Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Jack Straw's Bill of Rights is bogus

Open mouthed at the comparison Jack Straw made with the 1689 Bill of Rights. Straw's proposals are not Rights, it is a catalogue of entitlements.

The only Rights that are being enshrined are for the State, it will enshrine the right of punitive taxation, the Right of a massive State to exist and exercise almost total control of the subject, because you will no longer considered a free citizen.

It will enshrine into Law the rights and privilges of this corrupt elite. What we need is a Bill of Rights extolling the priviliges of the individual against the State, Straw is explicit that his Bill of Rights AND Responsibilities of the individual to the State is framed to act against the 'Me' and is to reinforce the collective will.

1689 Bill Of Rights

* Freedom from royal interference with the law. Though the sovereign remains the fount of justice, he or she cannot unilaterally establish new courts or act as a judge.

* Freedom from taxation by Royal Prerogative. The agreement of parliament became necessary for the implementation of any new taxes.

* Freedom to petition the monarch.

* Freedom from the standing army during a time of peace. The agreement of parliament became necessary before the army could be moved against the populace when not at war.

* Freedom for Protestants to bear arms for their own defence, as suitable to their class and as allowed by law.

* Freedom to elect members of parliament without interference from the sovereign.

* Freedom of speech in parliament. This means that the proceedings of parliament can not be questioned in a court of law or any other body outside of parliament itself; this forms the basis of modern parliamentary privilege.

* Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, as well as excessive bail.

* Freedom from fine and forfeiture without a trial.

This Act was to preserve the Freedom of the Elite against the Crown, Straw is attempting to preserve the Freedom of the Elite against the Electorate.


Van Helsing said...

Well put, Straw is such a slimey piece of shit. To make him Justice Minister is like putting a fox in charge of the chicken house.
I draw your attention to one of the most important points from the Magna Carta (1215) upon which most of the free worlds justice systems have been based.

No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled nor will we proceed with force against him. Except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.

How many times has this government of fascists eroded or broken or legislated against this fundamental rule.

lock the doors said...

If Straw `gives` us rights, it will be ones we already have while using the opportunity to remove or degrade others.

Such as through the EU

Again it's the Labour or Tory salesman at the door with glitzy meaningless tat(British jobs for British workers) while the EU criminals whip round the back, steal everything you have then lock you out!

It's the communist way.

Make something hideous and dangerous look positive.

The Economic Voice said...

Use the constitution, that's what it's there for.


subrosa said...

I'll use that post in my selection for next Saturday Economic Voice.

yokel said...

"Straw is attempting to preserve the Freedom of the Elite against the Electorate."

He is also being quite successful at abolishing Common Law, and substituting Napoleonic Law (or its bastard offspring Corpus Juris. This whole idea that the Emporer owns his citizens and has complete power over them is of Napoleonic origin. This is just another indication that "they" are getting "us" ready to be subsumed into a nation called Europe.

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