Tuesday, 10 March 2009

It does not seem that long ago when......

The Labour Party was warning us about the disaster that the Tories were in Government, and they just have to go one better.

The Tories have no better idea than Labour what to do..... the solution is to dump Government, Belgium did not have a Government for months it did not implode, Italy barely for the last sixty years. We do not need to pay massive taxes and mortgage our children's future.

We need big Government like a hole in the pocket.


Old Holborn said...


Hand power to local councils.

Anonymous said...

Have you got a huge pile of national debt? Well, don't worry, because our friendly Sharia Loan Advisors are here to help. They'll let you borrow a lot of money from the Middle East, and it will be interest free. Ignore the strings that will inevitably be attached, and mortgage your civic buildings now! Call now, and remember, if you don't get a Sharia Loan, you're Islamophobic.

Rightwinggit said...

"Hand power to local councils"

When was the last time when you heard of a local council doing something right?

Now...when was the last time you read about a council fucking up big time, and pissing people's money up the wall?

max the impaler said...

Professional politicians are the enemy.

stanislav's blues said...

An oxymoron, professional politician.

This is rextracted from something else but relevant

With all parties lacking majority approval at home, the new politocracy no longer seeks support from below - which is where it impudently positions the electorate - but from without the nation state which it claims to represent, serve and obey. In our jaundiced, materialistic society, shackled to the notion of Joy through infinite growth and infinite consumption, self-service, of course, ever trumps public service and greater rewards beckon among the ‘loose affiliations of millionaires and billionaires’ which form le politique global. Elected, unelected, self-appointed or just filthy rich this shower, already calling the shots, seeks new routes to a smoother, less idiosyncratic means by which to misrepresent the people, a new democracy, fit for its owners’ needs; anxious for prominence, craving approval, Brown, the horrible fucking bastard, is happy to play strangler to local and national democracy and midwife to SuperState.

Professional political blogger, Mr Guido Fawkes, when not regrettably exulting in the deaths of baby Palestinians, has, for years, minutely catalogued and sometimes himself exposed the utter shamelessness of the Westminster pigsty, its collective willingness to plunder the public coffers, again and again, secure in the knowledge that, like some Royal College of butcher-surgeon-extortionists, it polices, prosecutes and acquits itself. Feigned ignorance of the law, Spellmanesque, is a perennial defence to the indefensible; pressure of work the plea of all Blunketting and Haining their reptilian way to comforts and riches stratospherically beyond their dismal talents, their legitimate reach; neither creatives nor industrious artisans, pinstripe larceny becomes their trade.

JD said...


Never truer than today. JD.

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