Sunday, 8 March 2009

Och Aye, Free Money the Noo

Glasgow Council Planning Office yesterday

First they started printed free money, now the stupid cunts have started handing it out to wife beating, heroin addled, drunken ginger psychopaths. £7 an hour minimum wage. Yes, £7 an hour (no wonder they want to force English banks to take their toilet paper)

Ye Gods.

Firstly, I abhor the minimum wage because anyone who is not capable of earning £7 an hour or who’s labour is simply only worth £4 an hour is fucked. Totally. They will never work again. They are sentenced to a life on benefits. Imprisoned by the State as bonded non labour. And we all know how the State likes to tell us not to bite the hand that feeds it, eh?

Secondly, the thought that any Jockanese Labour Council worker is WORTH £7 an hour is simply stunning. Zimbabwe here we cunting well come.

Mr Purcell told the conference: "We in the Labour Party are rightly proud of the introduction of the national minimum wage, in the face of fierce opposition from the Tories."

It’s going to end in tears. Very, very shortly.


Oldrightie said...

"heroin addled, drunken ginger psychopaths."

Leave The Cabinet out of this.

Harrithebastard said...

£7 an hour no fucking less , next it will be £7 and hour and all the grommets you can eat!


No wv ... just twats

Chris said...


Fully agree with your views on minimum wages in general.

To be fair, the people who stand to benefit from this properly do a 'proper' job - as opposed to a hideously overpaid 'non-job' - "Diversity Officer" who are no doubt just as abundant north of the border.

Get rid of the non-jobs and paying the real council workers a decent rate won't be an issue.

This must end in tears - it's the only way. Once the client state - Stella swillers and/or public sector workers realise their gravy train is about to derail, we can start to rebuild.

Harrithebastard said...

Fuck me , hows about this for a non-job with Glagow city council of halfwits.

Assistant Director of Social Care Services 3002 £85,852.72 - £95,086.25 LDR4A-Grade12

And this load of bollocks.

"We welcome applications from Groups which are under-represented within the Council. Applications can be submitted in Braille, audio tape, disc, Chinese, Urdu, Punjabi etc. Disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a post are guaranteed an interview."

WTF! etc? what fucking language is that.

Harrithebastard said...

Oh stop it you are killing me!

No really?

Another pearl of bastard wisdom from someone , somewhere holed up in some waste of space with fuck all better to do at Glasgow city council of numbnuts.


"British Sign Language (BSL) is the first or preferred method of communication for Deaf People. A review of how we communicate with employees and the public highlighted the advantages of providing certain Council information in British Sign Language (BSL)."

Opposed to what exactly? other than shouting very loudly.

Mein gott and crapski all is most definatley lost.

subrosa said...

Harrit if you care to check your penultimate paragraph is on all council staff applications, with the languages altered to suit.

This will end in tears because, although I support the lowliest paid receiving a decent pay packet, the unions will then expect the overpaid middle rankers receive the same 20+% rise.

How Glasgow's going to pay for it is their problem. Stephen Purcell's is ensuring he's up another step on his ladder towards leadership in the labour party.

Anna Raccoon said...

How Glasgow's going to pay for it is their problem
If only it was their problem Subrosa.
Unfortunately their manky politicians have been down here squandering money as fast as they can, and now the English tax payers are going to have to subsidise them for ten million times the amount we were subsidising them for int he first place.
Give them their oil rig back and rebuild Hadrian's Wall, you know it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I detect more than a little negative racial overtone here. I don't want independence, I have worked in England and Scotland, my forbears came from England, Ireland and Scotland - there's very little detectable difference between any of us. I spent a few years at school in SE London (Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke), I struggle to find any differences between it (or Manchester, Newcastle or Liverpool) and inner-city Glasgow/Edinburgh/Dundee/Aberdeen. I f***ing
hate Gordon Brown and New Labour, but boy does it suit the Nationalist nutters in Scotland and England when the stereotypes are wheeled out.

Anna, what the fuck are we going to with a 'Rig'? - we've found the oil already you coopid stunt.

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

I am thinking of getting Mrs Beast to call up and ask in Mandarin if she could have an application form for head of social services,I then turn up as a representative of the LGBT "community" with a limp.
ITs a paycut but no stress.

Mel Gibbon's Brave Arses said...

Anonymous said...

'I detect more than a little negative racial overtone here...'

Hold it right there. Now fuck off!

Old Holborn said...

Would you like a photo of me in my kilt?

As a proud member of the Buchanan Clan of Loch Lomond, you, wee anonymong, can kiss my hairy bollocks.

Anonymous said...

In light of recent events there are many lawyers, consultants, advisors, accountants and other "professionals" who ain't worth £7 an hour. Shall we get rid of those first? Think of the savings to the general public, and as a bonus we could kick out all the immigrants and they could do their jobs! Two birds with one stone.

Doug said...

Have to agree with anon 18:04 that some of the remarks do stray into negative racial stuff. And the SNP do love it and make great hay out of it. As a Unionist I'm more concerned about keeping the Union together than being free, as we all are, to insult and offend Scots.

The thing is it depends on the details of the plan. I like the idea of localism. If Glasgow is going to fund this out of council tax than that is a matter for the Glasgow voters. If the money comes from the Scottish government then that is OK so long as there is no increase of grant block from Whitehall to Scotland - Glasgow council should be required to re-jigger its budget if it wants this policy. It will be interesting to see the results and if or rather when it crashes and burns at least it is only Glasgow and not Scotland or Wales or England (don't want a repeat of the poll tax experiment in Scotland and all the problems that caused). Maybe it will cause an exodus of residents from Glasgow to surrounding councils willing to live with lower tax and commute instead. They'll soon regret asking their suppliers to increase their wages because the bill will end up on Purcell's desk and he'll have to fleece the council tax payers even more. One day, soon I hope, Glaswegians will get fed up of being taxed to the hilt.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I fucking hate local authorities. The cunts that 'work' for them aint worth 70p and hour, never mind £7. Bunch of lazy cunts. Get a job in the real world.
As for you English fucks getting het up about the 'scottish mafia' in power, I don't fucking blame you. I'm sure you have enough retards of your own to fuck things up.
A question to be asked though, how are they gonna pay for this wage rise seeing as council tax has been frozen for the second year on the trot?

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