Tuesday, 24 March 2009

G20 Meltdown

Come to London's biggest ever street party!

On Financial Fools Day, The City of London will form the backdrop forthe biggest mobilisation of the people since more than a millionmarched against the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Thousands and tens of thousands are expected to take to the streets to coincide with the G20 summit of world leaders who are flying into London. The same bastards who got us into this mess are trying to pull the biggest April Fools trick in history: to pretend that the global economic meltdown can be fixed and they are the ones best qualified todo the fixing. To get away with this effrontery, these bankers will do all they can to mask themselves with the charisma of Barack Obama, due to arrive here that morning. We're not fooled.

We have global economic and environmental meltdown. We have home repossessions and unemployment spiraling out of control. We have unjust wars. And for what? Presidents and premiers are plotting to shore up the tottering capitalist system to ensure business as usual and wealth creation for the few, at the expense of the many. That's why a lot of angry people, hardworking taxpayers, activists, pensioners, the unemployed, people who've lost their homes and savings, small business and shop workers, and all manner of victims of the economic collapse are joining forces in new and powerful coalitions to express their rage.

On Financial Fool's Day, we will take our protest to the belly of the beast: the Bank of England in London's financial square mile.

April Fools Day is hereby declared a public holiday!

On 1st April at 11 a.m. parades will join up at four railway stations around the edge of the square mile - Liverpool St, London Bridge, Cannon St and Moorgate - and snake their way though the City to converge at the Bank of England for 12 noon.

Each procession will be headed by one of the Four Horsefolk of the Apocalypse, commanding their forces against

1) Climate chaos (Green horse, Liverpool St),

2) War (Red horse, Moorgate),

3) Job/savings/pensions losses (Silver horse, London Bridge) and

4) Home repossessions (Black horse, Cannon Street).

G20 Meltdown calls for as many people as possible to join us for Banquet at the Bank, bring food, fun and games to share - a very rare delicacy will be served, bankers brains!

If you want to Eat the Bankers join the Silver horse in a zombie block!

The Trial of Capitalism, for crimes against the planet : send'em to the gallows, politicians, war criminals and bankers hanging from every lamppost! If you want to press the charges for war crimes join the Red horse!

The Rainforest arrives in the City, Giant anacondas up the pillars, macaws shitting on the statues, polar bears on melting icebergs. Join the Green horse in animal mask or bring greenery for gorilla invasion of the urban jungle!

The World Turns Full Circle, The 360th anniversary of the Diggers, English Revolutionaries for the Earth, a 'Common Treasury for All'. Join the Black horse with diggers' spades to celebrate!

Can we overthrow this corrupt and despised government? Yes, we can!

Can we live sustainably and avert climate chaos? Yes, we can!

Can we defy the database police state and restore our ancient freedoms? Yes, we can!

Old Holborn will be following the Red Horse


PRL said...

Enjoy this blog immensely, but i'm sorry this is total fucking cuntchoppery of the highest order! Come on! They've struggled to come up with 4 tenuous headings for this and it's all bullshit. Where the fuck is the 'Liberty Horse' or 'Fucking crooked cunt politicians' Horse? Disappointing.

All this 'the banker are our common enemy' bullshit as well. I work in finance, i wear a suit, i'll be in London that day and any fucking two bit hippy tries anything near me i'll rip their dreaded fucking heads off. The problem is with those in power and the regulators, not every banker as a matter of course. You're better than this OH.

Old Holborn said...

I agree

But if this is the only protest going, then I'm joining it.

The Liberty horse is the red horse.

I'm not going to protest about environmental issues, trade unions or home reposessions. I'm going to proest about my liberty.

Anonymous said...

Interesting report on the BNP by the BBC


PRL said...

Fair shout. Best of wishes and I look forward to hearing your reports as to what has happened.

Just a shame it's invariably only those with an agenda wholly unaligned to ours that can be bothered to organise and participate in any large scale protests. The government has truly got what they desire when those who protest will on the whole be reprobate fucknuts they can show in the news acting the idiot, whilst the silent majority of us sat behind the desk have got the government we truly deserve. I can see your dilemma. Sigh.

