Tuesday, 24 March 2009

No More Coroner's Inquests For State Murders

Slippery Weasel Jack Straw, the deeply unpleasant "Justice Secretary" has managed to get his nasty new law past the supine wankers in Parliament.

Now the State can murder you and just sweep the body aside without the inconvenience of a public inquest with a jury.

As for his promises that it would hardly ever be used, didn't the same cunt say the same thing about the terrorist laws that the police and even council officials now use routinely to suit themselves?

The Penguin


Chris said...

Now the State can murder you and just sweep the body aside without the inconvenience of a public inquest

Crux of the matter right there. The fact that this *isn't* the leading headline show the bankruptcy of the MSM in this country.

Oldrightie said...

It just saves a fortune in cooking up evidence as in the David Kelly case. These people really are the pits.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Telegraph A High Court judge will decide whether proceedings should be held behind closed doors if they affect national security, the relationship between the UK and another country or the prevention or detection of a crime.
So that would have covered David Kelly, Jean De Menendez and any deaths in Iraq/Afghanistan since they are not War Zones but police actions.

The Economic Voice said...

This will come back and bite us, HARD. It will be used to cover up avoidable battlefield deaths, deaths in hospitals, deaths in prison etc.

It is where these security matters are involved that we need MORE delving, not less.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Straw says believe the opposite and you will have an approximation of the truth.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

Good. Better the state murders you and you know they are murderers than years of expensive bullshit enquiries designed to bore you into not caring any more. Everyone knows Dr Kelly was murdered. Do we need to pay for another enquiry telling us he wasn't?

Van Helsing said...

What a CUNT

K. McEgan. said...

MSM Men who have Sex with Men? Gibraltar Three was a first stumbling attempt to demonize the enemy. Dead Bog Wogs=no fuss. Drinks all round in Hereford. Next time its Mrs Thripp from next door slotted. No apology. oops better luck next time. Hals und beinbruck.

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