Friday, 13 March 2009

Government-Its all just one big Ponzi scheme

Jeff Randall draws a comparison between Bernie Madoff who knows that he is a conman and Gordon Brown who does not.

Apparently Bernie is an enemy of the Jewish Diaspora as well

The trolls were out in force defending Brown (read the comments) its all the Americans fault blah blah blah.

Mr Madoff has thrown in the towel. His Ponzi scheme, whereby he needed to suck in ever greater quantities of other people's money in order to maintain a semblance of competence, collapsed under the weight of undeliverable expectations. Nobody knows for sure how much has gone missing, but Wall Street scribes are calling it a $65 billion fraud.

Not bad for peddling fresh air. It is, however, a nickel-and-dime swindle when set alongside the 12-year con trick perpetrated by Mr Brown on British taxpayers. That, too, has been a form of Ponzi, but with many more zeroes and little chance of the mastermind ending his days in what Americans call Crowbar Hotel.

For Gordon the scam has been-

Five trillion, to be precise – that's £5,000,000,000,000 – which is how much Labour has taxed and spent since it came to power. In 1998-99 its Budget was £333 billion. By 2008-09, the Government's annual expenditure had grown to £618 billion. Every year, the sums required to shore up the house of cards became bigger and bigger. But while the good times rolled, too few cared to notice what was really going on.

Since 1945 successive Governments have emasculated the British people, with soothing promises of what they are going to do for us, with our own money. Its our bloody money, we could have done it anyway without the social engineers from the Tory party and Labour Party inflicting their Huge State solutions, with the Social Democrats yapping at their heels, promising tax increases one week, tax cuts the next- depending on who is leader that week. Hardly a ringing endorsement of a political philosophy !

When are you all going to stop acting like children and stand on your own two feet ?
Government has failed in the last sixty years, we have failed as a nation for the last sixty years.

These snakeoil salesmen do not give a flying fuck about you or your family- Mandelson in charge of BERR (look it up, it s the department that ensures business probity FFS)

When the Libertarian Party was formed just over a year ago- the first policy put out was the committment to abolish income tax. The MSM just ignored that one, Iain Dale could not believe it. Why ? It is a temporary tax brought in to finance the wars against the French at the beginning of the 19th century ! It has just been highjacked by the Welfare State to finance an evergrowing State that now employs and supports over 51% of the population !

Yet a multi millionaire Irishman forms Libertas, an EU Reformist party with no elected leader and NO policies and the MSM can't get enough.

Its all a massive Ponzi scheme, with you as the victim-

"The suppression of unnecessary offices, of useless establishments and expenses enabled us to discontinue internal taxes. These covering our land with officers and opening our doors to their intrusions, had already begun that process of domiciliary vexation which, once entered, is scarcely to be restrained from reaching successively every article of produce and property." --Thomas Jefferson: 2nd Inaugural, 1805.

You have not been set upon God's good earth to be a slave to the Tax system and support over half of the population by the sweat of your brow whilst they drink lager- Guthrum 2009

The Ponzi scam that is the British State Finances only exists because the British People believe it is normal to be robbed blind. It is not normal !

It will collapse under its own weight. Yesterday I received a Council tax bill that informs me that the Police are going to spend TEN times what they did last year on 'Estates' up from £2m to £20m, and they are going to 'borrow' the money to do it. I have asked from whom are they going to borrow this money, and on what terms, and what the hell it is for?

How many of you read the budget you are getting through the post now ? None I'll bet.

The State the country is in is our fault, nobody elses, we did not want to take responsibility for our own lives, we wanted somebody else to do it for us. And we gave them our money to do it.

We need less Government, not more regulation, the Banks should have gone bust, not for my unborn grandchildren to pay for Brown's criminal incompetence.

Unlike Randall- I see no reason why Brown cannot be impeached and vist the Crowbar hotel- County Councillors can lose everything for maladministration, why not Ministers


Shirking From Home said...

Excellent. Couldn't agree more.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Spot on.

Damo Mackerel said...

This was a very good post.

Anyhow Irelands' social wefare fund will run out by next year. Yep, that's right there's going to be no money for folks on the dole.

I say Britian's social welfare fund is also drying up since ye're in the same boat as us.

Old Holborn said...

I wiped my arse on my council tax bill this morning

shibby said...

I agree with almost all posts made here.
But saying that "we could do that anyway" with our own money is a difficult one.
To work things like hospitals and public transport - among other things - regardless of who it was we'd need someone to pool it together and plan and carry out actions.
I doubt many people would give the money if not for laws forcing them to.

The Lakelander said...

So while Bernie sits in his prison cell, Gordon can look forward to his index-linked pension that would cost £3 million in the private sector.

There is no justice in the world...

Anna Raccoon said...

Brilliant post Guthrum, well said.

Anonymous said...

"Property tycoons and retail kings, big hitters from Hollywood (Stephen Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg), the odd US senator and even a Nobel laureate (Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel) handed over their millions."

I'm sorry (well, actually I'm not) but....


Oh, fuck me, there *is* a God...

bofl said...

spot on guthrum......

trillions wasted!

all to boost the ego of blair and brown.........


aproposofwhat said...

Anon 12:26 - the big difference is that Brown stole from all of us, not just those of fine Irish descent.

There's also a bit of a difference in scale - 3 trillion (I'd estimate it at a good bit more with quantitative easing included) vs. only 50 billion for Madoff.

Madoff is funny, for those of us of an anti-Levantine bent - Brown definitely isn't.

Gareth said...


A & E departments may well deserve taxpayer support but tattoo removals, liposuction and boob jobs don't. Like so many other arms of Government it is like a wet parent unable to tell their offspring 'no'. The NHS should aim to do a core business of of emergency, acute and demanding healthcare, do it well, and do no more.

