Sunday, 8 March 2009

Jack Straw has an UNMODERATED Blog

Get over there people. Do your worst.

OH UPDATE: "With regret blog comment moderation has been turned on."
Slimy Fucking Wanker. I'm reserving a special lamp post for you

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Britain 'nation of form fillers watched by quarter of world's CCTV cameras'
Britain has become a bureacratic and authoritarian state watched over by a quarter of the world's CCTV cameras, a study of Labour's decade in power claims.
National debt is running at £175,000 per household, five times more than thought.
Each year the Government has passed 3,500 regulations, along with 100,000 pages of rules and explanation.
A new book 'The Rotten State of Britain' by Eammon Butler a director of think tank Adam Smith Institute claims to be the first "deeply researched factual account" of Tony Blair's and Gordon Brown's time in office.
"A new form of centralised government and authoritarian government has been created that is worse than ever in Britain's recent history."
Britain has a quarter of the world's CCTV cameras, the largest of any country and that taxes have risen by 51 per cent since 1997.
National debt is running at £4.6billion, or £175,000 per household, not £729billion (£29,000 per household) as the Government claims.
There are now 1,406 litter wardens and dog catchers who have been given powers to levy on the spot fines.
Iin just one year - 2006/7 - half of the 722,464 DNA samples collected by the police came from children, including a seven-month year old girl.
One in nine hospital patients picks up an infection during their stay on a ward, while the total cost of outstanding claims against the NHS is £9.2billion, Dr Butler claimed.
30,000 of the 200,000 people who die of cancer and strokes each year would survive "if they lived anywhere else in northern Europe".
The number of people receiving state benefits has risen from 17million people in 1997 to 21million people by 2007.
Six million families receive £16billion-worth of child credit.
"Three-quarters of the poorest households would be better off splitting up. And when money is tight, that is exactly what happens."

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An OH Hat Tip to whoever posted it
UPDATE: With regret blog comment moderation has been turned on. Political argument is welcome, but name-calling and general abuse won't see the light of day
Get this straight, Straw, you utter cunt. We don't moderate at Old Holborn. We don't have to. Write what you want. You fetid, war mongering, murderous, Zionist, lying, cheating, dishonest Stalinist smear of rancid vaginal discharge.


The Filthy Engineer said...

Another left wing blog where you have to register. Maybe a secret database ready for the summer of rioting?

The Filthy Engineer said...

Now look what you've done!

UPDATE: Not so fast! With regret blog comment moderation has been turned on.

One comment and he runs like a scared rat that he is.

Shug Niggurath said...

Funny though. At least the admission is that the comment had the desired effect.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, one comment is a lot for a zanulaba blog - can't blame him for panicking

Cato said...

Bastards...Left a comment but the chances of it seeing the light of day are pretty damn remote I suspect!

K. McEgan. said...

I have just returned from 48 hrs mountaineering on the Mournes (2 squaddies dead,see what happens when Dad goes away) but take my word I shall turd over Straws anti-Taig blog!

The Filthy Engineer said...

Tossers can't take the heat.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Another Dolly Draper type vid is required I think.

Anonymous said...

One post in three days, you've made his day OH.

w.v. shickl: Diminutive of Schicklgruber?

Anonymous said...

Not unmoderated for long was it? One comment that he didn't like & whoops, the Straw Police State Approach to Blogging whips into action. If his Criminal Justice System is so hot & his Police State Surveillance is so good, why are all the prisons full to bursting, even with the ludicrous sentences their Lordships hand down? Wouldn't people be afraid to commit crime? Oh I forgot, Straw's Stazi is only there to deter anyone critical of him & NuLabour politics - now they're the REAL criminals - muggers, rapists, murderers et al are merely misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 20:28

He never claimed that he wanted a democracy, did he?

You can't call him a hypocrit, don't worry though; there are plenty of words you could use...anglo saxon ones, mostly.

subrosa said...

I wouldn't give him the pleasure of one of my clicks OH.

subrosa said...

Just had a look OH against my better judgement of course.

