Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Jade Goody Wedding Photos

Courtesy of Scumbag Times
O/T but does anyone want to get a foot on the property ladder? £15K for a one bed flat


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

You utter bastard! That's me right off bacon now. Not that I could afford it seeing as I work for a living.

Anonymous said...

Joking aside her experience makes a good case for a dignitas set up in this country.

Anonymous said...

The newspapers today "reported" that she's afraid to go to sleep in case she does'nt wake up!

Still, never mind eh.

Oldrightie said...

I wonder how much Hubby will inherit?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

The flat is in port glasgow. You wipe your feet on the way out of that dump. On a side note, the auction house selling the property is 5 mins away from me.

Patrick Vessey said...

Unfair and unkind, OH.

The woman in question was born without the benefit of brains or beauty -- and which is worse, these days? -- but that was the choice of [insert name of preferred deity], not hers.

To attack 'celebrity culture' and those who use it to distract us from other weightier matters would be more than fair, but someone who has simply used the system in a rational manner for her own ends? It's the system that's truly stupid and ugly, not the dying woman.

AnonyJadeHater said...

She can have my sympathy or flash herself all over the media - not both

Bristol Dave said...

It's the system that's truly stupid and ugly, not the dying woman.

What about the dying woman who is truly stupid and ugly?

As I said on my blog, the fact she's dying is completely irrelevant. She was still fucking ugly before she had cancer and this ugliness is no way attributed to her illness. It's because she's a pig-faced troll, and I see no reason to change my (accurate) opinion on her physical appearance because she's been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

If she was a pig-faced troll who happened to be a very nice person then I think you'd find none of this vitriol would be spouted (not only by me, I hasten to add). But she's not, she's so ignorant, slow and just so plain fucking stupid (and racist) that it makes me ashamed that the UK's schooling system not only turned out her, but thousands of others that admire her.

And for what?

What the fucking fuck has she ACTUALLY done, apart from embarass herself countless times on national television?

It's the Princess Diana syndrome all over again - nobody gave a fuck about her when she was alive, but then when she died anyone who dared not to give a fuck about her was treated like a holocaust denier. It's the same with Jade - before she was diagnosed with cancer, she was (at best) a national laughing stock and (at worst) a national embarassment. Now we've got handwringing mongtards sticking up for the pointless cow and her ever-shortening pointless fucking life.

Millions of people die from cancer every year. She's just one, who frankly if anything is less important than the rest of them because she's a repulsive chav.

Anonymous said...

O/T £15,000 guide for the 1 bedder.

It'll go for around £25k - £30k. Too many fools still have full pockets...

As for Miss Goody, I'm sure she'll die live on TV. (And if saying that makes me EVIL, then fine, I'M EVIL)...

alfie wessex said...

"she's so ignorant, slow and just so plain fucking stupid (and racist)"

Sounds like most readers of this blog then.

At least she knew it.

Arseholes said...

Fuck off Alfie you stupid cunt. Go and read the news of the screws you fucktard.

Losing the will to live said...

Thats right. Lets all pick on the thick dying chav. Its not like theres anything important to discuss. Pathetic.

double entry said...

these comments about jade are wholly uncalled-for - she is a woman whom millions would happily invite to die in their own sitting-rooms

Dick the Prick said...

Fuck her. Sympathy is utterly pointless. Put her in a James Bond film and let the sfx boys fuck off down the boozer - job done.

Is that a picture of Mohammed OH?

William Gruff said...

It's appropriate that the verification word for this comment is 'dingiest', which describes this particular post nicely.

Most unworthy of you OH.

Bristol Dave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymong66 said...

In wedding outfit she scrubs up much better than I'd thought possible.

There's more of a glint of intellgence in her eyes than I've ever seen before.

Go Jade, Go...please.

Is she being barbecued, errmm, I mean cremated? I fucking love crackling...

Anonymong66 said...

In case you hadn't guessed; I'm with Brizzle Dave.

All those people saying, "You can't blame 'er, we did it to her, the system" - can fuck off

I never watched BB - Bolious Bollox

I always thought she was fat, stupid and ugly, she later proved to be racist about a racist (caste=race?) as well. She ignored a warning letter (AFAIAA) and is paying the price - that's not a fucking role model by my definition.

What's to fucking like?

Bristol Dave said...

Oh for fucks sake people, get a grip.

Two years ago, what would you all have described her as? You fucking hypocrites.

The papers are just as hypocritical, if you look at headlines from two years ago, compared to today.

