Monday, 23 March 2009

Hewittas - the way to go?

I have no argument with Patricia Hewitt's amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill which seeks to end the present obscene situation where a partner can be jailed for helping a terminally ill partner to commit suicide.

I do have a problem with the notion that the government can or should exercise your autonomy to make that decision on your behalf; but that is as nothing compared to Patricia Hewitt's latest suggestion - that suicide clinics should be set up in the UK.

'We need British suicide clinics' says former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt

Is the government going to go into business on this account or will it be a PFI? The mind boggles.

A new franchise opportunity for the unemployed?

Hard-to-let council houses on windswept welsh hillsides to be refitted to 'meet the needs of this new initiative'?

A 'revamp' of mid-Staffordshire Health Trust 'to meet new challenges'?

A discrete door at the rear of Tesco's - 'proud to be the government's partner in this new health initiative'?

A government funded charity set up to help 'ex-British workers ex-it the British way'?

Additional funds to be allocated to the Fire Service to cover the cost of delivering the 'over 30 stone'?

GP's ordered to hand out vouchers for local taxi services to enable the 'poor and deserving' to meet a 'fitting end'.

Anti-Terrorism laws used to apprehend the fit and well at the clinic door and return them to gainful employment?

NHS managers facing criticism after it emerges that they were offering 'bribes' to unwilling clients to meet their 'allocation' block?

Hewittas Clinics - as promoted by labour-list......'the way to go'.


The Penguin said...

For fuck's sake stop giving them useful information - they'll be using this post as a guidebook!

Hewitt should test the system thoroughly herself. Along with many of her colleagues.

The Penguin

Dignitas said...

Fuck off and die all ze english

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Tesco would be interested. You could even get loyalty points which would be honoured after your departure or spendable before you go.

Anonymous said...

How come silent when Sec of State?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

A 'revamp' of mid-Staffordshire Health Trust 'to meet new challenges'?

Why a revamp? Just carry on as they have up till now.

Oldrightie said...

It's not too far away when these pillocks decide to expedite the genocide of the white races.

Gareth said...

How bizarre. Others have them so we must? Yet by their incompetence they will not be euthanasia clinics but coma clinics, paralysis clinics and permanent vegetative state clinics.

The US had it's fiddled growth and credit boom so we followed suit but had to go one better by abolishing boom and bust.

The US went into Iraq and Afghanistan so we followed suit but didn't equip the troops appropriately.

Europe has many paramilitary Police forces so we must follow suit. This despite never having had one for it was and is unneccessary.

Europe practices Corpus Juris so we must follow suit. Arbitrary Penalty Charges galore as they found 'fines' can only be levied having been found guilty by a court of law. Guilty until proven innocent. Not even trial by jury is safe.

Some EU states have more generous welfare and more lenient justice so we must bankrupt and destroy ourselves going further than them.

This nation used to proudly plough it's own furrow. Now we make an arse of trying to outdo everyone else.

Roger Thornhill said...

The only thing that needs an assisted suicide around here is the present Parliament.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

Some gnarled up cripplechairs want to die legally and the law says fuck no. Sharon Shoesmith wants to kill herself and suddenly its all change at the law. Is there no end to the back scratching?

saucepan said...

I think Tescos are already implementing this scheme judging by their ready meals.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Jonathon Parrott and his 'kill everybody to save the planet ' crowd will be pleased.

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