A question to ask him. Who's paying for his site and the design? If it's the taxpayer then it should be dumped.

Hopefully someone somewhere in the Westminster parliament has enough morals left to say it's not on that a taxpayer pays for this kind of website.

I have a feeling this is one of many MPs website which are presently being developed by the No 10 crowd.

I'm not often wrong.

AntiCitizenOne said...

The prison will be emptied of "criminals" to make way for those who disagree with "socialism*".

* Even I won't call the current corrupt bunch socialist.

Lawson Narse said...

Some comments by locals on the Lancashire Telegraph website,
which is running the same article from Jack.

akon, padiham says...
12:49pm Thu 5 Mar 09
Jack , bullsh*t statistics will not save your bacon come the next election.People have seen through Labour's lies & deception.
How many CRIMES have been committed in parliament by fiddling mp's including yourself,yet no punishment is handed out due to being ABOVE the law?
You may be laughing at the people who put you in power but not for much longer my slippery friend.

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onlyonesimongarner, ewood says...
1:21pm Thu 5 Mar 09
Straw and Margo, are two of the best resons for not "buying" the printed version of this newspaper.

Give hypocrites a voice and they will spout rubbish.

Never mind Jack, you will have a good pension, even though you and the rest of you gangg have totaly screwed the country

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dav, says...
4:21pm Thu 5 Mar 09
I believe in freedom of information, pity you stamped on that pretty hard not allowing the cabinet minutes of the discussions about invading Iraq to be published.

Come on we're all dying to know who's idea the fake dossier was.

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supersub, Mellor says...
5:49pm Thu 5 Mar 09
There is a difference between crime and reported crime.

I didn't report being beaten up in Blackburn because I know it would have made no difference.

“Blackburn town centre is one of the safest places to be”

Fancy a drink Jack? Thought not...

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BigJockKnew, kirkham says...
10:07pm Thu 5 Mar 09
R.I.P Dr Kelly.

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Joseph Yossarian, London says...
4:11pm Fri 6 Mar 09
"groomed for life in the database state”?

What about ID cards?

These are being forced upon those who have no voice to object to them. (eg foreign citizens with residency permit granted through employment)

You won't control anything by forcing ID cards on people. Especially those who have already PAID to live here and PAY taxes.

More government control over the honest and nothing to control the dishonest.

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Ken Shuffles, burnley says...
5:08pm Fri 6 Mar 09
Don't forget the booming market in fake and stolen I.D. that will emerge.

Millions and more will be spent on a formula that will not deter one single crim. Confusion will inevitably reign supreme.

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Ken Shuffles, burnley says...
5:13pm Fri 6 Mar 09
Politicians have to be seen to be doing something after all. So they have to keep finding new ways/excuses/reasons for spending spending and more spending.

What happens to those who are corrupt is that the corrupt are always first to get their share.

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Nostradamous, Blackburn says...
9:22am Sat 7 Mar 09
This week we heard how our unelected leader had the neck (cheek) to stand in front of the senate and spout his crap,plea's,in fact near enough grovell for help by his lets all stand in the crap together speech,when really they simply look on us as just another state of the mighty US of A,we now have to put up with this clowns ramblings,because ramblings are exactly what they are,New Labour Have had three full terms of office and we are completly ruined by them now.being told lie (spin) after lie (spin) after lie (spin),and yet thay all still have the neck to face the camera's and appear to fail to see all our sufferings,i wish that they would realise that this country in particular will NOT move forward untill these clowns move on,the oppinion polls tell them clearly that the public in general now in fact detest them and there ramblings,OK this clown will still get voted in in Blackburn because that is how it is here,it used to be that we all voted Labour, now we know we dont have even bother going to the polling station to vote because the labour vote has been bought here.
Add to the above the uncetainty of the real truth in why we attacked Iraq is another cover up by this government,not a vote catcher here is that one Jack is it now?.

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RK, Blackburn says...
4:17pm Sun 8 Mar 09
And this is the same idiot that says that we shouldn't bring 16 and 17 year old criminals to court!