Andy said...

"Four Horsefolk of the Apocalypse"???
What kind of lefty student union bullshit is this? When did they stop being Horsemen??

Old Holborn said...

It doesn't matter.

There is no apartheid in protest.

I'll march with ANYBODY to get the 646 back under conrol

Anonymous said...

All the best.

Anonymous said...

You had all better be careful, it has just come out that the 60,000 specially trained civilian anti-terror operatives have attended a 3hr seminar (including coffee break).
That's it, no further training. Fantastic.

no longer anonymous said...

Suppose it's a bit like Murray Rothbard and his tactical alliance with the New Left in the 1960s.

K. McEgan. said...

Any shopkeeper selling to uniformed plod between now and G Day to face summary Justice.

K. McEgan. said...

Any medic giving aid to plod likewise.Kiril Iosefovich McEgan,1st Ukrainian Front,Red Army.

aproposofwhat said...

See you at Moorgate OH - I'll be in my suit and tie, but will protest alongside those I hate against those I utterly despise.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why half of them are bothering. A new global financial system based on carbon taxes and credits is exactly what they are going to get. It's been on the agenda for years -it's a must be.

Guess who's going to be at the top of this system?

Most of the organising groups have been around for decades ready to pop up on cue, well organised and well funded to lead protest in the proper direction.

Do you think it might just be possible that the dominant elite are clever enough to stay on top?

Good luck anyway - don't get used.

Revolution Harry said...

G20 Meltdown; organised and arranged by the New World Order.

'Express your rage' rather than use your intelligence. I'd like to ask all those that are planning on going; what exactly is it that is wrong with the banking system? Believe me, the real engineers and profiteers of this 'credit crunch' will be nowhere near the City of London that day.

The trial of capitalism for crimes against the planet? And the solution is, Socialism (Communism).

See how they cleverly conflate the banking scam with 'global warming'. Global problems require global solutions etc. More taxes, more control.

Just to top it off we'll have the inevitable violence at the end which will get us nowhere. Bring down this government and then what? Blue Labour; that's what. Democracy, in this country? You're joking.

"The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those two so-called ideologies [Marxism/fascism/socialism v. democracy/capitalism] to enable them [the Illuminati] to divide larger and larger portions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other."

Myron Fagan

Anonymous said...

Of course if the Tories were in power they'd be marching on Downing Street and moaning about their "fatcat friends" in the city.

Of course the students and welfare spongers can't blame their own party Labour, so its *all* down to the evil bankers, nothing to do with consumers lapping up excessive debt or the government being incompetent.

No wonder this country is doomed.

I'll be watching the proceedings on TV, better than being caught up in some anarchists fights whose highlight of the day will probably just be destroying a Starbucks or something

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

The 'authorities' will use the marches as practice run to hone their skills at dealing with unrest. The government will rush through emergency powers that have probably already been drafted. The whole thing is a set up! Or am I being more cynical than usual?

Oldrightie said...



I look forward to a day like no other. A pox on all their houses. G20, a junket and no more than that.

Anonymous said...

I am sure it has all been arranged by the authorities. OH and others will turn up and find themselves sucked into a pathetically generic Guardian-approved anti-capitalism march for global envirofascism.

Despite his noble motives, OH is going to be counted amongst the useful idiots, who are being employed (without their knowledge) to hijack the real protest. The one that we all might make if our voices weren't being drowned out by SWPpies and swampies.

Old Holborn said...

You got any better suggestions?

If nothing else, I want to see the tactics the Police will be using.

If this is the best chance we've got, then I'm taking it.

It's a day out in London. My great grandfather died in the fucking trenches of France, FFS

Thud said...

March with a bunch of dirty fucking crusties?...I'm too busy earning a living.

Anonymous said...

