Wednesday, 25 March 2009

In the Loop

Hat tip to Tory Bear

Armando Ianucci has a film out on April 17th. It looks good.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I've been looking forward to it too, but that clip wasn't much good.

The guardian's reviewer thought it was a bit of a bore...

Anonymous said...

Film version of 'The Thick of It' but without Chris Langham playing the minister. Perhaps he's busy with theatre work. IMDB reckons he hasn't worked for 3 years.

Anonymous said...

is that meant to be good? it's dull shite.

caesars wife said...

dan hanah goes viral , gordon now getting toasted internationally.

merv says NO! , barry obama says hes sees signs of returning propserity , chez president says this is the road to hell.

action group claims more fred the smash to come for greedy bankers who have ruined economy

you have to wonder , how did we get here ???

the treasury seems to have been dumbing down and using creative accountancy , to give a fact feed to the public.

so why havent the treasury come clean , borrowing even 10% of GDP looks like a myth already , with the more like figure of 12% now appearing.

to top it all , ive just come across some nutters news , that computer screen frequencies and even colours may be re programming my sleep mechanism , and making me addicted and love my pc to exclsuion of real life , no wonder we need more power stations then ??

not only is ed balls in hiding , after wanting to replace history , with twitter , but he has made no debate on it , i mean surely we should educate to standards that dont require an external electrical power source , in case we dont have one .

ok ime having a rant , but the idea that by changing the functioning of the mind into a short term memory search engine is going to create a society , that has morals , is just nuts , if you want a moral society , you have to make the mind function on them.

the question is on which report based his decison on , surely it wasnt his own whim was it??

have we really got a minister for education , acting on his own personal beliefs about what the future should be without putting it to the parents. perhaps parents are unimportant in eds world of unfounded diktats , with evidence now comming round to question just how much immerson in IT is of any real good , eds off in the wrong direction .

i dont know i really dont like eds brave new world , it appears he thinks a brain re program is a cure , to make people not question what government does .

big brother is becoming big bother , to put it midly if ed is wrong labour will have been educating childrens minds all wrong .

dont think the public will like unfounded or unreasoned state sanctioned child mind abuse , based on a half baked educational/political theory whim .

looks like barry obamas ecnomic theories , not going down to well , only 60 odd days into presidency and no one can understand what hes doing or how it will work , still can always do another sofa show .

been quite a pivotal week if you ask me , and its not even friday

it's either banned or compulsory said...

My kind of guy.

Dick the Prick said...

Did Brenda just call rank? Fuck you all - there needs to be a sensible conversation about legalizing pot. I guess coppers don't go looking but Mexico is more problematic than France.

Dick the Prick said...

Stopped printing money - that way out has ended. Thank fuck for that. I genuinely believe that Gordon Brown does not control home land security under Her Majesty - she runs that show through vats of blood. Fair play, to watch Labour die is hardly edifying but such things happen in atrophy.

Cameron is posh enough to know that money don't buy shit - it's all about when to fight. He has a rictus of indignant anger = seriously, the guy's an alright lad. A little bit of border control don't hurt anyone and it bloody helps if you speak English or Jockanesse!

WV: Croprest - fallow? Cool.

Dick the Prick said...

You go with what you've got. If you want religion - go ahead, if you want philosophical - go ahead, if you want some vague hope that there is some medium ground based upon lives lost - then her majesty will afford that provision.

Intution is always a (28%) function of British Politics - as soon as you think of why? you think of why now? Standard ops.

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