them to a pretentious art gallery. How good would they have to sound before you would willingly sacrifice living room space for them?

"It's the kids I feel sorry for," said Mr Cregan, without noticing the irony of his words.

polaris said...

Dick, not trying to pry - but are you one of their neighbours perchance?

Dick the Prick said...

No, fortunately not. But i've lived near people like this before and they can be bloody intimidating. You ask politly and they treat it like you've just shat in their sink (taking the baby out first presumably).

One of the reasons i'd never buy one of those freaky city centre apartments that have multiplied exponetionally. You start competing with them in a downward spiral when a simple arrangement would have done.

You can't ever out chav a chav.

Fidothedog said...

Bloody hell they have lost the electronic babysitter, maybe they will have to do some parenting now.

Not often I agree with authorities but having had neighbours like them I think about time.

Maybe they could pick up a good book instead of watching the telly box?

electro-kevin said...

The've all got that ungrateful inbred look about them.

Gareth said...

If any of them are genuinely hard of hearing they can get hearing aids on the NHS.

Hell, they might just have blocked ear canals that need washing out.

On the one hand there is no excuse for causing a nuisance, on the other hand the neighbours can't expect silence. Whatever happened to reason, common sense and decency?

Chris said...

They'll be able to get a rebate on the TV license, if they have one. Then they'd get TVL hassling them just to rub salt in the wound.

Chrysippus said...

Never understood the idea of having a big TV. I tell my kids if they want a bigger picture move the chair closer.

AngryDave said...

I have had loads of problems with one of my neighbours being a noisey cunt, and keeping me up all night, and it takes a lot for the council to act, so these pricks must have been fucking terrible.
I went to work for a 14 hour shift on boxing day with about 30 minutes sleep. An inmate got the drop on me, because i was so exhausted, and i ended up with an eye split open and bleeding. Then my employer got involved and the council had to act.

Dick the Prick said...

Not surprised you're angry Dave. They just don't give a fuck.

I went to a buddy's at the weekend and he's got a huge telly blue ray thing and it's a nice bit of kit but it's still a telly. I guess if you love porn or something or perhaps for the world cup but surely to fuck you buy a new one when the fucker breaks. Ah, wtf do I know.

Anonymous said...

Have they no get up and go? Any self-respecting chav would have nicked a new one by now.

Anonymous said...

i feel really sorry for them have to live with a borrowed only 50" plasma for the time being LCD is the way to go now. I feel sorrier for the poor sods next door trying to sell their house ex council with these unrepentant scum living next door letting the kids see cartoons before going to school to learn fuck all except on how to be a twat like mummy and daddy and perhaps an ONC in benefit claiming.

aproposofwhat said...

I used to like going to Rochdale on a Saturday - it made me feel thin and classy at the same time.

wv: horifics - and yes she is ;o)

look at the symptons and you will find the disease! said...

Oh look, another ignorant, narrow minded, OH chav story - yawn!

Are there not bigger fish to fry -such as the people who created and fuel chav culture - namly the liberal middleclass elite who hold much of the power in this country.

Seems you always forget, or are just plain ignorant - chavs don't vote - the middleclasses do!

Contrary to the demonising myths you like to propagate.

The majority of these people are victims, barely surviving on the bottom of the heap with little propspect to escape the trap, though the majority of you couldn't survive one week living on the money or conditions that they have to.

Funny part is, you may soon be joining them, thanks to your short sighted dogma driven bile.

Oh i forgot, you are all Libertarians now - devoid of blame eh!

Like rats leaving sinking ships!

Call me Infidel said...

Having also had the misfortune to live next door to low class barbarians like these people they elicit no sympathy from me.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Nice, he got out his Sunday Best Man U shirt for the press.

"The couple, who own two other TVs, have also borrowed a 50in flat-screen until they get their own back. " so that's alright then. Kiddies won't be deprived of their cartoons after all.

Bristol Dave said...

"The majority of these people are victims"

Oh, boo fucking hoo. Yeah, the selfish, ignorant, inconsiderate fucktards who keep people awake every night are victims, right.

Are you fucking INSANE? I have come to the conclusion you just have to be a on a wind-up so I'm not even going to bother replying to the rest of your post.

Anyone else noticed the story has been edited since last night to get rid of the chavvy kid names? Shame, I couldn't remember what they were and my workplace could do with a laugh.

Elby the Beserk said...

Twat's a United fan.

Say no more.

Elby the Beserk said...

look at the symptons and you will find the disease! said...02:41

The majority of these people are victims, barely surviving on the bottom of the heap with little propspect to escape the trap, though the majority of you couldn't survive one week living on the money or conditions that they have to.

And yet they can afford 62" TVs eh?

Not very bright, are you?

Old Holborn said...

£2.5K for an idiot lantern.

Fuck me sideways.

That would buy a dining table, 6 chairs, some books, 4 bikes, a family tent, a computer, a subscription to the National Trust, piano lessons and a day out at the Science Museum.

Stupid cunts.

Dick the Prick said...

And broccoli.

How come stupid cunts shun the king of vegetables when it's dirt cheap in favour of concentrated lard?

There's a rumour that Kevin Keagan's main and secret managerial technique was getting his players to eat 2 decent portions of broccoli a day.

If you just catch it after about 4 minutes of steaming, I shit you not - it tastes of fruit.

AngryDave said...

OH, that is what normal people think of to spend their money on. Chav retards spend our money on fucking huge tv's and take away pizza. They are too dumb to play the piano and read books, and they eat out of a trough or a pizza box.

Why the fuck do people feel the need to defend these cunts? Maybe they should have a family of pet chavs in their house for a month if they llove them so much, and then we will see how they feel then.

Anonymous said...


The majority of these people are victims, barely surviving on the bottom of the heap with little propspect to escape the trap, though the majority of you couldn't survive one week living on the money or conditions that they have to.

Yes, they are victims of society. But not because society has refused to help them, as their benefit-funded 62" TV should tell you. No, they are victims because society has agreed to help them, and has been more than willing to dole out the taxpayer's money. They are victims because society sees them as victims, and tells them they are victims, when it should be telling them to get on their bikes.

They are victims of welfareism and of the economics that promote the benefits lifestyle. Both of these factors are the fault of society. They are the fault of people like you, who imagine that the problems with welfare can be solved with more welfare, then doggedly refuse to change their mind as new evidence comes to light. The system actively encourages welfare dependence. That is why there are chavs.

Gladys Pew said...

Mr Cregan and wife Amanda, 30, have three children - Declan, 12, Shauna, 10, and six-month-old Kayland

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Gladys "Declan, 12, Shauna, 10, and six-month-old Kayland"

Thank you for clearing that up, I was indeed curious.

Anonymous said...

Good, F*king noisy f*kers.... totally inconsiderate about their neighbours.....

Just how the f*ck do Doley Scroungers afford a 62 inch TV... oh yes.. rent it... buy it for £15-00 from a Geezer in a Pub....It fell off a lorry Officer.. honest... innit!!

Oh Diddly Dearie Moi..... all alleged of course... cannot have the Uming Rites Lobby trotting round to sue.....

Mr McSporran-Ruin... Ex-President for Life of England, London and all points North....

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