Re: the BNP BBC vid Anon

I'm suprised the BBC pollster still regards the BNP as "far right". Totalitarian left yes.
And like the old "shy Tories" people don't admit to voting for them by and large. The suprise election result recently showed that.
Good luck to them, not my vote, but if it lights a fire.

Good luck on your march everyone.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the baton rounds.

Anonymous said...

"You got any better suggestions?"

I suggest going along, but protesting against the protest in some way. Somebody else said he is going in a suit... that idea is along the right lines. Anything to distance yourself from the crowd. Other than that, no idea.

bofl said...

why not do something like everyone take their money out of the banks?

a long line of people voting with their feet on the beeb,itv and sky may have more impact?

cunts like applegarth and goodwin pissing it up while everyone else is shafted!

target them......(labour next)
even if you put your money back in the next day it will cause them lots of work and huge embarrassment!

then do it again a week later.

until they stop taking the pish!

great british grannies having a go on the tv always plays well!

Anonymous said...

Blinking Nora - loads of whingers today. Just go for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

"Any other suggestions?"

Stop looking to other to lead you and organise you. Get real. Stop doing immature stunts. Do the the hard work, get involved locally. Don't look for a great leader and saviour. Don't expect the tide to be turned with grand gestures.

Anonymous II said...

Just remember how after 7/7, the mobile communications were shut down to all but protected numbers. they will almost certainly re-emply this tactic, to prevent non-authorised video footage being transmitted, and also to cut down on any strategic comms. channels.

"You got any better suggestions?"

DDos attacks against government websites and the BBC, perhaps the destruction of a few broadcast transmitters around the country, a few sub-stations up in smoke, that sort of thing will get the message across more succinctly, and effectively than holding hands with swampy.

Old Holborn said...

Strangely, I always spouted that everybody simply refusing to pay the credit card bill each month would fuck the system. Globally.

It has.

But all that has happened is the banks have decided to take the money from our kids instead.

Anonymous said...

Protest events are in dire need of some sort of video recording system that will be safe from (1) confiscation by the police and (2) disruption by other means, e.g. shutting down the mobile phone network.

We have the technology to do this. A mobile Wifi network could be used to relay video from Wifi-enabled cameras (e.g. Axis webcams) to laptops hidden in backpacks. The police might confiscate the cameras, but they might not find all the laptops. Their owners would go home and upload the footage. Such Wifi networks could be affected by deliberate jamming, though, so it might be necessary to do it all with cables! A logistical nightmare in a crowd. But if you're going to capture interesting footage that "they" don't want the world to see....

Guthrum said...

I will be in Capetown, but will be cheering you on.

Jade said...

Oh goody, I'll be there in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Make the protest as big as you can.

Advertise it and spread the word as widely as possible.

Big up the event.

And suck in as much of the plod from all over as possible.

That leaves lots of metaphorical doors open for all of us that moan on these blogs to start one man/womam uprisings everywhere because the focus and attention and most of the resources will be drawn into the City on the day.

Do something - little bad, big bad, anything to start the revolt wherever you are.

Cover the road in nails in Windsor. Empty cans of paint on the pavement in Barnsley. Fill post boxes with weedkiller in Norwich. Superglue the local tax office door locks in Accrington.

Fill yer boots people - if you're angry as you say you are just do something.

Old Holborn said...


Revolution Harry said...

OH, with respect, rather than attend a carefully orchestrated 'protest' for more state/socialist/global 'solutions' for the banking and global warming 'problems it might be better to first understand the true nature of the banking 'problem' then protest/find a way of implementing a real solution.

These boys are on the right track.




Anonymous said...

" K. McEgan. said...

Any shopkeeper selling to uniformed plod between now and G Day to face summary Justice."

Any stupid Marxist, drunken prick found with nigger cock in his mouth to face summary justice...

Shug Niggurath said...

OH, you'll be amongst mongs my friend, I allowed myself to be talked into marching against Iraq in 2003 by some lefty acquaintances. Huge mistake, I felt like invading Iraq with a bottle of mad dog and a chib at the end of it.