She's a repulsive chav, and I hardly see the need to change my opinion of her just because some people's hearts are pouring with fake grief.

Diana syndrome and no mistake.

There are millions of other people suffering from diseases who are far more deserving of sympathy.

AngryDave said...

I am with Bristol Dave on this one. Alfie and the others like him are just being two faced because she is dying.
I have said it on Dave's blog, but will repeat myself here. Sometimes cancer is the cure and not the problem.
Harsh, but fair. I have never liked her, and wont change my opinion because she is dying.

William Gruff said...

Bristol Dave: Jade Goody is not an example that I would want English youth to follow, and her imminent demise is not, as you point out, reason enough to change one's opinion of her, but posting a picture of a piglet wearing a veil beneath a heading that is clearly intended to mock her, however inadequate she seems, is not what Englishmen do.

She may have been a trash TV 'icon', and she may represent all that we may despise, but she is a human being and she is facing an unpleasant end.

Englishmen eat pigs, they don't behave like pigs.

Old Holborn said...


THIS is what she could have done.

Instead she is making sure her criminal violent "husband" inherits millions.

Bollocks to the ugly stupid cunt. Hurry up and fucking DIE.

jade goody, the tail of a young woman who was tragically uneducated concerning the dangers of over-exposure to limelite said...


yeah mista grough. it wuddah bin fa moor efnicurly accuwrist if i hadda bean porktrayed as er glosster ole splotch

spark up said...


money's not the issue here, you ignorant sod. jade goody's got a family and young kidz and knowz the country's going down a recessionary plughole - of course she wants to make sure they're provided for, what kind of mum d'you take her for? plenty of time for good causes when everything and everyone's flushed through. what right do you have to tell a dying woman what to do with her hard-earned cash? and what makes you think the lower-classes don't give to charity? character assassination of a 'thick' celeb, by all means, but you're just getting personal. it's not like she's a politician who's made a living from bombing black babies in the middle east - she's a private businesswoman and a self-made dumb bitch. have some respect.


re: 23:40

being fortunately initiated in the tribal languages spoken by the indigenous peoples of the rotherhithe-deptford border-region, i can inform readers that jade is referring here to the breed of pig known as "the gloucester old spot". i hope this annotation is of help.

William Gruff said...

23:40: Try again, but try harder, and don't be quite so pathetic next time.

Bristol Dave's Amazing Talking Arse said...

Some brave anonymous cretin:

As for Miss Goody, I'm sure she'll die live on TV. (And if saying that makes me EVIL, then fine, I'M EVIL).

You're too fucking stupid to be evil, you fucking moron.

Wasting your time here mr spark up.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I laughed at the picture but I felt uncomfortable & guilty doing so.
One thing Jade has accomplished through her 'celebrity' or 'notoriety' - call it what you will - is that many more young women are now going for cancer checkups, and that will help save lives. Perhaps not a bad epitaph?

spark up said...


i'm sure she'll die on live tv too and let it be. actually, the goggling fans are the one's about whom i'm more dubious...and it was old holborn with whom i was arguing, but like him, you and most others here are just vicious - and witless. and dull.

old holborn,

don't you think jade's done her bit for cancer awareness? more than any money could buy, in fact. i didn't laugh at the photo, by-the-way, but don't think any less of you for that - it's only a cheap crack. don't you respect how she's been true to herself to the (who knows what kind of) end: self-styled pig-headed souf-londoner...

and, judging by the money she's made, not as pig-ignorant as you guys would wish to make out. jealous?

and three cheers said... all those who engaged in an absorbing, in depth analysis of jade goody's facial characteristics. well fucking done. i look forward to a further discussion: on jordan's rivetting personality.

jade: with what she's got. didn't she do well?

spark up said...


no thank you mr gruff. that's quite far enough for me. perhaps you wish me to travel to new frontiers like a true englishman?

truly...jade, i myself and all englishmen have one thing in common - we are not whiter than white.

the laughing cow said...


the assumption of the role of a cancer-check-up-reminder would make sick material for an epitaph - this falls more into the category of redemption. i'm sure her nearest and dearest will remember her for her wicked cackle.

spark up said...


to be fair, i hardly paid attention to the 'photo' because i didn't even want to engage with such immature pig-shit

and as i've said already, i didn't laugh at the photo - although the more one looks at it the more one has to admit that there is some sort of ghastly macabre humour to it - due to the lack of hair i suppose? but it's very low, very cheap, totally mindless and only someone extremely hateful would have the lack of imagination to think this one up, or reproduce it.

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