Just as schools should simply teach kids to read, write, add up and to teach themselves as opposed to the brainwashing that goes on these days. Just as the benefits system believes it has to steal my money to pay idle buggers to booze and reproduce when it ought to concentrate on the genuinely destitute and needy.

The state has successfully usurped the role of the family. Families used to look after themselves. Grown up children looking after aging parents. Grandparents being free childminders. Everyone mucks in in some way or other to keep the family tree alive. Everyone had some worth, something to add. Productivity in youth and wisdom in old age.

Not any more. Half of us are tax cows to be milked and the other half are parasites.

Anonymous said...

Top post ! Of course we all know this, but the big question is...
What are we going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Top post ! Of course we all know this, but the big question is...
What are we going to do about it?

That's the proble. How to organise demonstartions on the scale that's required.

Anyone know Paul Judge? He may have few bob to spare. And he's not in Brown's pocket.

black hole sunset said...

I made a New Year's resolution to stop getting so angry about this stuff that I had to shout my lungs ragged on this fine forum of sanity but it's no fucking use.

I hate Brown.

I hate his stupid ill-constituted face and the gut-wrenching, cartoon-like poses the credulous, gullible, third-rate media fag tries to foist on anyone unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of his roadkill inspired visage.

I hate the fucking creepy, snearing, shyster-spiv dross the hovers around him like stink on scalding hot shit and the carnival freak show of congenital simple mindedness that is the Parliamentary Labour Party (I fucking DESPAIR at the sight of that crazed, demented hag Blears).

I hate the pathetic infantile montage of pseudointellectual drivel and hackneyed alliterative slogan that cascade from his halting spasmodic arsemouth.

I hate the fact that we're all on the hook for (telephone number)^2 because Canny Prudence Stability No-Cycle McBroon wants to play GDP-sized double-or-quits while there is still even an imaginary chance of him going on to enact his own unique brand of constipated, myopic, "failure first" socialism - motivated by nothing more noble than an inconsolable inferority complex.

Brown hasn't called a single significant aspect of this crisis correctly - NOT ONE FUCKING THING - and no one'll even pretend to like the cunt unless they think they can get their hand in the till while he's not looking.

That fucker can't be carted off to the chronically underfunded looney bin soon enough for me.

Lithium, mint humbugs and his own excrement - and that's more than the cunt deserves.

Guthrum said...

Not keen then ?

Anonymous said...

The only way of ending this nightmare is to get behind and support the BNP. they are the ONLY opposition to the hated system we exist under. If there are a few things you don't agree with, try to change them from within. A vote for the liblabcontrick is a vote for the continuance of our freefall into Eurabia,a vote for the BNP is sticking two fingers at the fuckers who are ruining the country. United we stand.

black hole sunset said...

Guthrum: 'Not keen then ?'

Nope =)

Brown's incompetence has attained previously unseen hights.

After all that shit about "no return to boom and bust", "fiscal prudence" etc. etc. etc.

Right up to the moment when the whole corrupt, bogus edifice came thundering down onto his empty troll-like head.

And after him being Chancellor for all those years - his culpability is unique and total.

Even in the absence of the current crisis, his ambitions are just so shit and depressing - everything about the guy speaks of sickly, cloying naffness.

It's fucking annoying is what it is - REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING.

Appologies if this has already been covered here, but if not:

EU Death Penalty for “Summer of Rage”?

... a footnote, which says, “except in the case of war, riots, upheaval” – then the death penalty is possible

All very "progressive".

Guthrum said...

The only way of ending this nightmare is to get behind and support the BNP.

Ah, swap one load of authoritarians for totalitarians with added death penalty- that makes sense FFS

Old Holborn said...

A great post Guthrum, thank you

From a personal perspective, do not jump fom the frying pan into the fire by shifting your allegiance to the BNP. Stats are already showing that the same people who voted Labour three times are pouring into their ranks.

Take FULL responsbility for your own lives. You get ONE. Make your own decisions, acquire your own wealth, study for your own knowledge of the world you are in. Form your own perspective, discover your own truths and enjoy your own reality.

Do you really need 646 idiots to tell you what that is?

I don't. It's your life. The only one will you will ever have. It belongs to you as nothing else will. Do with it as you really please. You're a long time dead.

aproposofwhat said...

Agreed, OH - and why should Labour supporters shift allegiance from one mad cyclops to another?

Do they have a fetish for the visually and morally impaired?

BTW: 28th March in Luton - show your outrage.

Anonymous said...

The amount the Government rakes in from Income Tax is more or less the same as it spends on Social Security.

It's a protection racket. If *you* don't pay your tax, the State will not be able to guarantee *your* security from the forces of evil the broken social system would throw up. Social Security - it's a play on words.

So come on, cough up. Or we'll send a gang of moochers round to drag you out of your house and kick you to death.

black hole sunset said...

... is to get behind and support the BNP.

Even taking their manifesto at face value, the BNP are hardcore statist if nothing else and there can be no more damning indictment of a cause that its supporters - if repeat Labour voters are turning to BNP that says it all.

Just who the hell would have voted for Labour in the last 2..3 elections anyway - what's the demographic here ... people with eyebrows on their cheeks? toothless simpletons?

However, in practice, the BNP isn't ever going to gain sufficient power to enact even a shadow of the most fevered worst-case ultra-left one-legged lesbian eco-separatist interpretations of what their true intentions might be so there seems to be little to worry about.

Also, it's amusing to watch Blears and Crudarse attempt to strike some kind of conciliatory pose without looking like a pair of venal, unprincipled fraudsters who'd say and do anything to avoid having to work for living. Or, rather, without revealing the fact that they are a pair of ...

Not for me though.

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