Monday, 16 March 2009

The Jurys Out

Politics without Parties ??

Whats that about then ? Its bad enough that the 646 sit in Parliament feathering their nests at our expense, but a former Tory is now proposing that they also sit there making it up as the go along as well. If you vote for an MP you have a fairly good idea of the platform he/she is supposed to be standing on. You pays your money and takes your choice. However the Jury team, have no ideology other than their candidates are going to be all round 'good eggs' ie celebrities.

The LPUK has a different take-

The kind of politics that Jury Team are presenting is clearly the next step in the EUropeanisation of the UK. They have pretty much destroyed our National identity, they have worked well to destroy the national will and fabric of our heritage, and now they will destroy our ability to speak out, to challenge, to defy, to oppose through government by destroying the Party Political system.

Ian Parker-Joseph

This must be part of Mandelson's Post-Democratic age, where decisions are made by the uber-mensch in Brussels salons.

One thing is for sure, the Conservatives are going to get in at the next election,then foul it up in their usual Authoritarian fashion. PR is now back on the agenda as Brown and Labour fear a wipeout in the EU elections and the subsequent general election. Its a little too late for that now, they should have thought about that 12 years ago.

The election after next is going to be the interesting one with a host of new political parties in play seeking a voice in the post two party system that has bedevilled the UK since WWII.

But I would have thought you would have to have at least some form of political belief and platform to give to the Electorate !


Patrick Vessey said...

This must be part of Mandelson's Post-Democratic age, where decisions are made by the uber-mensch in Brussels salons

Amusingly (or not), the Jury Team has registered 'Democracy 2.0' as one of their tag-lines with the Electoral Commission. Says about all you need to know.

I'll also be interested to see if they have to change their emblem. Parties are not allowed logos that can be easily confused, and the Jury Team one does bear an uncanny resemblance to that of the long-standing (and worthy) Money Reform Party...

Wyrdtimes said...

The Jury team is is going nowhere but politics without parties is an excellent one.

An MPs loyalty should be to his constituents and his country and that's it. He should either vote in accordance with the wishes of his constituents or his conscience based on a clear personal manifesto.

Direct democracy with no middlemen would be better still.

JD said...

It is definitely part of the eussr agenda, and if the Lisbon treaty is ratified it not only re-introduces the death penalty to all member countries, but also will remove any pretensions that the individual's vote counts for anything.
Happy days...JD.

Anonymous said...

Politics without parties means politics without a clear ideology that the people could get behind if it so wished, such as leaving the EU.

You could claim that they could do that though the individual reprecentatives, but it lacks momentum and the powers of the individuals will be relegated to trivia anyway.

In other words - if voting changed anything they would ban it or manipulate it in this manner.

They will call it more democratic and modern while removing all your powers of self determination on critical issues.

Welcome to the new soviet block.

It is now a race against time.

Anyone welcoming such moves clearly has no idea of the bigger international agenda and should get back to watching Eastenders.

Tim Carpenter said...

Jury Team does appear to be about the only thing around here that is de-Nationalising.

Anonymous said...

Political parties are bad for democracy because you get slimy party hierarchy climbers at the top. Party politicians are also primarily loyal to themselves and the party rather than the people. If they do have any sort of conscience, the whips soon knock it out of them. Very bad all round.

Vote for Independents.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Independents.

16 March 2009 16:10

The implimentation of such a system would ONLY come about if it reduced the real power of the individual voter.

Yes the current system is rigged, the EU have it in the bag, but there is even under the current system a chance that it could break free, which is the ONLY reason why they are considering the alternatives.

Any form of voter empowerment, especially if it was seen as a threat to the EU would not even reach the discussion room.

Only if it reduces power and castraits the voters and the nation as a whole would it be considered.

The main parties who would decide over this process would make sure of it, as that is what is guiding them now.

They have no wish to make anything more democratic unless it is trivia and even then that wouldnt last.

Are you not forgetting how they betrayed us and over Europe?

Yes the current system is corrupt, any new system implimented by these corrupt scumbags will come supplied with it's balls removed and a gag.

These are the wolfs looking after the sheep!

Now get back to Eastenders as the polititians have a job to do - rob you of your democratic rights and powers and from the ignorant tripe you spout it would seem that you can't wait to help them.

Gollach said...

FFS. Wonder at what point people are going to just say 'enough is enough'?...

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