Just looking at the front page of that rag. Makes Jack out to be a purveyor of porkies.

Sue said...

WOW, that was my post... I'm glad I didn't swear :)

Anonymous said...

No doubt, Straw or one of his minions will be reading this blog, so no need to be included on his database.
A few little questions for you. There can be no doubt that cctv does reduce the incidence of criminal activity within the vicinity of the cameras, nor is there any doubt that there is a displacement of crime beyond said surveillance areas (see, Surveillance, Closed Circuit Television and Social Control, eds. Clive Norris et al., 1998). Why has all debate on this phenomena been totally stifled? Is it right, that we who live in less centralised areas, should pay, through greater taxation, for these cameras yet suffer increased crime? Would your solution to this problem be a complete "big brother" society? I won't hold my breath awaiting your answer.

Old Holborn said...

Word is getting around

An OH hat tip toS ue and Filthy Engineer for making across the threshold

Unfortunately my first post calling him an arrogant oaf has been pulled.

My second post calling him a fucking murderous, Stalinist CUNT and enemy of humanity, demanding his immediate public execution by piano wire, lamp post and acid never appeared.

I double dare any of you to put an FOI request in to show deleted comments. He couldn't possibly refuse, could he?

Anonymous said...

LMFAO Love the pic OH pure class, and funny as hell.

Anonymous said...

No lamp post for our Justice Minister!

I am knitting a cushion for him to sit on in a gas chamber. I want to hear his fingernails clawing. Or is his his claws fingering?

Slimy little Shylock, with a war hero father (for whom he never had to bother with Father's Day presents after he was ten). A typically dysfunctional, deluded statist.

Times are a changing! said...

Is this the start of a dramatic BNP rise to power?

London 2009

bofl said...

I dont suppose the suppression of the cabinet minutes would have anything to do with jacks constituency being packed with Muslims?

another man of courage-sticking up for his principles....

come on jack,do what Gordon said-

lets have it out right now......

brave enough?

what do you lot keep saying?

if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear-

come on-be a man for the first time!

Doctor Cat said...

Straw is a two-faced cunt who treats Blackburn as if it were his own private estate. The Clerk to the Justices in his home town will soon be making tea for the mufti in a Sharia court, and feeling grateful about it but on the other hand many of his constituents will be vanishing for up to 42 days at a time - with no need to refer to any court.

OT but still 'Justice' related. Victim Surcharge - what the fuck is all that about?

Why should someone who is fined for speeding have to cough up fifteen quid but someone who is jailed or gets a community punishment doesn't? Like the animals who kicked the gothic teen to death or the Labour peer Lord Ahmed for instance. No fine, no Victim Surcharge in each case.

Anonymous said...

Holborn: - From man of Straws blog now:

UPDATE: With regret blog comment moderation has been turned on. Political argument is welcome (see posts below), but name-calling and general abuse is not and won't be published.

Yet another "Short Season" from New Labour scum.

mikey said...

Jack Straw I find you guilty of having wasted a life. Someone with noble intentions and honour could have occupied you body. Sadly your body was betrayed by it's brain. All the world got was Jack Straw, you, just another waster on the conveyor belt of endlessly replaceable, corrupt, lying politicians. Your life adds up to what mate? go on, tell me how proud you are of your achievements.

Bristol Dave said...

Muahahahahaha I got one through. I think the trick is to not point out that he is a cunt (even though, of course, he is)

Goodnight Vienna said...

"UPDATE: Thanks for reading Jack's post, part of a wider group blog by Labour councillors and activists in Blackburn. Check out the rest of the site for news about what we're doing in the town and our presence on Twitter."

In other words Jack's in denial and so won't be coming out to play today.

Chris said...

Taking DNA samples from children equates to paedophilia. I can't see any other way of looking at it. If anyone did that to my children I would swiftly remove the genitals of the chief constable, without anesthetic.

Anonymous said...

Jack Straw's war hero Dad? Like fuck - that second generation immigrant cunt signed up as a conchy & spent the war in jail for refusing to defend the country that HIS Dad had sought refuge in. Probably too yellow.

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