Your enemies enemy is sometimes a worst enemy.

Old Holborn said...

I was on the Iraq march too

aproposofwhat said...

I didn't do the Iraq march - I went to Jordan instead (despite the spineless twats at the FO recommending against travel to the region) and apologised to people in person.

But then again, I am a mad bastard - I'll do that and at the same time despise Islamists who won't integrate.

Confused? You will be...

Anonymous said...

Any medic giving aid to plod likewise.Kiril Iosefovich McEgan,1st Ukrainian Front,Red Army.

Threatening unarmed paramedics? Yeah, big brave revolutionaries here...

Spartan said...

l'll be there and l'll be capturing the whole thing ... technology is a wonderful thing!


Anonymous said...

Make sure you have water and something to piss in. You may get corralled.

spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pc whackit said...

i do so enjoy a good old-fashioned themed brawl. i gauge this one's gonna be a cross between agincourt and the lord mayor's show. in actual fact, this will only differ from our annual fete in that we get to smash the participants skulls open.

spark up said...


cheap, uncalled-for, unfunny. fuck off.

although some may have found her delivery tasteless, i think jade did more than her bit in forcing us to re-examine the core-values of western civilization. in fact, call me a mite over-dramatic, but i reckon she shook the very foundations. a rock. a true icon. rip.

spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jade said...

Spark Up, please do. Burn you cunt!

spark up said...

having inadvertently become tangled up in the 'carnival against capitalism', 1999, i must say that i'm with the sceptics here. i spent that memorable afternoon trying to deliver some boxes of stationery to the london underwriting centre, 3 minster court, mincing lane, EC3; having been blocked-out by either the parade-cum-riot or the police at a number of points around the city, i eventually managed to get to the mincing lane loading bay at around 17.00hrs - only to be turned away by stern security guards who had effected a complete lock-down and seemed to confuse me with carlos the jackal. needless to say, i made very little money that friday. i believe one of the couriers temporarily abandoned his van and joined in with the festivities, but the general attitude was that this, like all official occasions, was an absolute pain in the arse and about as commercially viable as a 20-mile tailback on the m25. i remember talking to some locals in the pub later that evening - having enjoyed the aggro, they couldn't quite see it from my point of view and rather distrusted me i think. i recall that one of these demonstrators, a young woman, was herself an employee of one of the city banks and had either taken, or been given, the afternoon off! i agree with other posters here - this is a class-obsessed war where a good proportion of the combatants have had their young buttocks wiped-down by au pairs. it's nothing much to do with anti-capitalism, more a superb opportunity to have a pop at any old figure of authority - daddy not being an economically or ecologically viable hate-alternative. however, if you fancy spending a few hours penned into oxford circus in a highly optimistic bid to claim compensation for illegal arrest, then this demo's the one for you. although seriously, guys, this is a sting operation by the met - they're going to draw the sting of popular anti-government fury by allowing the massed-ranks to let off steam in a wholly misconceived, misdirected and epistemelogically unsound affray. why do you think it's being publicized on the tea-time news? it all smacks of some pre-diaried antique battle with genuine period carnage.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I wish you well OH and will be interested to see how they use the London contingent of Project Argos and Project Griffin trained Security Guards in their new anti-terrorist role ( manning cordons, that sort of thing ).

Roger Thornhill said...

LIberty Horse a red horse? Dogfood and glue.

I am not prepared to support a "revolution". It is all self-indulgent pap. If it really kicks off, expect all our freedoms to be assaulted. Watch how ordinary people, as in passers by trying to go about their lawful business without let or hindrance will get hurt. For what? So some unwashed infant with metal shit in their face (cos they are so trendy, natch) can continue to blame-shift and delude themselves they are somehow right?

Last time this happened, they got a surprise - rugger playing traders high on testosterone facing a bunch of organic parasites. They sprayed them with champagne while brandishing the empties - even the lentilists know that if you are whumped on the noggin by a champagne bottle, you tend to not get up.

