Monday, 30 March 2009

Losing All Public Respect, Our Police Farce

"Don't you worry Sir, Health and Safety will be along shortly!"

Almost unbelievable, but it follows on from the PCSO's not wanting to get wet saving a child from drowning, and is probably inevitable in this climate of ambulance chasing lawyers and Health And Safety legislation enacted by the Nanny State, but it is doing nothing to help the Police Farce regain public support or trust.

Police officers prevented neighbours from trying to rescue people from a fire, and of course, were not allowed to do anything themselves except wait for the Fire Brigade. Then they were praised by their superior officer.

Old time coppers must be appalled.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Your right, I am.

PRL said...

Whilst we're having a little dig at the police (something i tend to avoid doing, but is becoming more of a frequent habit)... Their statements re this Saturday's G20 protests attracting 35k were total bullshit and an obvious attempt to justify their o/t bill. I have no problem with the police staffing events like this in anticipation of huge crowds but I do take issue with them lying about attendances, making the world at large think that 4 or 5 times more people turned up than actually did. People will start to believe people buy into this 'Jobs, Justice, Climate' bullshit manifesto.

I watched the 'culmination' of the march, from the birds eye view afforded at the top of Park Lane Hilton, and along with my ex-copper father estimated between 3 and 5 thousand were there. Then looked at the Sky overhead when they gathered round the tiny stage in Hyde Park and this confirmed our estimates.

Dixon said...

And there was this farce.

PRL said...

Having read the story though, some of the blame has also got to be apportioned to the health and safety regs they've been brainwashed to believe. Gone are the days when joining the police was seen as an honourable career, half the second class minds that represent the police will be so eager to follow procedure and tick boxes to achieve a promotion that they would happily let this family burn.

The finger has to point at the regulations put in place. Here, at the NHS, in prisons and schools around the country and right through to compliance in the financial industry. It's all ticking boxes and consequences be damned.

Anonymous said...

And the little incident in Gunchester last week, opening fire on an "armed" robbers car in a busy street.

Buy the fuckers stetsons and put em on horseback, that seems to be what they want.

Anonymous said...

I was appalled at reading this. I hope the officers involved can sleep soundly. Making an attempt to save someone from a burning building, even if it means getting injured in the process, or having to admit defeat, is surely preferable to standing there spouting "Elf & Safety" bullshit.

What would have happened if the locals had forced their way past these idiots? I suppose they would have been arrested. A shame one or two of the ladders didn't accidentally get swung in their direction....

Gareth said...

If this is true I am appalled and I am not a copper former or otherwise. Are the Police there to uphold the law or stop us from doing things 'for our own good'? There is no law that states only firemen can go into a burning building.

The Police response here is similar to the Virgina Tech massacre. The Police that turned up first were trained to contain the situation not tackle it - they put up a cordon and sat it out while the gunman was roaming around inside shooting unarmed civillians.(Unarmed because the university had instituted a no guns on campus policy...) In some areas that incident brought about a change in mentality for dealing with gun rampages in that the perp is to be tackled rather than contained.

It would seem the public service/duty element of Policing has been squashed by the bureauprats.

Anonymous said...

I note that "veterans" are to get ID cards which will give them "priority" NHS treatment:

No doubt priority treatment will be extended to other select people like plods, govt employees, MPs etc etc.
Looks like unless you submit to an ID card, you'll go to the end of the nHS cue in future.

Anonymous said...

On my sunday shop locally, I spied 2 community support officers, dressed 'to kill' with uniforms and radios etc DOING THEIR FUCKING SHOPPING whilst on duty!!! They kept checking their radios for any emergency calls whilst they sauntered around the aisles picking up tasty little morsels. THIS IS NOT WHAT I PAY TAX FOR

Every fuckin' little helps

curly15 said...

And in the nation's capital "Ve haf vays of keeping you aut"

Anonymous said...

As mentioned earlier 'Health and Safety' along with pathetic leadership are mainly to blame.
The Police did ask for exemption from the H&S laws but Labour overruled them.
Hence why you had the ridiculous situation of the Commissioner being taken to Court for normal Police incidents (ie falling through a roof whilst chasing burglars).
After 12 years of Labour I'm afraid the Police we used to know have simply gone and probably never will return.

Spartan said...

When lives are at stake you do what you can regardless of any regulations. lt's a personal decision ... some will, some won't.

Whether the report is factual or not the Police did state that the Fire Brigade were only minutes away.

By that statement alone it shows that the Police were prepared to wait despite not knowing precisely when the Fire Brigade would arrive.

Minutes even seconds matter in a fire but the Police by their own admission wasted this precious time.

Their actions were totally reprehensible by this alone. A yellow line should be painted down the backs of their uniforms!

Chalcedon said...

Oh this is a bit tricky, going just by what you read in the press, online and paper. But if the pregnant woman was at an upstairs window and that young, rather muscular male neighbour had a ladder then he should have been allowed to have a go. I reckon the old style coppers whould have gone in too. Certainly one or two who wrote in said they were disgusted and would have tried their luck in the absence of the Fire Brigade.

If someone wants to take a chance in such extreme circumstances they shouldn't be prevented. At the same time I can see why the police did it, but if that woman was at a window and stood a chance of being saved they should have let the neighbour have a go with his ladder IMO.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely appalling. As has already been stated - I hope the POs concerned can sleep well at night & that their sleep is not disturbed by the screams of the pregnant mother (well, actually, I DO hope their sleep is disturbed in this very way for the rest of their miserable lives).

effin disbloodygusted of tunbrij wells said...

Sounds like a spot of arson in cetain police houses might get the message across. Bastards. I wonder what those pricks would have done if the house belonged to one of their mates. I hope they (and their families) rot in hell.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

Its funny how heath and safety doesn't mean shit to the pigs once they are in riot gear. This story sums up the modern police. Real tough guys when you are in a gang and plastered in armour, total and utter faggots when faced with a real situation.
Those that can do. Those that can't join the police. Or consult them.

Anonymous said...

I too hope the Police Officers involved rot in hell.

I now have Zero respect for this Police Force.

I have Zero respect for the bastards that have created this Country into the shithole it is.

electro-kevin said...

The 35k over-estimate is to big up the youth movement.

Politicians WANT the environment and banking to become issues of major change - it gives them all the power, see ?

These demos will become a mandate for change. Totally undemocratic, but so was the introduction of PACE in response to violence, The Good Friday Agreement - the abolition of the Poll Tax.

Calfy said...


Chris said...

And we think the Saudi police are primitive:

My condolences to the victims.

Unsworth said...
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Unsworth said...

Charge the cops with manslaughter - or at the very least it needs a formal complaint to the IPCC.

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