Thursday, 26 March 2009

Labours achievements

- Illegal Iraq war

- Afghanistan ‘peacekeeping’

- Sexed-up dossier and fixing WMDs

- Dr Kelly’s’suicide’

- Blair’s taste for war

- Replacing Trident

- Bush and Obama’s poodle

- Blocking EU treaty referendum

- Arms sales to Saudi terrorists

- Pandering to the Saudis

- BAE inquiry blocked by cronies

- Allowing Murdoch to influence policy

- Decimating UK manufacturing

- Borrowing Brown’s boom & bust

- Brown’s smoke & mirrors accounting

- Selling off gold reserves

- Creating debt culture

- Raids on pension funds

- PFI and PPI taxpayer rip off

- New Deal jobs sham

- Increasing gap between rich & poor

- Toadying to vested corporate greed

- A home office ‘not fit for purpose’

- A tick-box PC culture

- Binge drinking, licensing laws

- ‘Respect’ agenda, knives and gangs

- Big Brother surveillance

- ID cards & attacks on civil liberties

- Fiddling crime stats

- Unchecked immigration

- Blunkett’s fall from grace

- Stuffing quangos with lackeys

- Rise of consultants and wonks

- Mandelson’s rise & fall & rise & fall & rise

- Campbell & the spin doctors

- Erminegate Sleaze

- New Labour croneyism

- Ex-ministers pimping for lobby firms

- Levy pimping peerages to slushfund

- Eco-town con

- Ripping-off the public to pay for Olympics

- £12.7bn NHS computer waste

- Privatisation and NHS cuts

- Squandering taxpayer’s billions

- Academies & dumbed down exams

- Scrapping trade union’s Clause 4

- Greengate scandal

- Bernie Ecclestone scandal

- Encouraging gullible to gamble

- Prescott and the super casino

- Dome fiasco

- False ‘Britishness’

- Killing off pubs and Post Offices

From Tom Harris blog, where he is currently stating that no one should be allowed to publicly criticise Gordon Brown. Really.


Anonymous said...

Not the end of the list by a long way. Just on the basics they have managed to close down my local hospital, police station and post offices in just a few years.
Now we have shops and pubs closing weekly and scores of immigrants wandering around with prams and 8 kids in tow.
A fuck up that can probably never be recovered from.

D. Ogilvy-Tibbs said...

Many laws yet little justice.

charcoal said...

don't forget deregulated CO2 powered air weapons (Brocock's) from Section 1 to airgun status. That was in the handgun ban bill.

The effect - all of a sudden every kid on the block had a converted 22 pistol in his pocket.

I'm sure any ex-coppers reading this will remember it well.

Just how many lives did that blunder cost!

Delphius1 said...

You omitted the millions squandered over the Asylum detention centres that never happened, pushing various important legislation through Parliament without proper debate, devolved Parlaiments for Wales and Scotland whilst still having Welsh and Scottish MPs in Westminster voting on English affairs, sending troops to Iraq without proper basic equipment, failing to limit immigrants from Eastern European countries that joined Europe, despite being given permission, RailTrack, etc, etc.

above and beyond the call to duty said...

what about getting cherie blair up the duff? surely the then prime minister should get a gong for services to the british empire or someohter such recognition?

little red rooster said...

what about the fox-hunting ban?

hazel cheers said...

didn't we do well!

Anonymous said...

"Decimating UK manufacturing"

Agree with your list, however let's not pretend we had any manufacturing base left after the previous incumbents.


lord handelbum said...


that's right tony

this is not a time for self-punishment, i think we should be concentrating on the positive...


caesars wife said...

OH that phot of derek whatisname ,my eyes are watering.

it think guido did well , although it did look risky , calling guido a sewer .

looks like nigel griffiths , has got out of enquiry , but tony mcnulty hasnt .

roll on question time

Arseholes said...

Is that Canary Wharf sometime next week?

FireForce said...

charcoal said (16:17
Did the brocock guns ever kill anybody?
Crtainly blair was responsible for the passing of law banning .22 pistols for sport, and that did not save one life at all.
neither did the banning of fulbore under the tory party save one life.
all this fuss about re-activated guns is rubbish as the real thing is so much more available.

The Penguin said...

What a silly arse Tom can be.

Anonymous said...

Just been reading Tom Harris. He hasn't shone with his Hannan blog has he?

EMF said...

caesars wife:

You are RDS from an earlier life and I claim my fiver!

Anonymous said...

I really do hope that who/whatever gets in next has a good look at what these tits have been up to.

Anonymous said...

Introduction of almost 4000 new laws. Removal of basic privacy from UK citizens

Anonymous said...

And crime will rise to pay for the Olympics?

Anonymous said...

the hitleresque smoking ban
re-writing of history
explosion of CCTV cameras
introduction of thoughtcrime laws
constant pandering to islam
political trials
closing of pubs & post offices
gay adoptions
gay "weddings"
nationalization of banks,the ultimate marxist wet dream...
legalisation of "cottaging"
I could go on for a while but its getting too depressing

Anonymous said...

Come on, it's not all bad. They also achieved social justice and equality for all! Or so their statistics say.

the crime minister said...


"constant pandering to islam"

oh give us a break, we've invaded the middle east and shat on the muslims from a great height

what do we have to do to get some respect around here?

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find muslims are invading us. And,just incase you havn't noticed,each and every country islam has invaded,has seen its host culture utterly destroyed and replaced with theirs. We are in the (not so ) early stage of the process. The population of muslims in the UK is growing TEN times faster than that of any other group.
Oh, and a little news item that seem to have escaped the attention of the MSM, 50 muslim paedos rounded up in two northern cities for plying young (some aged 11) white girls with drugs,passing them around as sex toys and selling them into prostitution.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Have I ever mentioned that over 3,000 pubs have shut since July 1st 2007?

the ideal crusader said...


my god, these muslims sound ripe for conversion to christianity.

now all we need is a muslim police force to round up the christian pervs - they could go to bangkok for on the job training.

are you campaigning to be pope?

drunk in charge of a brain-cell said...


i smell another muslim conspiracy brewing

little miss piss plot said...


if there weren't so many naughty young muslims sneaking out and integrating themselves into whisky glasses, i believe you'd find an awful lot more pubs closed down.

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