"Burn the Bankers". Pffssst. Lock up the individuals. Collective punishment? Not acceptable. Funny how they are not going to attack the blessed Labour Party or the those who we entrust to protect our currency.

I noticed there was to be a "city climate camp" so watch for some trying to "camp out". Watch out for some cracked heads and then bleating "why why" and "fascist!" when in fact the climate campers are the real fascists who want to impose their dogma on us all and take property not belonging to them.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

I was on the Iraq protest. Over a million people all marching aimlessly under a meaningless nulab slogan. Not In My Name? Straight from downing street and touted by company man Piers Morgan. An dispicable cunt who is paid to revel publicly in the money he was paid to provide a safe 'opposition' to the govt.
It will be interesting to see which media snake will become the officially sanctioned oppostition to whatever hell they usher in this summer. My money is on Clarkson, even though I like him and hope he is genuine I just don't believe he would have the profile he does on the BBC if he wansn't a company man.

K. McEgan. said...

O dear!Ooh Matron. Anonymous 21.46 & 00.36 is the creepy stalker "Naked Gun" from the Torygraph.As to gutless who shat a 3 min UCF challenge?Wasnt me!Anon claims to be an LLM(Cantab),M.D Professor of Education (again,Cantab) and "Soldier P2 though is vague about his regiment. He could of course be a wheelchair bound loser.Soz O'H.Yours Aye N*gger C*c*s*ck*r McEgan. (FTBNP).

esmerelda's false eyelash said...

shame. i rather like attending these fancy dress doos, but we always seem get some rough boys from the council estate who spoil it all for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

"O dear!Ooh Matron. Anonymous 21.46 & 00.36 is the creepy stalker "Naked Gun" from the Torygraph"

Or just someone who finds the idea of mobs of rioters targeting ambulance crews and medics trying to go about their business utterly repulsive. But whatever fuels your paranoid little fantasy.

tale of two cities said...


esmeralda, i think you'll find that people like old holborn habitually manipulate the mob into revolution to further their own political ambitions, regardless of the cost.

spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spark up said...


mr spark up,

being of an understanding nature, i'll overlook your tone of faux offence and the manner in which you have mocked the importance of this woman's life - however, i cannot ignore the truth you have expressed. i have tonight had the pleasure of watching a few excerpts from jade's wedding and part one of the tribute program; jade was a rock to her family who took charge of household affairs from a young age - and her hard-earned money will never temper the loss suffered by her dependants; yet the uncomfortable fact that such an intelligent, enterprising, vivacious, genuine and popular woman had (rightly) slung over her the slur "racist" (despite herself springing from a mixed-ethnic background), should indeed give us all cause to re-examine our values - because, as a hard-working professional, mother, and loyal-family member, she held values common to us all. yes, whilst laying firm traditional foundations for her family's future, jade was also unwittingly symbolizing the rock of enslavement and exploitation upon which our civilization was foolishly founded - the miracle is that this unconscious symbol did not let our sick slavish society keep her chained down, but rode out the storm, rose proud of the flailing waves up out into the shameless light of awareness, and it's upon this glazy shimmering rock which the pointless self-obsessed ship of western civilization has now all but juddered and foundered...because the crew were all blind paralytic drunk.

Fatter Banker said...

for all of you interested in why there should be change see jhemmings blog on word press

the vice of reason said...

Sheep fighting wolves.

What a lot of cock and nonsense. Sure some will march in a "Gay Pride Mardi Gras" stylee flamboyant, visible and impotent.

Some will break heads hiden behind scarves and hoodies like the "true soldiers of freedom they are - Paleeeze

Some will have broken heads and coplain about police brutality whilst still holding the half a house brick.

Most will meander along not quite sure why they are there and be coralled, by both "protest leaders" and the authorities.

I'd rather remain at a distance and follow events on Sky News and the Interweb thingy.

If the protestors, anachists and agitators were really bent on change they'd stand up and be counted. It worked for Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Mandela...

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